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    Paula Dean just made one on a Thanksgiving special show that just aired. You can problably check for reruns and watch her assemble it. You can get her recipe for foodtv.com. She had layered stuffing between all the birds. When it was put back together it looked like a regular turkey. Looked yummy!
  2. Mario was just at Bloomies in NY, and I saw him giving a cooking demo, and his cookware. Both were impressive. It's made by Copco, and I think made in China. It looked very well made and very similar to LC. I like the basting spikes under the lid. The enamel looked to be very well done, and smoother, with less imperfections that LC. They also do the base enamel rim. I asked him about his cookware and he said they were working on many new styles, and also new colors. Has anyone had a chance to actually use his cast iron cookware? Love the panini grill, but it weighs a ton. It much better priced than LC, and I was wondering what everyone thought of it.
  3. I've been grilling these veggies on my stovetop grill and they are delicious that way. I was wondering what would be the best dried spice to sprinkle over them after adding a bit of olive oil before grilling.
  4. I love watching her cook on this series but are the recipes available anywhere online for the dishes she cooks in this series. I wanted the recipe for episode #119 Neapolitan or Genovese where she makes a beaised pork shoulder. Thanks!
  5. Yes, scratches can be buffed or sanded out, but how are you going to fix damage to the edges? I was in HD and they had a soapstone counter used in one of their kitchen displays. I could actually remove part of the ogee edge with my fingernail, and I have very soft, thin nails. I don't see how you can repair it, and put the edge back on, if you chip or scratch a piece of that edge off.
  6. OK, might as well grab my chance to add my stupid question to the bunch....lol! When a recipe calls for 1 oz. of a liquid or dry ingredient, is it 1 oz. by weight, or one oz. as measured in a measuring cup? Thanks!
  7. There is a newer, safer solution that's in clinical trials now. It's a stomach pacemaker that's implanted under the skin and creates a sense of fullness. It's a safer option and fully reversable, and the anatomy isn't changed. It would offer a safer alternative to the procedures used today, and it would be a great option if it's proven to work. Here's a link: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2004/...40429055503.htm
  8. Anyone get a chance to play with All-Clad's Slow Cooker yet? How do you like it compared to the less expensive ones on the market? What did you cook in it? Any comments on it?
  9. I was just wondering if there is much of a taste difference between the white and standard balsamic vinegars. I know the white would look better in a salad dressing, but would I be giving up taste in exchange for a more pleasing looking dressing?
  10. Amazon has the All-Clad nonstick double burner grill on sale for $55.99. It's usally $99.99. Comes with two free mitts too. Read the reviews on Amazon of the grill pans. Has great reviews. Some even like it better than their cast iron grills. It's puts a great sear on meats, although for just steaks I think the CI has a bit of an edge.
  11. The cast iron enamelled Staub grill pan is MUCH easier to clean than the Le Creuset one. Just rinse and go over it with a Scotch-Brite sponge. The ribs are narrower and closer together too. I have the oblong version. You can get it really hot for a steak, and it's just about nonstick after seasoning. It seasons very easily, even though it's matte enamel inside. You can get a cast iron bacon/panini cast iron press to use with it for about $12. Just heat it on the grill pan, or over a flame and place on top, and instant panini. Here's a link to the press. http://www.pebbleshop.com/store/bacp.html The grill is at chefsresource.com., and is $59.99. I have no exhaust either, and it doesn't smake a lot or set off my smoke detector.
  12. I was an avid follower of the braising class and thread, and I've just realized that with all the cooking vessels that were compared, no one tested the recipes in a slow cooker. I've never used one before, and was never interested as all those cutesy designs, and flowers turned me off. I've always thought of slow cooking as white trash cooking...lol! Now All-Clad has come out with one, which I guess makes slow cooking respectable to me ;-). I've just won one of Ebay. Has anyone tried the same recipe in Le Creuset and a slow cooker? I just can't stay home in the afternoon for all the hours it takes to braise in the Le Creuest. And when I get home at night I'm too tired or hungry to start a multi hour braise, so the slow cooker looked like a good solution. I was just wondering how it compared in terms of quality of the finished product to a braise made in LC.
  13. Blondelle

