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  1. Why not? Just think of how even more satisfying that ice-cold, gin martini would be after a fast, fun-filled, reckless stint on the road... Audrey
  2. Here is a link to Robert's website; read the second post from Philip, who works for Bols
  3. I especially enjoy the "Improved Holland Gin Cock-Tail"---A twist on the Old Fashioned, prepared with Bols Genever and the addition of maraschino. It's unfortunate that this Genever is no longer being imported into this country--I have been sitting at Flatiron's bar, slowly draining off their last bottle with this drink. Audrey Discussion related to genever has been split to a new thread.
  4. Chris, you just let me know when you and your wife would like to come by, and the three of us will drink champagne together(!) My experience will not even come close to your lovely, little bundle of divinity. I admit, mine is an earthly pleasure. But nevertheless, this will be the closest I get to having my own child in this lifetime (and it really feels like I'm having a baby!) Nor am I sleeping a wink, and generally just worrying about the world right now. I have been through a few openings and relaunches. But NEVER like this. You guys can't even begin to imagine what goes into this whole opening process from scratch---Holy Shit!!! Especially when it's your own, and not a multi-million dollar "production"! ! I feel like I'm about to go into labor at any minute now, and I'm just about ready for that epidural.....Ohhh! (My version is a nightly lavender bath). But you know what? I really like the idea of having my own saloon! Granted, it won't be perfect when it opens, but it will be a beginning, nevertheless. And I say, "Tom and Jerry's at Christmas time!!" Lets do chicken right! Maybe we can pick a special Saturday afternoon around Christmas for all the new parents...Noon to 5pm just for you, and bring the kids! Audrey
  5. Moutai....ooof....the FOULEST liquor on the face of the earth. Once upon a time, I too thought, "Yeah, sure; easy". I purchased 1 bottle of the stuff, and opened it up. It was like unleashing an evil genie; all the most horrific, putrid aromas of the universe just wafted up into my face, and then overwhelmed the kitchen. I literally gagged, and then threw the top back on. It was so foul that I couldn't even sample it. The bottle still sits in the kitchen to this day; it's a red & white thing that loosely resembles a short, fat stick of dynamite. At 106 proof, too. I let it sit there to remind me; never again. Audrey
  6. I didn't like it one bit. I've been a bit cloistered these past few months, and wasn't aware that there was a lime coke on the market. Mind you, I LOVE classic coke. I bought a bottle unknowingly, and thought I was drinking regular coke. All of a sudden, this aspartame-y, faux lime comes across my palate which stopped me dead in my tracks; I stopped drinking, and picked up the bottle. It said "classic coke", but then I noticed a lime-green colored cap, so I put two and two together. I felt as if I had been duped. I threw the rest of the bottle out. Why can't they just leave a good thing alone????? Audrey
  7. I love this book. I took it with me on a train to Connecticut this weekend, and had 1 hour of thoroughly enjoyable reading! Dave has already spoiled us with his drinks, and I am thrilled that there are recipes now available for those moments when you need instant gratification I also love the San Martin; Dave turned me onto it this past fall, and I've been enjoying it a lot since then. It's an absolutely delicious cocktail----sophistication and simpicity all in one glass! Thanks, Dave! Audrey
  8. Hi MH, Just let me know what time you are coming in, and I will tend to all your beverage needs! Audrey
  9. Hi Mr. McGee, Thank you for being here this week. I can't tell you what a priviledge it is to be able to pose a question to you directly. I work with beverages, and try to devote as much of my time as possible experimenting on the "liquid side" of things. It's difficult as there is not that much scientific work and support devoted to beverage as there is to food. So here it is, and I'm hoping you can help me with my question. We are seeing a lot of experimentation with gelatin-based foams in cocktails these days. Classically, egg whites have been used in the past to create a froth---for some reason, egg white foam seems to be a lot more stable than gelatin-based ones. I did a side-by-side comparison of both, utilizing a classic gin sour (gin, lemon juice, simple syrup) as the