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  1. Any New Yorkers or New Jerzians want to start a letter writing campaign?
  2. Here are a couple of photos I managed to snap during the madness.. One of the waitresses asked me if it was ok for someone to snap photos.. I said ok as long as there is no flash.. I am hoping to see a review somewhere online. Venison progression: We used a rub of espresso beans, salt, pepper and juniper berries.. Then tie it: These are the beet raviolis on the back deck: We roll these guys out to a 6.. Its really scary watching them and praying they dont bleed through the super fine dough. Saturday we are sold out but, we have 4 spots for Sunday. Here is Sunday's Menu.. Then we get to relax until New Years Eve: Bisson Prosecco Colli dei Trevegiano Chef’s Amuse Cauliflower cauliflower cream flan, sturgeon caviar, dill 2007 Domaine de Closel Savenniere "La Jealosie" Egg poached duck egg, crisp shitakes, truffle toast mushroom jus 2006 Domaine de la Chappelle des Bois Fleurie Ravioli sweet potato, honey crisp apple, candied pecans, beurre mont 2006 Cantina Tramin Pinot Noir Pork fall spice brined loin, belly, wild rice, lardo, jus 2007 Saint Cosme Cotes Du Rhone Cheese Capra Sarda – Raw Goat, Logudoro, Italy, Aged 4 Months Tomme Crayeuse – Raw Cow, Rhone Alps, France, Aged 60-90 Days NIsa – Raw Sheep, Alentejo, Portugal, Aged 45-70 Days Garrotxa – Raw Goat, Catalonia, Spain 60-90 Days 2007 Cantina Tramin Gewurztraminer Cheesecake maple mascarpone cream, gingersnap, maple caramel ginger cocktail I think there also might be another Foie Nutter Butter thrown in there somewhere. Not sure but, those feckers were really good. Also a surprise course on top of the surprise course.
  3. The Dirty Jerz is my way of affectionately saying New Jersey.. It came from a t-shirt I had in high school that was an old turnpike ticket that broke down each exit in Gangster Speak..
  4. Armando's Place 50 3rd st Elizabeth,NJ 908-352-4406 New spot serving papusas, fried tacos, various other good food.. Its a small little place seems to be popular among the locals.. Perhaps another reason was the chica behind the counter.. I tried my hardest to get a picture of her.. For fear of being killed, I did not date.. Actually I tried by pulling out my phone and snapping a photo but, not on my first visit.. Well she was wearing this skin tight, perhaps tighter, short green skirt with knee high leather boots.. The dress was so short and so tight.. However, she was not the most fit lady and things were popping out everywhere.. Not to mention her bleached blond hair and makeup.. Popusas were fabulous. The best cheese papusa I have had.. I have to ask them the type of cheese next time.. Pickled cole slaw with fresh herbs in it.. It was a quick visit.. This place derserves more.. Did I mention there is a fried taco section of the menu? Taquitos essentially. Though the sauce was very distinctively from El Salvadore. Love the shredded lettuce they used that soak up the sauce..
  5. Dude...... I love the McRib.. Its been like 10 years.. They have these anywhere near Manhattan. Is there some sort of McRib locator..
