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  1. The FT deal, like the Times deal of a few years ago, gets people into your dining room. No, you won't make as much profit as with a normal TDH or carte table but the trade-off is that you get new blood in through the door as well as both existing customers and the "never to return" brigade. In the case of existing customers, treat it as a reward for loyalty. As for the "never to return" brigade, you never know who they'll talk to and they may have friends who do eat out more regularly. It's just another form of advertising, but a well-targeted one, and your establishment appearing in the FT offer is not the sign of a sinking ship, merely of one that would like to be busier than it currently is. I see very little difference between this offer and the usual practise of running a TDH menu at lunches and early evenings.
  2. Available in a limited relase of zero, to avoid offending the human community. I do think it's going to backfire on vivat bacchus; as has been pointed out, the dining types it's aimed at probably won't be sucked in, and the publicity will come with a spoiling dose of derision. If it had come from Gagnaire, maybe, just maybe... but not a place headed by a chef with no marketable reputation.
  3. Truly shocking photography; I've seen better on the menu outside chip shacks in Amsterdam, the ones trying to shepherd tourits with the munchies thriough their doors. This sort of thing is no different to a pub up here that decided to create the world's most expensive pie. "Stan? Oi, Stan. What's that fookin' jap beef they keep bangin on about? Wag-what? Wagyu? Yeah, how much is a pound? Fookin' brilliant, I'll have a pound of that... and ring up that nob'ead from the wine company and ask what his priciest bottle is. We'll use some o'them really poncey mushroom thigies wot get dug up by them pigs in France, and we'll use some o' that really thin gold stuff to put on the top. It'll look mint. It'll have to be jus-rol pastry though, I can't be fookin' arsed makin' that. 'Ere, fook the Oswaldtwistle Echo and Courier, get the BBC on the phone and see if they'll cover it." .and, of course, they did.
  4. Not even that, but no longer a rising star rating. I feel sorry for Marc, he's worked hard.
  5. Brilliant! Well done to the two I know, Stephen Harris at the Sportsman and Matt Tomkinson at The Goose...
  6. Extremely... and although I know that Jay wouldn't be posting unless he knew the score, you still always want to wait until you see it in Michelin-approved black and white. Still, I'm ecstatic And for Stephen and Emma at the Sportsman too...
  7. http://www.michelin.co.uk/uk/front/affich....codeRubrique=43
  8. Yeah, he only takes lunch at newly be-starred establishments... Gary, you starf**ker.
  9. How soon after the official announcement does the .pdf go up on the website?
  10. Your point's valid - Edinburgh's just the exception to prove the rule. When you consider the number of high-end "failures" in city centre locations - and I include in here some very aspirational restaurants that took one shocked look at their P&L figures for the early openings, promptly passed a brick and tamed down the food to be more marketable - then it is, as you say, horribly difficult to run a starred restaurant in a city centre. In the case of No.1 Princes Street, it helps greatly that it's part of the Balmoral Hotel. Indeed, I woud suggest it's only because of this that it's a financially viable proposition.
  11. Yes, that's right! Mind you, I'm talking around the turn of the century here.
  12. You're right (and v. sad that Plaisir is now defunct) - there seems to be some sort of invisible barrier once you get to the World's End, and nothing much below that flourishes. Didn't Off the Wall once have a place near Old College up the road opposite James Thin?
  13. Edinburgh has a michelin star at No.1 Princes Street, Thom. I'm not sure how much more city centre you want
  14. Good luck everyone; I hope you all get the results you deserve.
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