base. When I prepared drink #1 with the addition of an eggwhite, the foam maintained it's texture and stability for a long period of time; after the drink settled, the foam rose to it's rightful place at the top of the drink, and remained in the glass long after the drink was finished. I then prepared drink #2 and topped it with gelatin foam; the foam began to deteriorate after approximately 8 minutes. I thought that perhaps it was the gelatin foam in contact with the alcohol that accelerated it's deterioration, so I went a step further. I shook up a gin sour with an egg white, and allowed it to settle---the eggwhite foam properly rose to the top of the drink---at that point I applied gelatin foam on top of that. My idea was that the eggwhite layer would act as a buffer between the alcohol and the gelatin in drink #3, but to no avail. The gelatin still collapsed on top of the eggwhite layer. I have attempted different versions of the gelatin foam; increasing the number of sheets to give it more stamina, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. What are your thoughts here? Are eggwhites stronger in the presence of alcohol? Why? Thank you for any help you can offer here. I greatly appreciate it! Audrey
  10. Yeah, Anthony had his book party at Flatiron the other night, and I got to take a peek. It looks like a real beauty! Also just out is Nick Mautone's "Raising The Bar". This is another fabulous book, chock-filled with recipes for making just about everything from scratch. I highly recommend both. Audrey
  11. I have a bottle at home, and will be more than happy taste you and Splificator on it one of these, fine days....I have had it in mind to have a conversation with Simon (brand ambassador) to see if we can get here; thanks for reminding me. Audrey
  12. I am a complete ignorant in the forum of homemade hooch, yet also an extremely willing participant. Okay, so the old stuff sucked. But I'm sure that by "doing the work" we can build a better mousetrap and "advance the cause". I just love the idea of raisinjack and applejack; et al; blah, blah....let's not waste time, the winter is coming, so let's just forge ahead andplay with it in hot toddies for the heck of it........? No? while we're at it, let's ask McGee about spirits. I cannot tell you how excited I am to tune in next week, even if only as a voyeur. I've been waiting, waiting, waiting for November to come, and scouring amazon for the last month in hopes of pre-purchasing his book. No luck; AARGH..... I don't remember the last time I was so excited about something. I hope the book comes out by Thanksgiving so I can devote the whole weekend to -just it-. AAHHH!!! When???!!! Aud.
  13. A sidebar comment....our maitre'd and I were talking about applejack last night, and he commented that his grandfather used to make Raisinjack! Sounds interesting. Audrey
  14. Thank you!! I'm so happy that you enjoyed it! Yeah, the chartreuse and the pineapple seem to tie it all together. If anyone is going to the "Taste Of New York" event tomorrow, I will be making a few hundred of them there...Splificator will be shaking away as well; I believe he's making some potent blend of whiskey along with something hot & spicy.. I'm glad that you stated a thread for it; chartreuse is truly magical stuff. Dave, what the heck was that drink you had me make you the other week when you guys were in.....2 parts gin, 1 part sweet vermouth, and a splash of yellow chartreuse, right? lemon twist? Now that was a real beauty... Audrey
  15. Sam, now that sounds delicious! I love the idea of working some yellow chartreuse in there.... I'll let you know when I get the bottle of bonded, and then lets try some recipes with it. Audrey
  16. I am a big fan of Lairds Applejack, and like to create recipes that will help resurrect its popularity. Coincidentally, Lisa Laird was in my bar last night, and promised to drop off a bottle of their bonded (100 proof) brand. Thoughts of real "Apple Manhattans" ran through my head with the possibility of this potent "-whiskey-". The bonded is not available in New York, but hmmm....maybe with a little bit of prodding.... Anyway, here's a Thanksgiving cocktail for you. It's tart/bitter/strong; but it is insidious as you cannot detect the alcohol. It goes very well with most game dishes, and acts as a continual palate cleanser. Enjoy! Applejack Cobbler 2 oz. Lairds Applejack 1 oz. Fresh Cranberry sauce (recipe on ocean spray bag) 3, half-slices of orange (or 3/4 - 1oz fresh orange juice) 1/2 oz Punt e mes 1/2 oz Berentzens Apple Schnapps 1 barspoon Al Wadi Pomegranate Molasses 3 Dashes Angostura Bitters Garnish: Cape Gooseberry with "onion paper" skin peeled backwards and hooked over the rim of the glass. Measure all ingredients into a mixing glass. Muddle WELL. Shake hard to at least a 10 second count, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with gooseberry. The color should be an opaque, ruby red---dark and bloody in effect. Audrey
