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  1. I found a beautiful head of Savoy cabbage in the supermarket a couple of days ago--it was begging to be Golabkis (which we called gah-LUMP-keys). I used the recipe from Molly Steven's "All About Braising" and it was delicious. It has a combination of beef, pork, and bacon, the rolls are topped with a mixture of sauerkraut, onions and a can of squished whole tomatoes with the juice and a touch of brown sugar. I invited my Serbian girlfriend over for dinner for "Sarma"...she said the only thing her grandma would have done differently would be to brown each roll in butter before the braise. Yum.
  2. Well, the crumbs taste great. I baked the Brown Sugar Bundt cake, my favorite, this time subbing a chopped apple for the pear and adding the extra walnuts. It was a chilly, rainy afternoon, but the cake smelled like heaven. My mistake was using the wrong plate. It was a large charger-sized pottery plate--clumsy and heavy. I lost my grip, the Bundt pan went flying across the counter, then across the floor with about half the cake with it. The rest landed on the counter. The plate survived unharmed. Thank goodness, now that would have made me mad! Up next, Chockablock Cookies with apricots, golden raisins, and pecans. Yum!
  3. Melissa, I hope it isn't too late, but you can't go wrong with the Visiting Cake. Very easy, very quick and very delicious. The recipe is making the rounds in my large, extended family (thanks to email) and the name has morphed into Irish Visiting Cake. One sister uses it for a quick strawberry shortcake, another niece adds fresh lemon thyme and pine nuts, and yet another tried it with Splenda. I'm quite happy eating it as Dorie originally wrote it Hope you can try it, there won't be a crumb left. colleen
  4. What? No Lemon Bar recipe? Darn! Here's what I'm thinking: My 'go to' Lemon Bars come from Rose Levy Beranbaum's Christmas Cookie book. The crust is blind baked, the lemon curd is poured on, then the pan is baked 10 mins at 350. Now, is there some way to use Dorie's Lemon Cream instead? Would 10 mins in a hot oven completely destroy the delicate texture? My inclination is to not tempt fate, but my heart craves the silky Lemon Cream. All advice appreciated! Colleen
  5. I'm on a wonderful detour right now, Bundt cakes are on hold while we wander our way through Spoon Desserts. We've had a lot of company lately it seems and the weather is chilly and blustery. These desserts are comfort in a cup. Made the Chocolate Soufflé and served with chilled Creme Anglaise. Total silence and happy, happy diners. Another night I served the Split-Level Pudding. The vanilla was yummy enough, and the surprise ganache sent it over the top. We had the chocolate pudding in front of the fireplace, and the chocolate pot de creme for a family dinner. Yummy, yummy! The Pot de Creme was like silk on the tongue. I baked the Caramel-Topped Flan in individual ramekins but got spooked and pulled the caramel off the heat too soon. Shoulda left it for another 30-45 seconds or so. The entire book is comprised of sections filled with delicious, reliable recipes. The variety, just in the puddings and custards, is impressive and each one is better than the last. I've got a couple of bridal showers to attend soon, I can't think of a better gift than "From my Home to Yours."
  6. I've made the Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread many times and despite every variation of butter, shortening, PAM, flour, no flour, or dry crumbs...it sticks! One of the best things about that cake is its yummy, sugary crust. I've given up baking it in a Bundt pan but instead use a parchment lined springform pan. Don't pass this one up, it is a winner!
  7. My! Oh My! Oh My! Nutty, Chocolaty, Swirly Sour Cream Bundt Cake is another winner! There's a touch of orange and a whiff of nutmeg, but it's the chocolate in the swirl that grabs you. Deliciously all warm and melty. We love each of the other cakes in this section, but this cake calls us. Our early morning ritual includes the newspaper and tea in bed. We've now just added a couple of tiny slices of Bundt cake du jour to nibble on. Really lovely.
  8. I'm working my way through the Bundt cakes and last night baked the Mocha-Walnut Marbled Bundt Cake. Fabulous! Absolutely Fabulous! The accompanying photo shows a beautiful gingko leaf pattern marbled into the cake and the recipe directions told how to do it. I must say, I was the model of restraint, and somehow, the ginko MAGICALLY appeared inside my cake too! I could not be happier. Oh, and by the way, it is perfectly delicious too. Colleen
  9. It was Super Bowl Sunday and the house was quiet and I had the kitchen to myself. I'd just read through oops' rundown of recipes and settled on the Brown Sugar Bundt Cake. I must agree--Wow! There is something magical about this cake. I used Bartlett pears, filberts,and golden raisins but I think most any fruit and nut combo would be delicious. I sprinkled with powdered sugar but a drizzle of a hard sauce type glaze might be good too. So now I need to bake for Valentine's Day. Should it be Grandma's Sugar Cookies? Coconut Butter Thins? Dipped in chocolate? Snickery Squares? Can these be packed and mailed? So many wonderful choices! I love this book, it sparks my creativity like nothing else.
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