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    I didn't see this posted. Says the Batali Bastianich collaboration restaurant is not going well. Famous Chefs Gamble on $12Million Restaurant I'd like to hear the opinions of eGullet... is it as bad as what was written? Has anybody been there?
  2. Well Rachel, my Valentine's Day this year can be summarized by, "I got a rock." That really looked like a lot of fun. Very clever and tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek by the company. I miss White Castles that aren't from the frozen food section.
  3. We have Krystal here in Atlanta, but, obvious similarities aside (steamed meat and buns, buy them by the sack, etc.), it just doesn't feel the same.
  4. I'm most impressed that you rushed home and uploaded photos of your special evening. I came home and worked for a while, and enjoyed home made burritos while watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show with my Afghan, Hannah. So much for romance!
  5. This argument of where humans are in the food chain always reminds me of A. Whitney Brown's famous quote: "I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals... I'm a vegetarian because I HATE plants." It all comes down to your own personal perspective, I guess. No one has been able to submit the "Killer argument" so far.
  6. Well, with those stipulations, I nominate Blazing Saddles... those campfire beans sounded good.
  7. Yikes! I also have peppermint bark, AND Goldfish, and always keep Triscuits for a snack when I'm too tired to cook (I like to bake them with a slice of summer sausage and wedge of cheese and an olive on top). However, the only hot sauce I've got in stock is Crystal.I can't think of anything crazy in my pantry, but I do have a jar of duck fois gras fresh from Paris that a friend brought back for me. I wonder how it would taste on a Triscuit?
  8. But you did... don't you think you have been a teacher all along, in the cooking domain? I really enjoy tuning into great shows such as yours, because I always learn something from them. You are a teacher, and I'm an appreciative pupil. Plus, I really enjoy the lab homework after your lessons... This from a guy who got his engineering degree from Georgia Tech.
  9. For Her Majesty I'd prepare Hot Wings and Sweetwater 420 beer... served on a tray in front of the telly, and we'd watch hockey. And she'd have a MARVELOUS time. Seriously.
  10. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog could be a judge: "Rachel, your EVOO laden salad is veeery good..... TO POOP ON!"
  11. Was Shatner a contestant, a judge, or the secret ingredient? Just so long as he didn't "sing"...
  12. Well, if it's "E-V-O-O" or Chef Boy-ar-dee, we'll know the fix is in!The Ray/Lee vs. Dispirito/Ramsay challenge sounds like mighty compelling TV. The suspense would be whether Ramsay de-bones the other three or himself first.
  13. Hmmm, I wonder if Sandra Lee will be a judge? I hear she is single again... pm me if you read this. Perhaps an amateur such as I can introduce you to the joys of cooking without a can opener. Just sit there in your sweater at the cooking island with your glass of Syrah while I show off a little...
  14. Well, this thread has convinced me to buy three more books based on recommendations here, the Dannenberg "Paris, Boulangerie, and Patisserie", the Batali "Molto Italiano", and the Ruhlman "Charcuterie" books! Cha-ching! This brings to 8 the number of cookbooks I've bought based on eGullet discussions just this year. Man am I getting fat! Thank you for all the discussion for those of us who are amateur/hobbyists who appreciate the craft of fine cooking, even though our skills may not do the authors justice. Any other recommendations for the definitive Ruhlman book? I came across like a jerk in the Cooking Under Fire thread, and, much like Scrooge, I'm seeking redemption during the Holiday Season.
  15. Party pooper. And worse, the party is likely a wake.
  16. what was cut? I was also amused at TB going on about pinky rings and such while the camera was focused on his driving hand. With a THUMB ring. hee. you trendoid you. ← Sorry Lia, I was referring to a broadcast of The Godfather, uncut, last night. As Daffy Duck said, "Pronoun trouble!" And I did chuckle out loud when I saw the thumb ring too. This show is FUN. Remember FUN? I hope everyone can remember what FUN is, or else it's your own fault you aren't enjoying this series.
