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  1. Last night carrot cake for my grandmother's 90th birthday.
  2. Pain Poilane or similar French country bread. Fabulous toasted, sturdy enough for sandwiches, satisfying with just cheese. Appropriate with jam and with roast beef.
  3. Amuse Bouche

    Salty? Fluffy?

    Also seafood, but salt cod brandade is one of my favorite things and it is both salty and fluffy. Not a mousse, but a more textured fluff.
  4. I'm not sure what the grocery situation is in Orlando, but I'd plan on more "spreads" rather than "dishes." Salads, fruit, cold cuts, cheese, dips, veggies all can be purchased and prepared with minimal equipment.
  5. Katie, I don't have a pic of the one I made specifically, but it looks a lot like this: http://www.shop.com/op/aprod-p18605224-k24...over?sourceid=3 You can tuck photos or notes in under the ribbons, or use pushpins, like a bulletin board.
  6. Well, after this weekend, I may be "artisanaled" out. Office folk are getting homemade fudge (I tried to make one of those "no fail" recipes with marshmallows and decided it wasn't going to set so returned it to the pan with candy thermometer) and homemade almond brittle. Family are getting baskets with handmade jewelry for the women and jars of spiced apple chutney and pickled onions, and depending on my energy and time this week, pecan brittle. And I made one of those french memo boards for my grandmother. It was actually relatively simple to construct, and looks good, if I do say so myself.
  7. I'm always looking for a pie alternative, since I'm not the biggest pie fan (sacrilege! I know). This year we'll probably have the standard pumpkin (made by my grandmother) and pecan (made by my mother) and I'm thinking I'll bring chocolate gingerbread in a bundt pan.
  8. It's good to see this thread! I'm currently in Phase 1 of the SBD, which said more "sensible eating" and less "diet" to me. I find dinner is easy, and breakfast is fine with eggs, but I have trouble with packed lunches, and I'd love some ideas. This week I made a salad with chick peas, chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, scallions, low fat goat cheese, and a little EVOO and red wine vinegar. One thing I'm totally craving is homemade chocolate chip cookies. I know this wouldn't work for Atkins doers, but what do you SBDers think about making some with whole wheat flour, 70% chocolate, and maybe a mix of sugar and splenda with some walnuts thrown in? As a very occasional treat? One of my non-egg breakfast ideas - best for mornings when I go to the gym and I want some carbs beforehand, is fat free refried black beans with a little low fat cheese mixed in, eaten with a spoon like cereal. It's excellent, and very filling.
  9. Amuse Bouche


    Does anyone have the reservations confirmation phone number for Babbo, and can you give it to me? I made reservations last time I ate there, and I want to call and confirm but I don't have the number.
  10. I quite like Dalmore's regular 12 year old malt as an "everyday" scotch -- it has some of the same sherry finish, and it's a great highland scotch for the price (about $20 a bottle in NYC)
  11. Amuse, My girlfriend and I made 140 bourbon balls this past week. The best part is they get better the longer they sit around! We used Wild Turkey 101 this year -- it was a value based decision.... what brand/proof did you use? I love these things! ← They are still good when they sit around but the alcohol evaporates, so they're less fun! We used Jim Beam because we could buy a small bottle -- we're not bourbon drinkers normally. We drink either scotch or rye.
  12. Ooh, cookies! I went baking crazy this year! Last year I bought a copy of Dede Wilson's Baker's Field Guide to Christmas Cookies, and it's become my Christmas cookie Bible. I've made the Chocolate Bourbon Balls (incredibly easy and boozy -- the best kind of Christmas cookie!) for the past two years running, and also the Pfeffernusse (her recipe has a lot of cardamom and ground almonds and ground candied peel, which make them taste sort of uber-Christmas to me). Both of these also have the advantage of keeping for well over a month. I also made her Nutmeg Logs this weekend, which are like nutmeg flavored sugar cookies with a rum icing -- I've rechristened them eggnog cookies. They're excellent. I also made the recipe in her book for mincemeat for mince pies, and it's delicious. My family never really had traditional cookie recipes (maybe because we had Christmas pudding and a Christmas Eve prune cake?) except for indifferent sugar cookies, so I was excited about this book! I know I sound like a commercial for the book, but I've found it both inspiring and reliable.
  13. Thanks all! I'm trying to decide between a recipe for an iced rum sauce I have and regular brandy butter. There's actually no suet in this mincemeat -- I made an all butter recipe. Yes, it's high in fat, but this is dessert on Christmas -- we're not going to worry! Mincemeat is very easy to make, BTW. I had no idea.
  14. I'm thinking of serving mince pies for Christmas eve, and I want to pair them wit something. I don't know if a traditional brandy butter/hard sauce will be too rich, but what about a brandy butter flavored ice cream? (Not sure how I would flavor it, though! Any other suggestions>?
  15. Last year I had my first real tree -- not my family's tree, but mine. And to celebrate I bought a set of copper pots and pans, and they're some of my favorite ornaments. We also have beaded fruit -- 2 apples, a pear and a cluster of grapes, and glass vegetables, including a carrot, a bell pepper, and of course, a pickle.
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