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    Creme Brulee

    Thanks for the response guys. I'm wondering if either of you have tested the two methods side by side, and what the results were.
  2. chefdg

    Creme Brulee

    I know how to temper the yolks but why? What is the difference if you just mix the yolks, sugar and cream cold and bake???
  3. My view would be for you to sear the chicken in your pan to get your desired result of browning on the skin and non skin side. Remove from the pan and make your sauce from there. Once that is done, add the chicken and sauce to the bag with any other vegetables or arrowmatics and vacuum and seal it. Cook it the way you would cook any other sous vide chicken.
  4. For sure it was mishandled by the server. If the restaurant (chef's) policy is to have the entire order before turning it in than there is a good reason for it. I've been in the situation too many times, the customers order an app to start, and then have an order fire entree that takes 20 mins to produce properly. This results in the customers sitting in the dining room looking for their food like a bunch of lost ducks. Which could lead to the use of some less savory cooking tecniques to get the food out fast, before there is a problem. Good food takes time.
  5. You can cook in any kitchen with a dull knife and no cutting board.
  6. Corn starch is not just for slurry...
  7. I can hold a pair of tongs, a slotted spoon and a bar towel in the same hand.
  8. Kentucky Grilled Chicken, that's just wrong.
  9. I always get a kick out of this one: Take a piece of printer paper and write on it "I am sofa king we todd it" and give it to the loudest mouth in the kitchen and ask them to read it out loud. Works every time.
  10. For a unique experience. Go to www.solochefnaples.com while in the southwest florida area. They will come to your home and cook a meal without you having to deal with iffy restaurants.
  11. And looking. If anyone knows of a job out there please let me know. Thanks, David AKA Chefdg
  12. I always make sure any "dead" food that was left in the window went straigt in the trash, and i love the looks i get from the famished food runners..
  13. Working on re-opening Chardonnay Restaurant in Naples. New name Chardonnay Nouveau, opening mid september. A bit pricey, but it is going to be a lot less expensive than it was in the past and a lot less stuffy.
  14. There a little restaurant on old 41 in bonita springs called dixie moon cafe that you should definately try out, it is one of a kind.
  15. thanks for your suggestions...are any of the seafood suggestions broiled or grilled rather than fried?? Thanks ← You can get the fish however you want it. Bayside specializes in grilled or blackened.
  16. Bayside Seafood Bar and Grill in the Venetian Village off of Bayshore drive is great for "simply" prepared seafood, and they have a nice upper deck bar as well. You must also go to Grouper and Chips to see how real floridians eat grouper. I always suggest Pastrami Dans on 41 just south of central ave for a really good sandwich although a bit pricey. Also, try USS Nemo, north of Golden Gate on 41 on the west side (you may need to ask someone for directions) they have the best thing going for variety and quality. DG
  17. The southeast region should be very proud to know that A-B Tech (Ashevile, NC) took first place with the only gold medal awarded in the National ACF Student Hot Food Team Competition in Orlando, Fl over the July 21-23 weekend. The students had to prepare from scratch a four course menu, platted for 24 people in under 4 hours. I am very proud of the students accomplishments and hope the program can continue to be at the top of the culinary food chain. DG
  18. I give it to the contestants that can put up with that a-hole. I personally find it weak that a chef will stand and shout and degrade when he/she is supposed to be LEADING. Although it makes for good television, there are very few successful chefs who act the way "chef" Ramsey acts. I think this show should have aired 100 years ago, kitchens have come a long way, and chefs like that are going down quicker than they are coming up.
  19. I have recently been aproached by a luxury residence club to become a private chef to their members who come to the area for a stay. From what I understand there are celebraties, and sports figures who are members of this club, and this particular location is somewhat family orientated. I am looking for any and all advice about being a private chef, what the annual salary can be, and what not to love about it. Thanks DG
  20. my favorite is au poivre. just crack whole black peppercorns and coat the steak heavily. cooked over a wood grill in my opinion is the best steak you can eat. if you pound out the steak slightly it will fall apart like butter when cooked (medium).
  21. What about the idea that people will pair certain types of wine (sometimes expensive)and the waiter only has to cork and pour it. who gets that revenue? or if a waiter is really good at upselling food items, and bringing check averages up, where does that go? what about the dishwasher that comes out of kitchen labor but spends most of his time washing beverage glasses (when he is not pealing potatoes )?
  22. Do you include your salaried kitchen employees (chef, kitchen manager) in that percentage or is it just hourly employees?
  23. I'm struggling right now with my G.M. b/c i feel like the labor cost percentage he has set for the kitchen is too low and unreachable. He also believes that the kitchen labor percentage should be formulated from food sales and not overall sales. I'm the chef at a yacht club that is not very busy and is very seasonal. Are there any chef's out there working in a club like this that can give me an idea of their labor cost percentage goals?
  24. my friend and i are thinking about applying for the show, were both kind of bored with the industry right now and miss the drama that we had in culinary school. he is more the sam type and i think i would fit cliff's profile the most. one of us could definately win the whole thing, i'm sure of it.
  25. "A bean may be a bean, but a pea is a releif" Colon Harden.
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