  17. I don't know... anyone that is looking down their nose and poo-poo'ing this entire series are simply out of touch with "Their public". I'm a middle aged, tired and burnt out electrical engineer trying my best to maintain a semblance of a career before I check in to the asylum - and I LOVE this show. What's not to like? No, it's not Julia Child or Jaques Pepin teaching the finer points of technique, and God help anyone who tries to reproduce that. This is a travel show first, and then about eating. Dave Attell captured magic by doing a travel show based on investigating the local culture by visiting dive bars overnight until dawn after his shows. Bourdain has captured LIGHTNING by doing a travel show based on investigating the local culture by visiting the markets and food sources and restaurants of the typical person on the street of his destinations. What better way to learn about the real culture than by avoiding the hyped tourist destinations and four star snooty places? This New Jersey show was the best tv I've seen in a long while. Same with Paris and Iceland. I mean, I would never have known to be on guard when I try fermented shark without seeing this show because I'm adventurous when it comes to locals' food recommendations. These shows take me on the tour that I would want to do in person, namely going places I would go to on my travels in order to get to understand the real local culture, not the costumed facade provided by most travel shows, sponsored by local chambers of commerce. And it has inspired me to go to these places and try similar things. And the closing scene of Batali re-enacting the classic scene from The Godfather, was priceless (it was broadcast uncut last night on another network). These two are people who take their craft very seriously, yet still are grounded enough not to take THEMSELVES so seriously. Bourdain and Batali's prestige just went way up in my book, and I can't do a thing to benefit them besides perhaps adding one to their book sales. My only advice to Bourdain: You wear straight legged, boot cut jeans. Your legs look like fingers... sir, please eat a sandwichor better a couple cannolis. Maybe that's why Batali got the hero's welcome at the Italian joint? But I, for one, am thoroughly enjoying this series. Anyone who doesn't must have lost touch with their FUN side.
  18. I'm watching the instant replay on my DVR... The way I can describe "No Reservations" is... "Chef Bourdain meets 'Insomniac', with 'A Cook's Tour' locations, yet it was a very educational and a compelling travelogue"! This was perfect tv... EVERYTHING I look for in a tv show: Humor. Food. Culture. Information. Travel. All from a master Smartass' perspective. THIS is why I joined the eGullet community. The post-absynth scene was hilarious... did he really say "See Tony. See Tony confused, standing around, freezing. I need a hot chocolate and a couple of fat chicks"? "Rocco's Rats-a-riffic Restaurant... it's 'Rats-a-licious! Be sure to drop by our all-you-can-eat Mouse Bar - your choice of dressing!" Holy Crappe, I laughed so hard! I'll be up all night reading my travel books on France now, planning a new trip maybe this fall. Thank you for this show's outstanding concept. But, if next week's show is anything like the premiere, maybe I'll change my flight to Iceland? GREAT show.
  19. Think of Hell's Kitchen as the sorbet to cleanse the palette before viewing No Reservations. By the way, I think the opening of NR was absolutely fantastic... the old Pan Am travelogue about travel to Paris, the french instructor with attitude because AB belittled the restaurant on the Eiffel Tower... Every time I go to Paris, I try as hard as I can to disappear and hang out quietly in the more off locations searching for where the locals (workers and students) eat. I stay in hotels with a shared bathroom, far from the Holiday Inn clones (my place is a boarding monastery between the Seine and the St. Germain). I shop for snackies and incredible wines by the bottle in the local side-street markets. I butcher the French language with a cheerful effort, but feel good when the purveyors finally break down and admit they speak English better than I speak French (the KEY to it all, BTW). I'm loving this show so far, and I'm not an AB groupie. If this is any indication for what's to come, I'm going to be very pleased, educated, and entertained. The French suck, but so do I, and I can respect that!
