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  1. If you love Campari and Americano's , then I hope you'll enjoy this: ChamPino (for Pino, an Italian diplomat): 1 oz. Campari 1 oz. Sweet Vermouth 2 1/2 - 3 oz good quality Champagne Garnish: Lemon Twist Glass: chilled martini Measure campari & sweet vermouth into a mixing glass. Add ice, shake (yes, shake) and strain into a chilled martini glass. Top with champagne. Add lemon twist. Enjoy! Audrey
  2. Honestly, it's not pretentious at all. I estimate Sasha's maximum occupancy to be at around 36 people----with a place that small, you simply must manage your space for maximum efficency. There's no discrimination whatsoever; it's first come, first serve. Like a fine-dining restaurant, he takes reservations so that he can deliver the highest quality of service, consistently....and completely fair to all who enter. Audrey
  3. I absolutely love those 1-drink splits they use in the UK; they just make complete sense! I wish we were that efficient here! ...and yeah, their tonic is definitely drier. Smart. Audrey
  4. I thought I had seen it all, and then while grocery shopping last week, there it was......a liter bottle of Donald Trump spring water! It had a dark blue, wrap-around wrapper, with the same photo that he used in his book, 'The Art Of The Deal'. Couldn't help but chuckle. Audrey
  5. Forgot to add to your Cynar comment--it is delightful in iced coffee! ...and don't forget the following for syrups: -light brown sugar -dark brown sugar -maple syrup Audrey
  6. fyi---I agree to also add zest to a pith infusion, but you'd be absolutely amazed at just how much real flavor using the pith alone gives off! I just checked it this morning, and it's actually 2 months old (how time flies!). And I purposely left the pith intact, which shows very little signs of decomposistion. I have a mini bottle of Pimento Dram manufactured by Myers's; the label looks very old (circa 30's - 40's). It lists burnt sugar on the label for coloring as well, which definitely has added something to the flavor. Audrey
  7. Not to worry! The pith-only maceration really works! I had the same thought, and currently have lemon pith soaking in vodka in my fridge; no rind, only pith. It's been macerating now for about a month, and I've got to say that it tastes absolutely delicious! Go for it! Audrey
  8. 16% alcohol, and flavored very much like the violette candies of old were. This has an extremely mild, peppery flavor, and just a hair of an aromatic /camphor note. Also a very gentle, almost undetectable undertone of honey, and the finish is a touch of the same flavor as the wax-candy lips you used to get around halloween when you were a kid. Nice stuff. Audrey
  9. Hi Doc, When I get back home, I will check the alcohol content and flavor profile of Monin's Violet, and get back to you. I'm also heading back to London in May, and will be more than happy to pick up a bottle for you if Gerry's has it in stock. I picked one up for Dave on my last trip, and he said he was very pleased with it. I agree, Beans, I think that the Cartron line is exquisite, and it would be nice if they produced a line of florals. The NY distributors don't offer their complete line, but only a handful of products here, as Brizard, their main, high-end competition, has a corner on the market here. I use Cartrons cassis, which is just incredible. But of course, it's all over the UK, with all of the top bars stocking the entire line. I'm always fascinated by what Europe is able to access. Audrey
  10. Also look into Monin. They produce a violette liqueur which I picked up in London (at Gerrys Liquor Store; Old Compton St.) a couple of months ago. Haven't seen it on these shores, but at least there's the satisfaction of knowing that it is still attainable somewhere on the planet. Audrey
  11. Hey Gary, Have been like a little late-night fly on the wall all week, listening in on all the fabulous conversations here....what a wonderful site this is! Finally got my membership wings today, so I can actually post now. My question is acutally for Janet. Janet, both of your syrup recipes sound delicious! I want to know if there is a reason why you infuse the actual 'medium' in boiling water first, prior to adding sugar. Is it because you think that infusing in sugar syrup would inhibit the leeching action? Thanks Gary & Mardee, for a really great week here. Audrey
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