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  1. A few further clues for the above: 5: MRE's tossed from a retreating HUMVEE 7: Lesson given for making venison stew 8: Small game roasted over an open fire
  2. @ElainaA It's an interesting microclimate. I'm 0.4 km. / 0.25 mi. from Lake Ontario which consistently keeps the ambient temperature 5 C. cooler in warmer months and 5 C. warmer in colder months. Also have the Niagara Escarpment to the south which results in a 7a. growing zone.
  3. New one: Fritos in the prologue and epilogue and many times throughout film.
  4. It's the end of October and it's 18 C. (66 F.) and it looks like another week of mild weather. Zucchini and basil have given up the ghost and I've harvested all my late planted spring radishes and beets. Still have tomatoes and peppers, hardy greens, herbs and lettuces. Cherry tomatoes are doing well (these are Blueberry). Larger tomatoes pretty much done. Hot peppers still ripening. These are Aji Limo (notice the tip turning yellow) Still lots of kale and collards. Kohlrabi, daikon, bok choy and lettuces (romaine and Simpson black seeded) This has been an unusual fall. By this time I'm usually finished re-conditioning the beds and have planted next year's garlic and lettuce.
  5. @liuzhou Good point so I'll narrow it down: The film is relatively recent and the line is literal.
  6. @Thanks for the Crepes If you're willing to administer this I will gladly conform to your numbering. Here are two new films: i/ "so how do you want your squirrel? Fried or stewed?" ii/ "you're the apple of my eye" @Lisa Shock Is your film 'Waitress'?
  7. #4 Clue: Knocked head over heels by milk.
  8. That sounds like the first 'Billy Jack' film. This thread was indeed popular but it did require someone to hold the reins to keep it from spinning out of control. Kudos to @Toliver who kept it going for so long.
  9. Welcome. What zone are you gardening in?
  10. @Shelby Double like on this one. You can never have too many hot peppers.
  11. First frost alert of the season tonight. I've already lost my last zucchini plant (a real trooper: appr. 250 fruit from one plant) and may be harvesting green tomatoes and green hot peppers tomorrow. Lots of frost hardy greens and I've protected my late season lettuces.
  12. http://blogs.mcgill.ca/oss/2013/04/04/is-celery-juice-a-viable-alternative-to-nitrites-in-cured-meats/ Chemical compounds, whether they are produced by inorganic synthesis or by extraction from a 'natural source', are identical. The only difference is labelling regulation. Caveat emptor.
  13. I finally made cabbage rolls substituting collards for the cabbage. Leaves were trimmed, blanched and shocked. The filling was rice, ground beef and pork, onions, herbs and seasoning. Simmered, in this version, for 45 minutes in a tomato based sauce. Sorry no photo. This worked really well. Collards were tender yet retained enough structural integrity for slicing. I think I prefer the collards to cabbage (better flavour). A keeper.
  14. @blue_dolphin Thanks for the link to the interview with the filmmaker. I also read a few of his reviews at the L.A. Times. I like his style. It helps quite a bit that he writes about the type of food I would research beforehand and search out when I visit a new city or country. I'm looking forward to viewing the film and will be sure to post back.
  15. Wayne

    Mystery Ingredients

    @liuzhou Hosta shoots?
  16. @HungryChris Thanks! I will try that when I'm forced to bring in my green tomatoes. I'm still harvesting ripe ones. Haven't had that killing frost yet.
  17. @HungryChris Mind sharing your recipe/method for your green tomato pickles?
  18. And here's another thread that was fun to participate in:
  19. Sounds like "I can eat the hottest thing on the menu" boast after a few cold ones. I'll have to agree with @Tri2Cook on this one. I have been growing, cooking, preserving and eating hot peppers for many years and I've given up on explaining to friends and family who don't share my 'chili head' ways and can't/won't accept 'to each his own'. I grew Bhut jolokia (ghost pepper) 3 years ago and, as with any new pepper, slowly worked out how to use it effectively. Making a mash and slathering it on a burger would have been the last thing I would have tried. Conclusion was it really only contributed heat and I'd be much better served growing peppers that contributed heat and flavour.
  20. That attitude and level of expectation is not limited to the food service industry. Graduating engineers on their first employment expect to be responsible for major design input rather than learning their profession. Certainly not all but a significant cohort.
  21. Wayne

    Here come the tomatoes

    Agree that this is a poorly written article. Tomato seeds (carriers of the next generation's genetic information) breed true after a season frozen in the ground. What is probably happening in a refrigerated picked tomato is the enzymes that synthesize the volatile flavour components are irreversibly inhibited. With respect to lower temperatures for tomatoes still on the vine I can only speak from personal experience. Tomatoes picked after being exposed to low temperatures are indeed affected (loss of taste and mealy texture). Tomatoes left on the vine to continue ripening when conditions recover are fine. Just my $0.02.
  22. @Thanks for the Crepes Thanks for that thoughtful review. It appears the film doesn't shy away from showing him 'warts and all'. I'll repost when I view my library's copy (it can take some time for an ordered item to arrive).
  23. My local library has this on order and I'm first in the queue. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/city_of_gold_2016/ I'm not familiar with Jonathan Gold's writing however it is receiving very favourable reviews. Anyone seen it?
  24. Out early this morning to harvest. Except for 2 nights of colder weather this has been a very mild fall and is forecasted to last through this week. Starting at top left: Dill, garlic chives, parsley, thyme and rosemary. Cherry tomatoes.Young romaine. Chard. Tomatoes, Watermelon radishes. Daikon. Zucchini. Aji Limo, Habanero, Cherry Bomb, and a few Jalapenos and Portugal Hot Peppers.
  25. Wayne

    Dinner 2016 (Part 9)

    The bear wasn't being 'good' to you. You were meat in a box and it was looking for a way to get at it.
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