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  1. How interesting! I have to try that. Thank you very much!
  2. San Antonio Express News Bonnie Walker explores the food and history of Gonzales Food Market. Gonzales Food Market San Antonio Current Also, a nice article on local San Antonio fishing. More important is the side article on contaminates that may be found in Texas fish. Provides a link to review the sources as well. Fishing in San Antonio
  3. Nah, I was just tryin' to poke fun at myself for mis-using a word, that's all! I would like to know about the infusion you are talking about as well. Sounds intriguing!
  4. Ok, being a naive person who doesn't live in Australia, what would you all consider comfort food? When growing up, what food brings the fondest memories?
  5. When I worked in Austin, I used to buy alot of stuff from that 7-11 ( ya know, the usual bevvies) and that IS strange they should do that. Gotta be an Austin thang!
  6. Ya know, I think we are all allowed to make a mistake! I meant baking "powder", not baking "soda". Geeeezz...what was I thinkin'.. But I did buy R. Walshs' book and it said the same thing, about taking a corn tortilla and frying it and spooning the grease over it to make it puff. So I will try it again, it would be a heck of alot easier if that works!
  7. I did try the method described, and I just got a fried tortilla. LOL! Maybe I didn't spoon the oil fast enough or something. I'll still experiment with it, until then, I'll stick with my recipe.
  8. Hey Bigboy, Currently I am studying Fusion, in particular Australian Cuisine. They have a nice feel for Fusion. I really enjoy Southwestern, all aspects, like "Cowboy" Cuisine, etc., Texas has alot of different food heritages to cull from, and if one is creative one can have alot of fun. The gig I have allows me to use all styles, so Southwestern is just another facet of cooking to me now. What type of cuisine do you do now?
  9. I am a chef that was trained in Southwestern Cuisine. I was trained by Jay McCarthy at Cascabel in San Antonio, and have staged with Rick Bayless at Tompolobampo and have eaten at the Frontera grill, as well as Steve Pyles and several other high profile Southwestern chefs. I have studied Mexican Cuisine, as well as many aspects of Southwestern C. and I believe it has a rightful place with other cuisines. When I was the chef of Ella's in Austin, we served high end Southwestern. Some dishes I created were... Foie Gras-Huitlecoche Tamales w/ cilantro crema and Guajillo gravy Batterbury-Salmon tamals with Ancho mole and poblano cilantro foam Lobster gorditas with chile-lime aioli and yellow watermelon pico Confit of duck enchiladas with guava-sour cream sauce. These dishes weren't cheap, nor easy to make. We won quite a few awards doing Mexican themed dishes, and I'm quite proud that Mexican Cuisine has a rightful place on the palates of Americans. As far a peasant foods, there are alot of "peasant" foods that are very high end now. Lobsters were so abundant, they were used as fishing bait at one time, when the first American settlers arrived, and there are foods that were thought of as "peasant" foods that are served on a high end spectrum. It is all about perception, but Mexican Cuisine has earned it's respectful spot, IMO. Now, if I can just convince people that puffy tacos are the next big thing....
  10. Sorry, but when I make puffy tacos, I make them from scratch and have always added baking soda. Not much, and I've been taught that was the trick. Maybe you don't really need to. When I go to work in my kitchen, I'll try frying a regular tortilla and post results.
  11. San Antonio Express News Robb Walsh's new book, "The Tex-Mex Cookbook: A History in Recipes and Photos", is given a very favorable review by Bonnie Walker. She even used the word "sexy"! Review
  12. When making any stock always start with cold water, and slowly bring to a simmer.
  13. Openings Chef Bruce Auden and Lisa Wong team up to open Acenar, a foray into Modern Tex-Mex. I did eat there and the Cabrito en Chile Ancho was pretty darn tasty! The menu mix is great and a vibrant atmosphere. Review by Chris Jones in the AOL City Guide. Review by Ron Bechtol in the San Antonio Current. San Antonio Current Also, an ambiguous yet promising review of Ocean Star. Although I've yet to eat there, I like the menu and style of Chef Paprocki. (Personally, I think 'ol Ron Bectol was just having a bad day.... ) Ocean Star, reviewed by Ron Bechtol in the San Antonio Current. spoonbread
  14. Tha Grange is a great restaurant in Adelaide. A chef I know works there and is the best. As you know, Neil Perry's restaurants are always recommended, as well as Tetsuyas'.
  15. I hear ya! For some fish, having a crust is very beneficial, but if you don't want it to stick to your pan, that technique works like a charm!
  16. My cooking tip for the day..when you are going to pan sear a fish ( whatever fish it is), heat the pan screamin' hot, add fat ( oil, butter, etc.) and then carefully lay the fish in the pan, but while doing so, shake it slightly, so the fish moves. Do this for about 15 seconds. The fish will never stick to the pan if you do this, no matter what type of fish or pan you use. The exception would be scallops, as you want them to crisp in the pan and deglaze with some type of liquid.
  17. Tex-Mex is a cuisine unto itself, IMO. Texas has a rich history of diverse cultures ( just like alot of US states) that loan thier food history to us, which, after a time, created a unique food blend. Cali, New Mexico, Arizona as well have created thier own styles that they have adapted from diferent Southwestern cultures. I love the stuff!!
  18. Migas.... a dish I grew up on. There are many variations to this dish ( like tequila shrimp, chorizo, pulled pork, etc.,) but the ones described above are the best.
  19. Too bad Ocean Stars' chef got a mediocre reveiw in the local SA paper. I've heard some good things about him and Ocean Star.
  20. There was an attempt to build a barramundi farm in New York, but weather conditions and the barra's tendency to be verocious feeders balked that. It is now out of season (here in the States), but about 3 months ago, when they were in season, they were about $10 a # thru certain purvayors. Barra is a great tasting fish, and I would recommend it to anyone. Here's a link that might help to get some... Aussie fish
  21. Rofl! ok,ok...I get it! Sorry 'bout that! Must've been a "senior moment"..
  22. Rofl! ok,ok...I get it! Sorry 'bout that! Must've been a "senior moment"..
  23. Rofl! ok,ok...I get it! Sorry 'bout that! Must've been a "senior moment"..
  24. Who is Sri Lanken? I have been studying Sri Owen and she claims the best laksa is from Australia. Her books are really, really good. Are they the same person?
  25. Honestly, the places you have mentioned are the best I know of now, Luna Note was the best before it closed.
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