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  1. I had a great feast last year at DINO's in DC, It is above the C&O Canal!
  2. Haggis man

    Home Canning

    Can you reuse jar lids? I know everybook says no, but really, can you use a jar lid more than once? is there a place to buy them in bulk with good prices?
  3. I made some half sours using a simular recipe last night. The difference was I was told to put boiling water on top of the pickles. My question is this, i am using a 1 gallon bean pot with a loose lid. Is there any reason to not have the lid on? Most recipes I saww said to put a tea towel over the top. Will the fermantation process form a gas? One last question to those in the know... Does the quanity of pickles being made matter? I suspect as long as the salt solution is constant, thsi should not be a problem. FYI one recipe had you add a small amount of vinegar (1/4 cup) to help the process. Scott
  4. I think the last lab is this weekend. I do not believe that the resturant will close on the second. I was told that the grill would also be open next week. Intresting how does a resturant close down? In Donna's case, can he pack all his stuff, food, and wine and go across the river? I imagine that the liquor may not be able to close state lines. What about everything else?
  5. I make mine with horseradish, several hot sauces, celery seed, I rim the glass with old bay and but a shrimp on the lip. For the base I use V8, black pepper and beef bullion.
  6. Busboy, I always wanted to learn how to make sassage. Got any need for some additional hands? I can wash a mean pot! Scott AKA haggisman
  7. I ventured out to the Costco in Sterling, Virginia last night. The usual stuff was on the menu at the snack bar including French fries and bottled drinks. I ordered a hotdog and soda ($1.50) and asked them to warm up the dog and roll by putting it through the pizza broiler. They looked at me a little weird, but complied. First they assembled the Hebrew National hotdog (they did not have any wrapped in advance and I think that is how they serve them at this location). They used the roll that is normally used with the Italian sausage sandwich which is a little harder than a hotdog roll. The results were superior. A hot roll and dog, both lightly crisped, with sauerkraut on the side and my choice of toppings (deli mustard, onions and relish). This is the only way to eat this sandwich! Next time I will ask for some of the peppers and onions that are usually for the sausage. Thanks for the thread and the idea!
  8. We have the BBQ sandwich in Fairfax. I think the HD through the broiler is a great idea! I know that a couple of the Costcos have vending machines for sodas and water, all pretty cheap. Maybe we should also talk about what get opened on the way home?
  9. The hotdog vendor at 17 & I made a terrible half-smoked for me today. This really is a bad meal......
  10. I made several batchs of chinese mustard this past weekend using Coleman's. I prefered using hot water to cold water. There is a taste difference. I also added wasabi powder to the mix to up the heat and taste. That seem to me to be the best combination. The only other tip was to mix it up and let it sit a while so that the mustard mix can lose the "powder" taste. Thanks for all your help on this thread!
  11. If anyone would like to trade places for Saturday Night?????
  12. Hello all! I went to the Great Wall for the third time on Saturday. As expected, the place was a mob scene! I picked up some great veggies at great prices. the funny thing I could not find was cilantro! The fresh spinach was really fresh and the fruits as well. i did pick up some fresh rockfish while I was there. The neat thing is a sign above the fish stand that lets you decide who you want the fish prepared from just gutting and scaling it through to filets. I believe there are 6 choices diagramed for you. While I was there I did look at the steam table and decided to past on the entrees. I did see that there were 3 prepared whole pigs ready for pick up.
  13. Yes! I seem to have developed a bit of a addiction to the soup this winter. I am going to make it from scratch, but understand there is a paste premade with the spices in it. Someone else told me there are kits in some stores in the freezer sections with the spices pre put together. In any event, that is my mission for today!
  14. I am off to Great Wall this morning to see the sites and pick up a duck and some Tom Kha soup supplies. Anyone ever hear of Tom Kha paste?
  15. So is sticking the chopsticks up our noses out as well?
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