  17. This one's for Fatdeko.... I demo'd one of my drinks down in New Orleans, and the mint down there (along with the alternate brand of gin they gave me to use) completely altered the flavor profile of my drink as I knew it....which was completely distressing. Although I sent the cocktail out as was, Chris MacMillan gave me a taste of Monin's Mint syrup as an option (southern gentleman that he is)....and I've got to admit, it was pretty good! No funky, vegetal characteristics anywhere to be found (thank god for "natural flavors" and stabilizers ). And even though I found the syrup to be too heavy, it could definitely be an option when in a pinch... Audrey
  18. Darlin, it was an absolute pleasure drinkin whiskey and gin with you!!! Would love to see you wind up in NY one of these days Sorry it took me so long to respond----decompressing as well, and got caught up this week canning the last of the seasons cherries...I hope all these berry stains under my nails pay off.... I fell in love with the Ramos bros, all over again. What a breakfast, what a drink! Folks, don't miss this event next year. It was an all-around wonderful experience. The combination of (many!) great people who are so clearly impassioned about this thing we call the "cocktail", combined with the historical value made for a magical trip. Phil Green (a descendant of Antoine Peychaud) conducted a wonderful seminar on the history of Peychauds bitters, and interesting anectdotes about his family as well. Great to see his demo of the Sazerac! And the pharmacy museum left me speechless. Robert and I visited it together and I'm so happy that he took all the photos. I couldn't even begin to describe.... If anyone does get down there anytime soon, be sure and stop into the Library Bar at The Ritz-Carlton. The hospitality of Chris MacMillan and his wife Laura was just astounding. They were the nicest, warmest, people; it was like meeting your cousins for the first time. And mind you, the Library is "his" bar; they close it whenever he's not working (I love that). He took the week off just to hang out with us! His knowledge and passion of the history of cocktails (and additionally New Orleans) is beyond belief. He will play an integral role in the museum, and that seems a perfect fit. Talk about Southern hospitality. Wow. ...and still fuzzy. But happy to report that the voodoo dolls are doing well, and standing proud on their temporary perch Audrey
  19. I'm thrilled that you and Sam enjoy it!...but don't thank me, thank Dori Bryant. She is a the whiskey-drinking friend of mine who inspired me to create it. That's why I call it the "Dreamy Dorini Smoking Martini". Dori is a blond bombshell with a wonderul, bubbly, (yet smoky) personality to match. And she just loves Laphroaig, so this drink suits her to a tee. Audrey
  20. Dale and I will be there, as well. We will be doing a cocktail pairing with the spirited dinner at Louis XV!, and a cocktail seminar at the Ritz Carlton. Guaranteed to be a fun time with Drinkboy and Wondrich... Hope to see you guys there! Audrey
  21. Ting. OH. El Rey de soda.... I keep 2 bottles in the fridge at all times. I'm currently on Atkins, but in case of emergency, break glass.... I just can't get through diet sodas because of the aftertaste, and am growing fonder of flavored seltzers. But I am curious on anyones thoughts about Equal and Splenda....I did a blind tasting last week with a friend; diluted 1 packet each to 1 ounce of water. Equal won, hands down.... What is your preference?
  22. .... I L O V E the shaker, Sam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aud.
  23. I completely agree! I have worked with that combo on many occasion, and think it's delish. Aud.
  24. Hi Janet, If it the slightly sour flavor you're missing, try adding a spoonful or two of Ascorbic Acid crystals to it---the vitamin C gives it a nice zing. Audrey
  25. Unfortunately, these products are responsible for the erosion of the classic bar as we know (knew) it..... their multiplication on the back bar and frequent use excel the deterioration of the bartender's skill level... Audrey
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