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  1. I expect to be in Naples for 4 days in December and would like to try many of the well recommended restaurants. Does a solo diner have any trouble getting a table or making reservations? In NY I often eat solo at the bar of favorite restaurants, but that is not the style in Italy.
  2. In Brooksville, Maine there is a decent retaurant with the puzzling name of "Bread and Water." That's not what I go out for. "Let's go out tonight to Bread and Water" doesn't sing.
  3. Pamela, Pondering your response to the question on llittle known Italian artisanal products and the difficulties of importation to the US, I wondered if you were aware of American products that have some relation to Italian traditions. Do you have any favorites?
  4. You can't beat Wall Mart or other discount stores ( renuy's in Maine) for inexpensive simple Champaign flutes. Last summer I needed to serve 30 at a outdoor party and looked into renting. But buying them for $1 each was a better deal. That is Reny's not renuy's...
  5. I mainly use Bittman for ideas or for advice on something I am unfamiliar with. Three favorites that I now make regularly are: Scallops with a pesto stuffing. Rack of Lamb coated with breadcrumbs and parsley. Butternut Squash soup.
  6. If Pizza fits your bill then adjacent to Logan is one of the best Pizza parlors in New England. A local bar that has pizza and grilled sausage or kebabs and that's it. Santarpo's is adjacent to the entrance to the Sumner tunnel to Boston. A bit hard to describe the route, but you need to end up on the opposite side of the entrance highway that would take you to Boston. Exit just before toll booth.
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