  6. BOOM Boom Chicken 553 Main Street Fort Lee, NJ 07024 Korean Fried Chicken.. Whats not to love.. One day I will crack the code on how to make this.. More like take the time to research on the internet.. But, my guess is there is a wet sort of wash that the chicken is dipped in.. Like a starchy slurry or mixture.. Either way, the chicken comes out hot, crispy, and just awesome.. I am not some Korean Fried Chicken expert but, I have eaten my fair share.. From Queens to The Dirty Jerz, I have hit up almost every spot there is.. This place rates better than some, and not as good as others.. One thing that I find so strange about these concepts are, most of them only serve one thing and give away some sort of pickled radish.. This is America and we fat Americans like sides and add ons.. Not just for the customer but, for your business model.. You have a customer, make some beans charge a 1000 percent profit.. What about some Kimchee, something else.. Like a simple rice cake and ketchup dish or something.. KFC has biscuits, they have corn, they have gravy or mash potatoes. they have lots of other choices.. What family is going to go sit there and only eat Fried Chicken.. Mom's want there vegetables for the kids.. Fries at the very least.. You already have deep fryers there. This Chicken Place does have a Yogurt machine also and sells Pinkberry.. The spicy chicken was really good and surprisingly hot.. The mild chicken was kind of underseasoned and did not have much sauce to speak of.. Chicken preparation was fantastic, the flavors are little too subtle.. The battle of the Fort Lee Korean Chicken Places goes to Bon Chon in my book. The inside is simple.. However they have two huge plasma TVs that jus show fried chicken.. Not the frying process, not the chickens, or the packaging, just pictures of the fried chicken.. Seems like a waste of a 7 grand to have those tvs there. You can't see it but, off to the Left is a Jason Perlow review framed.. http://offthebroiler.wordpress.com/2006/11...m-boom-chicken/ Here is the chicken.. Or shall I say, we ordered everything on the menu:
  7. Thank you for coming it was such a pleasure meeting you all. You guys came to the first dinner in the new space.. I really love the location.. The last spot we were in was this big loft that had a shady unfinished hallway and a series of locked doors that needed to be open.. Also an elevator that locked and a few lunatic neighbors. This space has a really nice homey feel and its pretty huge.. Very excited we can now BBQ and Smoke Foods too.. Havent heard any complaints from any of the neighbors or anything, so hopefully we will continue here.
  8. The turkey sandwich was good. I wanted cold turkey, but I forgot to ask so it was warm. Obviously, I dont keep kosher, so I added cheese. It was a huge sandwich( we shared). The matza ball was good, but I thought the soup was a bit salty. The fries were a tad greasy. ← I have been going to Katz's for close to 30 years.. Annie Hall aside, that is the worst meal recorded at this establishment. How did you find white bread?
  9. Daniel


    I am interested in going here some more.. I just popped in, short on time, looking for a quick bite. It has all the signs of being really good. I will certainly get the Avena one morning.
  10. The food is "Spanish" with Dominican roots and leanings.. They had some really nice looking things.. Daily specials on steam trays, wonderful roast pork, several rice variations, fish, ear and tripe dishes, all priced well.. I had 12 minutes to eat lunch, I went with the Cubano.. It was fantastic.. I wouldnt call it a Cuban but, it was an awesome sandwich.. The roast pork was fantastic!!! They start out by toasting a sub roll cut in half on each side in the sandwich press.. They then add ham and cheese to one side and press again.. When the cheese has melted, the ham has gotten a little grill char, they then add like two fist fulls of this wonderful pork.. No mustard, pickles on the side, and then give you a huge squirt bottle of mayo.. I declined on the mayo.. Went with a Presidente instead. But this sandwich for $6.50 is really, really good.. If you are in the area, you should eat this and other things they have..
  11. Just wanted to mention.. We are so fortunate to have sold out the 8th and 9th. We were able to open up one more weekend.. We are now accepting reservations for the 15th and 16th. This will be the last dinner of the year..
  12. Throw in some feet, you will be fine.
  13. I agree with you on Whole Foods.. Also find it funny how many times you are faced with the moral delema of correcting the pricing at the register.. Another place I really like is the vegetable guys in Chelsea Market.. There is a great selection and perhaps the best priced I have seen.. I was looking for a wholesale type person that sells things like hen of woods to restaurants.. Occasionally you see a guy at Union Square with a beautiful foraged mushroom but, its crazy expensive.. Think about what a guy who lives upstate and drives all the way to manhattan with 5 pounds of mushrooms is looking to profit. I have this person in Upstate New York but, I have to travel, and its a hassle.. Is at famers markets Blue Moon Shrooms, Route 183, Stockbridge, MA. Tel: 413-274-6674
  14. I totally am the guy you met at Ottomanelli's.. I love them and we purchase most of our personal and a lot of meat for the club there.. Please email us at info@nybiteclub.com
  15. No pizzas at Bite Club.. Foie gras oreos though..
  16. How cool.. Look forward to meeting you..
  17. Just wanted to let everyone know, we are doing a couple of dinners this weekend.. I think Sunday is sold out and there might be a couple of spots open for Saturday.. Hope to see you there.. Daniel
