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  1. Tsk tsk don't be such a negative nancy It was a reward to myself for accomplishing a massive amount of work this week. Considering how much I enjoyed it, the 25$/lb was more than worth it. In fact, my mom called me a couple hours after I ate the steak to ask about my hell week and I told her I really couldn't complain because I just had a really delicious steak.
  2. This was the first time I've bought beef at MLP, but I remember from all of the other times I've visited, that they've always had aged beef in their display. THey still have their duroc pork and I think I saw Berkshire there as well.
  3. Sweet jesus I love this place. Not only do I consistently get a good product, but they tie a little bow on your meat.
  4. Anyone know where I can get cocoa nibs, and I'm talking about less than 1 lb. I live in Lower merion, so the first place I tried was Whole foods in Wynnewood, but even the grocery manager had no idea what I was talking about. I'll be in Center City on Tuesday, so any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. I was at Morimoto last night too What was with all the dishes and glasses breaking? The omakase is fun, especially when there's someone else to order a different priced omakase than yours because then you get to try almost double the amount of food.
  6. Their steak frites. I had a perfectly cooked steak for lunch earlier this month.
  7. From living in Philly, a place that can be pretty humid during the non winter months, I've learned that the only thing grosser than people using their bare hands in the bread bins are seeing swarms of those tiny black flies hanging out in the bread bins. There's one place in particular, which is supposed to be more up-scale has their artisan bread behind the counter, shielded by plexiglass, and I've watched flies the size of peanut m&ms bopping into things left and right. Sadly, I'm at the point where I either make my own rolls or buy them prepackaged because those flies really gross me out
  8. So I stopped in again and bought more of their delicious pork loin. This time they left the bone in so I got a bit of a bonus to gnaw on after I finished the meat. And while I was there, the guys were clearing space to make room for another cooler for deli items I believe.
  9. Thanks Katie. Hopefully Bobby and I aren't the only two people shopping at MLP. I had the burrata last night and it was delicious. I'd be so sad if this place shut down.
  10. Holy crap isn't this what we PA egulleters have been waiting for this whole time? A place to find higher quality meat products? So since this place is practically in my backyard I had to investigate. I had them slice me two one inch duroc pork loin chops. I also brought home a ball of burrata that I will eat with some ciabatta later this weekend (heh that rhymed). The pork loin was ~$10/lb mark which isn't bad considering how much you'd pay for meat like this in a restaurant. I cooked the pork to about medium and made a cognac/dried cherry reduction. The meat was excellent. Great flavor, really juicy. It definitely didn't need any brine.
  11. Sushi bar is fun, everyone's really nice. Definitely ask for seats there.
  12. I've eaten there when the entire table ordered omakase, and when only part of the table ordered omakase and it was fine every time. They don't expect the entire table to order the omakase. If you want want it, order it. If she doesn't want it, that's fine too. Just let her know that she should eat slowly though because sometimes it takes a lot of time to get through all of the omakase courses. Oh yeah, and don't worry about her not eating sushi, there's plenty on the menu that is cooked.
  13. If any of you are on the Mainline, Felicia's in Ardmore makes brick oven pizzas that are really tasty and the prices are very reasonable.
  14. I have a feeling timesonline is going to get a lot of angry letters from hedgehog lovers about this recipe. However, unless you live in an area that is abundant in hedgehogs, I can't imagine that most cooks would be willing to pay hundreds of pounds for such a small amount of meat.
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