    Couscous and briks

    I've only had couscous once, and it tasted more than a bit like sand. Is it supposed to have this dry gritty texture, or was it made improperly? I would like to make it at home, but I didn't enjoy what I had in a restaurant so I was wondering if it had been made correctly or not.
  14. Blondelle

    Dinner! 2005

    ChryZ, your sushi looks fantastic. Even nicer than I buy in the store and they make it everyday! ;-). Did you do anything special to the tuna before using it? If I buy sushi grade tuna, do you have to treat it in any way before using it?
  15. I was wondering if there would be enough of a difference in cooking the same dish in a tagine or Dutch oven to warrant getting the tangine. Has anyone tried the same recipe both ways? There is one review on Amazon that claims there was a big difference with everyone preferring the dish made in the tagine. Has anyone also noticed the results are better?
  16. Thanks everyone for al the help. I might just get one jar of each and play. The dish I usually order is called beef panang, so I might like that one as I've had it several times. The recipes look pretty easy. I'm looking forward to experimenting. I enjoy highly flavored food, and the pre mixed curry really makes it all seem easy. If they really are different I want to taste them all...lol! Thanks again! They definitely do not taste the same. Although the ingredients are similar, the proportions are different. If you're a beginner to Thai curries, in general, I would suggest starting out with Massaman and yellow curries. These two curries are generally easiest for beginners--yellow is especially easy to make, while Massaman is often the easiest (for those who have not tried Thai before) to eat. Yellow curry is most often made with chicken, while Massaman with beef. Neither are made with pork, since both are curries from the (predominantly Islamic) south of Thailand. But you could do whatever suits you best. Of the other two, I prefer red curry with pork, green curry with beef. I do like red curry with beef, as well, but for some reason, I just prefer it with pork. Perhaps those are the meats my dad usually used. There is some disagreement on which is traditionally hotter--red or green. I think they're both about the same, but my Thai friends say green. It all depends on the chef, I suppose. ←
  17. I'm a newbie to Thai cooking and I'm really confused about the red, yellow, green, panang and 'm" something or other curry pastes. Are they really that different tasting? Which would the restaurant dishes such as chicken or beef with basil use? The ingredients seem to be similar except for the color of the chiles used. Would someone be able to describe the differences? Which are the most popular to start with? Thanks!
  18. Blondelle

    Cooking for One

    I live alone and mostly grill steaks, and chicken on a Staub cast iron grill. I usually have a salad with it. I will sometimes make broccoli rabe, or stir fry some veggies or braise some chicken, turkey and potatoes in a small LC wok. I also have about $2,000 worth of LC and A-C still in the box. One day I will REALLY cook ;-). Any cute chefs out there who want to marry me for my cookware...lol?
  19. Blondelle

    The Terrine Topic

    I'm surprised with cookbooks on every topic you can think of there aren't any new updated ones on terrines & pates. They also would have been perfect for the low carb craze. I would love to see a cookbook that focuses on the beauty of them with fresh, bright colored vegetable ones where the design is also important when you cut slices, and see the patterns and colors. Ones that would be uncomplicated and easy to make with seasonal ingredients. Actually they could be the perfect one dish meal with meat and veggies combined. I think it's the complexity of the traditional ones that have kept these from everyday fare. Any cookbook authors here want to give it a shot?
  20. I was just wondering what you thought of apple green plates. I was trying to think of what foods might look bad on it and couldn't. It's the color of a granny smith apple. It's a hot color right now, and so pretty. It's hardly basic like white, but really what food would not work with that color? The only thing I can think of are veggies the exact same color, but you have the same problem with white rice on white plates too!
  21. I've seen this specified in a few recipes. What exactly is this, and how do you prepare it?
  22. One of the nice things about Waring is that they have the parts available from most of their older models. It would be worth a call to see if they still have the top part you need. Would be a nice surprise for your grandmother ;-).
  23. Hi! I'm not Tony but I've been stabbing at my monitor with a fork for the last 10 minutes...lol! That looks SOOO good ;-).
  24. I don't think so as they have 12 oz. Wagyu Ribeye Steaks (box of 2) for $99.95! Wagyu Steaks Gotta be Wagyu or Kobe beef, right? ... still! ←
  25. Geez! They also have them plain and uncooked at a bargain $79.95 for 1 pound (4 whole pieces). Such a deal!!!
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