  20. Was the surprise that there wasn't a surprise? Man, making the families vote blindly on their favorite dishes sure will make this Thanksgiving a little more interesting! Great show... final two aren't that big a surprise, though.
  21. Funny thing is, the last couple winners of "The Challenge" got eliminated the same show. What a fun couple Monday nights tonight and next... Hell's Kitchen and I have the DVR all spooled up waiting for the debut of No Reservations. This will almost carry me to Monday Night Football season!
  22. Michael As for my perception, please don't take offense. My apologies if you did. My perceptions were driven by what was broadcast, not what was left on the cutting room floor. Each episode was pretty short - so we witnessed only a small fraction of what you saw during filming, and only what the director chose to show. Maybe longer episodes with more footage in the kitchen or final deliberations amongst the judges could help next time (ammo for a full hour)? I tried to write my onion respectfully and non-confrontational and I wasn't trying to stir up trouble... the perception was Katie was indulged for not following the guidelines set for the competition, and that the qualities English was looking for could become apparent in candidates after only a couple episodes and merit more observation time for her. Probability and statistics is one of my specialties, so I know my perceptions are insignificant here; I'm only participating in an interesting discussion about the show as an amateur. FWIW, tell Mr. Reiber I enjoyed the series, and continue to, as I re-watch it. Although I don't know you personally, from what I've read and seen of you and Tsai (I had no exposure to English before this show) I respect and enjoy your work and look forward to seeing and reading more. And I do hope Katie weathers the most difficult first couple months as the new person on a staff. Gotta be tough, but she certainly displayed toughness in the footage that was broadcast. I also hope the exposure gave others' careers a boost, too. It seems like it will. Take care.
  23. Back when PBS interrupted the series for all their pledge break activities... I laughed when it ocurred to me they might be cutting Katie extra slack over the others since she already lives in NY, and PBS wouldn't have to pay any moving expenses from the west coast! I don't believe there were any bad intentions, but it would be human nature for English to lock in on the personality type he was looking for early in the process and rationalize eliminating the other candidate every time she got called on the carpet for the 86 pan runoff (which was more than any others, BTW), so she could live to hopefully redeem herself and survive to the end. "Cooking Under Fire" was the wrong title for this show since cooking wasn't the deciding factor... it was more "Personality Under Fire" because her cooking wasn't getting done following the rules laid down by the judges all the time. But there was the transplanted NY attitude English wanted. I DID enjoy the series, and I'll no doubt replay my dvds (for personal use only, any rebroadcast or retransmission without the express written consent of the NFL is prohibited) again.
  24. Well, since the job is sous chef, the outcome makes a lot more sense. She certainly wasn't afraid to take charge of other cooks in the kitchen, and her slowness won't be an issue like it would be on the line. However, leadership requires respect from the led... has she displayed to them the chops to merit the appointment over them? Is she organized enough to orchestrate the timing of the tickets and plates? I hope she does well - hell of an opportunity.
  25. I don't doubt her food was the best. It just seems that the other competitors' dishes might have been the best if they were granted the advantage of having an extra half hour more than all the others to prepare the food, or of ignoring using the local ingredients presented which was supposedly part of the Miami test, or only having to produce two dishes when everyone else was preparing three. The others seemed to put themselves at a disadvantage by constraining themselves to following the rules and guidelines. Either there's a two hour deadline or a three dish minimum for everyone, or there's not. I have no doubt the response I would get from a professor when I was in engineering school if I turned in an exam 30 minutes past the deadline... I would be given a big fat ZERO (eliminating me from that competition) no matter if my answers were the best! It may not have altered the outcome, but having seen the footage selected for broadcast, making exceptions to the rules certainly seems like the outcome was wired - which is English's right as the ultimate employer. I have no interest in who actually won - doesn't impact me in any manner since I'll never get to eat at Olive's ... but if this was a real competition, the extra indulgences provided Katie went against my sense of fair play. Just my onion. Edited to show the complete Ruhlman quote and correct for spelling and clarity.
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