  18. Anyone know a place to get high quality and interesting mushrooms. Hen of woods and foraged things.
  19. Penang 505 Old Post Rd, Edison - (732) 287-3038 www.penangcuisine.com Saturday Night: Pickled vegetables with a lot of sesame seeds and a spicy tomato mixture.. This dish was great and enjoyed by all: This was fried and dried calamari.. It was really interesting.. They could have been placed in a potato chip bag and eaten like chips.. However, with the addition of a warm sticky and spicy honey sauce, it seemed to rehydrate a bit.. A really fun dish that was hard to stop eating. Chicken curry roti.. Seemed to be a specialty of the house.. Lots of tables were ordering this dish.. The roti went well with the vegetable starter as well.. All around very good. Curry beef soup with noodles.. This dish was my favorite of the night.. I could have had this and went to dessert and been happy.. Little one ordered chicken satay that was exceptional.. A mango tofu was pretty good.. Really good if you like orange sauce sweet dishes.. The sweet was more mild and less puckering then most places.. Still not for me either way.. Most people at the table were disappointed in the really soft tofu used.. All would have liked have seen something more firm. Beef rendang: Brisket cooked well, fall apart, great over rice, had a nice heat to it. Hot bean dessert, shaved ice with all coffee gelee, corn, condensed milk, all sort of "treasures" as the waiter described.. Desserts were great! This aint no Hansens but it will do for now.. Service was excellent and friendly.. We had the nicest waiter but, dealt with a few different waitresses during the meal.. Food came out incredibly quick with the exception of the satay that takes 15 minutes.. And to me that is a good sign if the satay takes 15 minutes.. They have this hilarious birthday song ceremony where the house lights are turned off and the entire restaurants sings to you.. Great way to railroad an unsuspecting birthday boy or girl.. All in all the food and experience was memorable.. One of the best restaurants I have eaten at in the area.. Great find.. No bar, they have very strong iced coffee.
  20. Panico's Brick Oven Pizza 94 Church Street New Brunswick, NJ http://www.panicosrestaurant.com/brickoven.html Showed up to lunch on maybe a game day? I am not sure but, the place was not too busy.. The restaurant does in fact have a wood burning brick oven.. Simple pizza place food.. A few pastas, sandwiches and pies.. They have a liquor license and we bought a decent Valpolacella for 19 dollars. Started with a cesar salad.. Dressing was mayo: Fried Calamari- It was ok.. Sauce was bright and tangy.. Could have used more then a thimble full.. Plain pie for the table.. We assumed it was Neapolitan but, it was NJ Pizza Place Style.. A really nice slice for the style.. If I would have known I would have added toppings.. And the bottom: My favorite thing was Miss K's lasagna.. It had that tangy sauce, the pasta was well cooked, and it was filled with a ricotta and herb mixture.. It reminded me of the manicotti that I would get as a kid at our favorite Pizza Place.. Place was priced well.. You can also just stop in for a regular slice from the pies sitting on the counter.. You can get a few beers, watch a game, there is a lot of room.. A great pizza place for a college town.. I would come back if in the area. Wouldnt sit and eat a meal unless I was with the little one.. Though, 19 dollar bottle of drinkable vino.. Also, if you get a salad, I would suggest oil and vinegar on the side.
  21. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    Pumpkin cream soup with gruyere.
  22. I took the 8 year old to Peking House in Midtown last Friday night.. She was very cute wearing a kitty outfit complete with the ears and tail.. All the waiters were in tuxedos and most of the patrons were pretty dressed.. My whole party besides her were in sports coats and dresses.. (One or the other) Now, I dont know if this would work for adults.. But Nobu wouldnt be a problem.. And I know Mr. Chows certainly wouldnt be..
  23. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    Came home after a 5 hour delay.. Miss A cooked this up...
  24. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    So last night thanks to Ottomanelli's we had another wonderful dinner.. We had a 3.5 pound black pig roast and these wonderful ribs from Denmark.. All kept in a brine made from salt, sugar, star anise, pepper,garlic, ginger, and a tiny bit of cinnamon. First I brined it, then I took it out and tied the roast for even cooking.. Browned: Roasted: Boom: Plated with greens and a baked potato that was covered in salt and cooked at a really high temp: Also brined these ribs from Denmark.. The guy was telling me that they use smaller pigs there or something. But the ribs were tiny and wonderful.. Really picked up the flavor of the anise. Baked in the brine for a half hour and then grilled on a pan:
  25. Just found out an old buddy of mine from High School owns Electric Earth.. Has anyone been there?
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