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  1. How much do they charge at Eastern Market ?
  2. If I remember the conversation correctly Didier did a chocolate guitar for Mick Jagger. He's am incredibly witty, warm and charming guy.
  3. That steak, while terrific, is now $ 38.00 !!! Except for the steak, I usually leave slightly hungry. It is definitely NOT Palena.
  4. Was Didier formerly at the St. Regis...if he's the same guy, his desserts are INCREDIBLE.
  5. I hadn't been there in a long time, you're right it was a ZOOOO. Considering he has no high end lunch any more (there were 3 covers at 12:20p) , he must love selling those sandwichs at 5 bucks each...AND, customers were placing multiple orders. My guess is that he's making 10 times more at lunch. Good for him, bad for Mark Furstenburg. Anyone have the hotdog??
  6. Mark Furstenburg has been nominated for Best Chef in Mid-Atlantic....FANTASTIC
  7. Did anyone go the the Breadline benefit for Sri Lankan relief efforts last night. Was wondering how good the food was.
  8. Not to change the subject, just the venue. I work around the corner from Camelot. You have GOT to see the cars these girls drive !!! I wonder how many lap dances it takes to cover the monthly payment on a pimped out Cadillac Escalade. It's a slow day here.
  9. only if the potatoes were the color of a brown shirt....might it have been "mousseline"?
  10. The companion article by Marian Burros categorizes DC restaurants. The third category is the most "infrequently of all, wonderful food...that would shine anywhere. I doubt she's been here recently. This is another example of slamming DC without knowing what's doing. She doesn't even pretend to speak from recent, personal experience. I never did like this women.
  11. The Food section is written at least a week in advance.
  12. Mark is doing a fundraiser at the Breadline to benefit relief efforts in South Asia. It will be on February 3th from 5-8pm. He is contacting local chefs to ask for their participation. He is currently in France, but will be back on Monday. More details then.
  13. I was once criticized for playing 4'33" too slowly. ← It probably wasn't your tempo, as much as your damned rubato. Stop tapping your foot !!!
  14. Was there on NYE also. RUN and order the beef cheeks !!! Absoutely outstanding !!!! Also, superb lobster salad and killer pistachio bread pudding.
  15. My one foraging for mushrooms story takes place after I had just moved into my first apartment in a brownstone on E. 95th St in NYC owned by an artist, Giorgio Cavallon and his wife. One day Giorgio asked me if I'd like to go mushroom hunting with him and a friend who was a mycologist. Not terribly excited by the prospect of spending time with a mushroom person, I agreed, just to ingratiate myself to Giorgio. The morning of the hunt arrived, I knocked on Giorgio's door to discover that my idea of a boring mushroom person was, in fact, John Cage accompanied by his partner Merce Cunningham. We found a huge cache of chanterelles and John taught me how to use them in scrambled eggs. Not a word all day was spoken about art, dance or music. The only topic of discussion was mushrooms. I never again looked at mushrooms the same way.
  16. I would caution anyone who is not a mycologist or is not rummaging around with a mycologist, not to trust yourself to judge what is or is not a morel based on appearance. Way too dangerous.
  17. You are 100% right, it DID remind me of the Nonya cuisine. However, we clearly shot ourselves in the foot by requesting "mild" seasoning. A part from the ginger salad, which was awesome and the coconut shrimp, which was tasty, the rest were WAY underseasoned. I somehow got the impression that if you just came in off the street and ordered you might get the right degree of spiciness and flavor.
  18. Count me in for one. Sounds great. Just a thought...rather than WE dictate the level of fire, why not just let the chef present the food as it would be in Burma. ???
  19. MUST HAVE ....the Ribollita at Breadline today...with a dollop of pesto...perfection !!! RUN
  20. Marvelous Market has GREAT pies. The rustic apple is superb, as is the pecan pie.
  21. I was on the rue St. Denis last week looking for a the Passage St. Foy, never did find it. Anyone know where it might be ? Tom
  22. tomdc

    Le Poch'tron

    Just returned from Paris yesterday. Called to reserve at La Ceriseae last Monday. Was told that only reservations available would be for a 19h30 seating and was told in no uncertain terms that I would have to vacate the table by 21h15 and NO LATER. So much for that "find". Had a nice little dinner at La Maison du Jardin instead. Nice little restaurant. Nothing to rave about, strange, austere atmosphere. Hypno-trance background music. Not exactly a "happening" French experience. Rapport prix/qualite pretty good. Good friends recommended "Quinze" but went to Au Petit Marguery instead. Anyone have experience with Quinze.
  23. The BLT at the Breadline. And, I second the vote for the Cuban at the Breadline. But, the winner is.....Roberto's shoulder...it's to cry for, not on.
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