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  1. Now I'm hurt... I went through that mathematical exercise a few pages ago and no one looked at it? It showed that James Oseland was "Stingier" with his stars across the board in the elimination rounds. Overall, he gave out fewer stars than the other judges. He simply had a higher threshold for giving out stars. This is fine, as long as he consistently applied it to all contestants, and I believe he did. It's like a baseball umpire who is calling balls and strikes. As long as he's consistent in his strike zone from batter to batter, even if it's low, high, small, or large, it's fair. Judg
  2. I really enjoyed this series. The finale was great... allowing the three top chefs to tell their life's biography through their dishes. It was really very interesting to hear their stories. I thought Keller was running away with it, but by the time of judges table, I felt that any of the three could win it. All were certainly worthy. As for Chiarello, he assumed the mantle of underdog towards the end, calling himself "Scrappy". I think it was just good-natured gamesmanship with the other chefs. So he's competitive... it was a competition after all. And a particular thank you to Jay for
  3. Perhaps a better analogy... it would be like watching dough rise.
  4. Sorry Jay, it's what I know. I earned my electrical engineering degree from prestigious Georgia Tech... what else other than data reduction could I add to this community of highly trained cooks and chefs and restaurateurs? Learning all I can from foodie sources has made me pretty good in a kitchen, but as a hobbyist. I'm much better at brewing great beers. I'd love to be a food writer when my engineering days are over. Watch out, I may still add the standard deviation results... Cheers!
  5. SORRY! Of course, after all that, I found a keying error. Chiarello had 19.5 stars, not 18.5. So, here's my equivalent of a pie-chart reward... a ridiculous breakdown of the elimination round results. I added the individual judges' scoring also, so you can see who the strict and soft judges are. I was very surprised that James gave out the fewest stars and Gael Greene gave out the most. Gail Simmons sat in for Jay Rayner for two of the episodes, 4 and 6. Rank Ep Chef Stars Quick Diners James Gael Jay Gail 1t *2 Suzanne Tracht 22.5 5.0 4.5
  6. OK, I'm an engineer so I'm really good with numbers. This Bulletin Board code isn't able to display in tables, so please forgive the Code box. Here are the final standings for all 24 master chefs using the elimination round rules. Rank Ep Chef Stars 1T * 2 Suzanne Tracht 22.5 1T * 3 Rick Bayless 22.5 1T * 4 Anita Lo 22.5 4 * 6 Art Smith 22.0 5T * 1 Hubert Keller 20.5 5T 2 Graham Elliot Bowl 20.5 7T 2 Wylie Dufresne 20.0 7T 6 Jonathan Waxman 20.0 9 3 Wilo Benet 19.5 10 1 Christopher Lee 19.0 11T
  7. I had forgotten about this show until I opened this thread. Hulu has episodes 1-7, and I had to go to nbc.com for the final episode 8. MPW came across as a pompous preacher in suspenders, Gene Wilder/Young Frankenstein hair, and checkered Vans with no socks. Every time he started wagging that finger at the camera, acting as if each word was the most important thing said in human history, all I could think of was Clinton's "I did not have sexual relations with that woman", or Raphael Palmero's "I did not take steroids. PERIOD!" Either is a reason to cancel the show. It followed the same for
  8. First off, to Jay: It's great to have actual participants in the show sharing their experience and insight here. I remember exchanging thoughts with Michael Ruhlman about the "Cooking Under Fire" show from a couple years back, so please, continue your dialog here. One thing I notice in Top Chef Masters is that the chef-testants have all pretty much established their national reputations and success already, so there is clearly a lot more respect and camaraderie between them in the kitchen challenges, rather than the "I'm so much better than these other hacks" attitude from chefs who are still
  9. I liked the show. I respect the comments from some of the cheftestants who were judges on prior TC series, that they kind of felt obligated to put the shoe on the other foot and see how it felt to go through the challenges and be on the receiving end of the critiques. Turns out to be not as easy as it looked. However, due to it being for charity and having big name chefs, the critiques certainly are a lot softer than regular Top Chef (Collichio, Toby, etc. - do you think Rocco would dare guest judge on this?) It will make them much more knowledgeable judges in the future. The Chopped forma
  10. Everyone on this site needs to wake up and stop putting their foodie heroes and favorite TV hosts on some sort of religious holier-than-thou pedestal. She isn't some saint to be worshipped, she's a TV entertainer whose main claim to fame and biggest career break is that she was once married to Salman Rushdie. I laughed out loud watching the blatant cuts to cleavage, the licking tomato juice off the leg, the tongue lapping up the side of the bun, and the provocative pose that pulled the dress up her thighs. It has this site talking about the Hardee's Thickburger, so mission accomplished! Hey,
  11. maybe it's that contestant that he was going to send to culinary school and then have back on the show..forget her name. ← Great concept! I never thought of that. I figured it would be the girl who quit two weeks ago after the burn. I hope it turns out that way.
  12. Gordon Ramsey was on Conan O'Brien last week. He came off very polite, personable, and funny, although he dropped a couple bleeps when he was describing how Conan did the last time they did a cooking demo on the show. He is a very intense person even when in a relaxed situation. After the first segment, they did another cooking demo, giving Conan an opportunity to take a few slugs from a tequila bottle, and Gordon threw the spring roll Conan purposely screwed up against the curtain. It showed his funny and human side. I like the guy, even with the Hell's Kitchen editing. Maybe even more so
  13. OK, I had Emeril Live on last night. It was a rerun of his casserole show. At one point, Emeril hollers out, "How are you guys in the back doing?", and they cut to the bleacher section, and I SWEAR Corey was there in the bleachers, wearing her chef jacket. I don't know when this was filmed, but I saw the same casserole show a couple months ago. Maybe she was trying to lure Emeril into the hot tub.
  14. Yeah, the guy who played "Big Pussy" certainly lived up to the name that day.
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