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  1. A few restaurants over here have limited their hours, claiming a labour shortage. Some have closed for the dinner hour at least one night a week and another closed for dinner period. I have heard numerous stories over the last week from restaurateurs desperate for good employees. Same thing going on in Vancouver? Where did the employees go?
  2. Wow! What a great story. And what are you going to do with your bunches of romeritos?
  3. Off the top of my head and hoping for the bonus round, my guess is romeritos. Edited to add: Romeritos, according to the a description provided by D. Kennedy in her book, From My Mexican Kitchen, are "stringy little greens that grow wild...narrow, round, juicy leaves about 1 1/2 inches long, grayish-green in colour and while they donot have an aroma, they are acidic like nopales." They are traditionally used in a Lenten dish of dried shirmp fritters served in a mole. Although they are not my favourite, I've eaten them a few times during the Christmas season in D.F. You can enjoy them on the menus at Fonda del Refugio and at El Bajio.
  4. I love how nobody got your April Fool's joke Francois ... genial. ← Funny, I was loving how everybody got it and ran with it, including Shelora. A T-Fal iron? Edit: Oh wait, T-Fal irons really do exist. I hope poor shelora isn't scouring the markets for little April fish to steam with it... ← Well ha ha. I guess an iron would be hard to swallow. Very good. Went right over my head. And the iron I use to give my slacks that crisp look is now the same one that flattening and melts a perfect grilled cheese sandwich everytime. With a t-fal coating.
  5. I thankyou for your iron suggestions but I just forged ahead and plugged in my new clothes iron with the T-fal coating and pressed myself a cheese sandwich. Sorry, I do not have a photograph because I couldn't wait to try this. I took two pieces of Baurenbrot rye, chosen for its squishability, but not so squishy as to be Wonderbread ( I just couldn't do it). Slices of orange cheddar (I can still do that!) and blobs of frozen unsalted butter on top on the bread. I placed the sandwich in between two pieces of foil, set the iron to cotton and pressed. Checking at intervals, this technique took no time at all, less than two minutes a side and voila! grilled cheese sandwich, nicely toasted and flattened. Mmmmmm.... good. I'm off to make a slice of toast.
  6. Five minutes left to answer. You take the poisson d'avril, place on a pine plank. Season well with salt pepper and maple syrup. Place between foil and under iron on linen setting. When the smell is just right, remove from under iron, discard fish, eat pine plank. ← All your postings on this subject have made me so happy. One technical question on the iron. Does anyone know if a T-FAL coated iron will work just as well as an iron with a pure metal?
  7. shelora


    Yeah. What she said.
  8. Vegetarian samosas. With a sweet-ish dipping sauce. Guaranteed to sell like hot cakes. I say stay away from meat and mayonnaise.
  9. Funny you should mention grilled cheese. A friend at dinner last night regaled us with his grilled cheese days at college. He would make a grilled cheese sandwich by first spreading the required amount of butter on both sides of the bread, wrapping it in tin foil and set the iron on the cotton setting. Proceed. I shall report back once I have done both toast and grilled cheese. Cotton setting.
  10. You got to be kidding! ← I'm dead serious.
  11. Thanks, that's it. Should have gone with initial thought of W 3rd. Interesting that their PR piece features Mexican Lasagne, as was the case on the carreer.tv piece on Edmonton's Dinner Revolution. ← Anyone who starts tauting "Mexican" lasagne as part of a "revolution" should be spanked. ← Spanking not included. ← Bravo, Glenys.
  12. If anyone has watched CRAZY, the award-winning French Canadian film, you may have noticed the food sequences. I am smitten by the Mom making her son "iron toast". Flattening and toasting pieces of white bread with her iron. She performs this domestic duty on her kitchen counter. Is this a typical French Canadian thing? It looks rather tasty. Well, can we try this at home? Any pointers? What setting on the iron?
  13. Thanks, that's it. Should have gone with initial thought of W 3rd. Interesting that their PR piece features Mexican Lasagne, as was the case on the carreer.tv piece on Edmonton's Dinner Revolution. ← Anyone who starts tauting "Mexican" lasagne as part of a "revolution" should be spanked.
  14. Fortunately our older relatives are damn near deaf, so it makes no difference. They're just grateful that they have been removed from the confines of home for a few hours. What they do love and what la Regalade is famous for are BIG portions. It always makes them think they are getting their money's worth, even though they aren't paying and they usually end up with a doggy bag for later. I have never found the restaurant particularly loud, just normal buzzy, which our relatives love for the distraction.
  15. I would improve the recipe slightly. I suggest using a fruit vinegar like apple cider or if possible an authentic pineapple vinegar and whole peppercorns over granos (which i interprete as grains). I have made a few different versions in the past, sometimes with whole chile jalapenos that I have sliced through from the bottom so they cook through, but otherwise left intact through or with small dry chilies like moritas or small smoked chilies from Oaxaca. I'm not your recipe calls for enough vinegar though. Have you made it yet? I did par-boil my ingredients, particularly the carrots I used and whole heads of garlic. So yes, do cook the potatoes a bit.
  16. Really. Saturdays must be really grim.
  17. I hope we get the heads up for that event. Wouldn't want to miss it!
  18. I had to order everything ahead of time. So next week I have both the bison short ribs and the caul fat at one time! This is a frustrating part of living on the island. Occasionally you just have to wait. But I'm looking forward to my adventure. s
  19. Only eight bottles left at the Fort and Foul Bay store. Run.
  20. Ah yes, thanks for reminding me. I served that wine at a catering function the other evening. I had never seen it before. Very earthy. It is the Monestral varietal, correct? Which is mouvedre in France? I'm off in search of a few bottles. Thanks again, Shelora
  21. Has anyone heard what Claire Archibald is doing these days? Has she opened another restaurant?
  22. A great concept indeed. I'm hoping they can do it up right. Personally, I'd like to see an oyster/chowder bar over a steak house. But what the hell do I know?
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