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  1. I am charged with bringing biscuits to Easter brunch tomorrow which will be right after church. I bought some Mary B's. If I bake them tonite, will they still be good tomorrow morning? I really will have hardly any time to bake them tomorrow.
  2. My daughter will be baptized in about a month and we would like to have family and godparents back to our house after the baptism. The baptism will be at 9 am, so I am thinking breakfast foods, BUT everything needs to be done in advance, since we will all be coming home together. And there could be up to 20 people! Please help because I am stuck on pastries and fruit salad.
  3. In Chatham, I recommend the Impudent Oyster. You need to make a reservation because it is not that big and is always full. The devils on horseback are wonderful, if you are a scallop fan. They have an interesting variety of pastas and fish. It can be pricey, but worth it, in my opinion.
  4. Has anyone heard of a new restaurant, I believe on Mt. Pleasant, called Six Tables? I just heard about it through the grapevine and I am not even certain that it is open yet. From what I hear, it is a restaurant that literally has six tables, one seating a night (?) and multiple courses. I googled it but could not find anything. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I made pound cake finger sandwiches for a bridal shower recently and they were a HUGE hit. Here is what I did: I sliced pound cakes about a 1/2 inch thick and then lightly toasted the slices in the oven. Next, I melted chocolate and brushed them on one side of the pound cake slices to "waterproof" them. Added a layer of Nutella and a slice of strawberry or banana. Next time I make them, I will use a very small star-shaped cookie cutter to cut the slices first, hence a prettier presentation. FYI, I tried to make a strawberry cream as well as a cinnamon cream, but they were too loose, so I just used the Nutella
  6. My mom grew up in Elizabeth and my grandparents still live there. Every time we went to visit, we would go to Spirito's. It has been years, but I have so many memories of it. Waiting in line winding around the tables. No butter with the bread, so I would always take the parmesan cheese and sprinkle it all over the bread. Awesome pizza. Awesome veal parm. I would beg my parents for more coins for the jukebox. Daniel, you must go and report on the experience!
  7. Here in the DC area, there are two Asian restaurants, the first called Pho King and the other New Big Wong.
  8. Barton G. A few blocks off of South Beach. Very expensive but very fun. Make sure you sit outside if you go. www.bartong.com
  9. I am surprised that no one has mentioned Caramel Cake with lots and lots of thin layers...
  10. I have been to Zola for restaurant week and I was happy with the menu. As I recall, it is not the entire menu, but a good part of it. I would go again...
  11. According to the recipe on the website, they recommend Cheez Wiz http://www.patskingofsteaks.com/recipe.htm
  12. I am going to BlackSalt for dinner tonite. This will be my second time, but the first time was during the winter. Anyone who has been recently who can comment on what might be on the menu?
  13. Oh my gosh, I LOVE 2 Amy's! Last night, we must have had good karma because we wandered in at 7:30 and only had to wait for 5 minutes for a table. Couldn't believe it! Then, not 5 minutes after we sat down, there were throngs of people waiting outside to eat. The Suppli were spot-on last night. Probably the best I have had there. But how can you go wrong with deep-fried risotto balls?! I had a margarita pizza and added mushrooms. Delish. And thanks to this board, I ordered dessert there for the first time. The panna cotta is something I never would have gone for, if I had not read here first. Last night, it was an orange panna cotta, with the caramel sauce, and a shortbread cookie. I am a convert. Such complex flavors. Even the shortbread had a hint to it. We also got a cookie plate, which was not as good as the panna cotta, but still nice with sugar cookies, pistachio biscotti and another unidentified cookie that contained polenta and golden raisins. All in all a delicious meal and was so excited to not have to wait for a table!
  14. Just to add a question to this thread, we will be heading to the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne in a few weeks. Does anyone know about the dining options here or any restaurants in the area?
  15. I forgot to add last week that I DID make a bread pudding from the leftover strawberry breads and it was delicious. Just a standard recipe with milk, eggs, etc. I added even more cinnamon because my husband and I love cinnamon, and sliced some fresh strawberries into the pudding as well. It was a great Spring-y treat!
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