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  1. Why? I'm imagining whites.
  2. Here's the link to the menu Zarela's dinner menu Manchamanteles is a mole, is it not? Either way, the menu looks excellent. Muy autentico.
  3. That is so weird. It suggests the rest of the food is not for the aficionado. Does she request that you order in advance?
  4. What does that entail? ← A long sleek bathroom with a centre stainless steel sink. The men's and women's rooms are separated; just a unisex big sink. I've seen a number of these in Barcelona. Stephen ← Thanks. They have one of those at the Canoe. In Victoria.
  5. shelora


    Salt sounds like a spin-off of Batali's Bar Jamon in on Irving Place in New York City. We ate there last April, and I will definitely return when I'm back in September. http://www.newyorkmetro.com/listings/restaurant/bar-jamon/ I was unaware that you could take the meat from Salumi across the border. Anyone else been to both? Glad that Vancouver is learning that the best form of a compliment is a spin-off. Bravo. ← Mr. Heather is a big fan of Batali and his father in Seattle (lamb proscuitto). he spent some time in NY and Seattle for inspiration. Nice to see a piece of NY in YCR. Cheers, Stephen Bonner ← I was unaware that you could transport meat from Salumi across the border.
  6. Chanterelles are starting to appear on menus. A lovely saute of baby ones last night at Brasserie and at Rosemeade, a beautifully stuffed ravioli specimen. My question is, are chanterelles and other species of fungi indigenous to B.C. or did their wee spores get transported from elsewhere? Stovetop?
  7. Rich, have you ever considered fast food?
  8. Sorry Mamacat. Didn't mean to suggest you were on drugs. The implication that Victoria and tea is so English and more English than the English really pushes my buttons. Tea is just great.
  9. I'm sorry, but are you on drugs? So English, you would swear you were in the English countryside? Come on. Pretty good food? I invite you to take a walk around the corner where you can see the kitchen open to the street.
  10. You mean top tea rooms for tourists or a place that locals might go to? Are you sure about the 100 years of tea service at the Empress? Who are you gearing your survey to?
  11. Two words that make me cringe. -unctuous -sup
  12. But thank god we have someone from the Centre of the Universe to teach us about things like polenta! ← HE may not have invented it, but Peter Zambri freakin perfected it baby!!!!!!! ← I recall the first time I had Zambri's polenta and I simply had to speak to Peter about it. He commented that people don't cook it long enough. Sure enough through subsequent experiments, polenta needs long slow cooking and I don't think that most cooks know that - even the wizards at Thrifty's. Even though Jo mentioned that when they first opened people didn't know what polenta was, I'm sure they still get customers that ask that very same question. People aren't as smart as they look.
  13. Excellent point about the dogma part. But. Getting a sense that your not the kind of guy that needs to be told where to go, I think you should just fly, drive or take the ferry over here and find out for yourself. You've had enough gawl darn invitations. Jeez.
  14. Depending on how much you weigh, I can strap one of you on the back on my bike... oh, never mind. Unlike Vancouver, you can do a lot here on foot. However, what exactly would you like to do? Are your interests mostly food - what kind - wine, brews, art, coffee, what? How much time will you have? I trust you will be taking the first ferry over, which means you will arrive here around 10:30 am. from Port Angleles (PA, we call it). When does the last one go back that day? By the way, have you seen the new issue of Saveur yet? Wonderful teaser on Vancouver Island. And did I mention not to come Sunday or Monday? Hope to hear from you soon.
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