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  1. I just found out the sad news. It is good to know that she died peacefully in her home. I literally grew up watching her shows and she is the only reason I have no fear in the kitchen. May God bless you, Julia Child. You brought happiness to many, many people.
  2. When any of my friends are sick, I make a big bowl of pastina, with butter & bit of garlic...just like Mom used to make.
  3. My bib is on, my fork is in hand and I and my foodie friends await the opening of your new restaurant with eagerness, Tim. It sounds wonderful. Much success to you.
  4. Thank YOU, Employee X. You tell a good tale..I will miss my Monday afternoon laughs...much good luck.
  5. NO! Say it ain't so. I will miss this very much... These stories remind me of every law firm I have ever worked in...knuckleheads everywhere, not just in the restaurant trade...
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    Thanks for the info. I LOVE Pho, but have not had a good bowl of it since leaving Tyson's Corner back in 2000. And thanks for the warning re: Pho Ha...food poisoning is no joke..been there, done that..."shudders"
  7. I am very sorry to hear of Jeff Smith's passing. I loved his tv shows and have all of his cookbooks. I hope he finds peace...
  8. Head down Route 41. There are a few Mexican restaurants down the road from you that cater to the Mexican mushroom workers..awesome food. If I think of their names I will post them but I know that they are on the right hand side of 41 going south towards Wilmington. There is also Buckley's Tavern on down Route 52, in Centerville. Great food there as well. Here is a website that may help: http://www.thebrandywine.com/dine/ I'll post more if I can think of anything... Oh, and Welcome to the Delaware Valley!
  9. This is fantastic. My co-workers are all wondering what on earth I am laughing at. Count me in for the book when it comes out.
  10. I love the idea of going food shopping in Paris. We have an apartment with what looks to be a nice little kitchen so I would be up for it...
  11. Thank you, Rasaib. That is a wonderful site Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who responded on-line and via email. My family and I are very grateful and your reponses have been an enormous help. I would be remiss if I did not thank those of you who were kind enough to ask about my nephew and his Cystic Fibrosis..he is as well as one can be with this disease...fingers are always crossed though as it can turn very bad, very fast... And he IS going to Paris
  12. Much thanks for the reminder of smokers smoking in restaurants..it is banned here in Delaware..still would like to take him, but your point in well taken. I just REALLY hate for him to miss out because of his illness, which will not get better, only worse...I wonder if there is/are CF support group(s) in France who could help with questions?? Going NOW would be fabulous..but $$$$ are not cooperating This opportunity was so sudden and what with arranging everything with all the clan & the airline prices..need to save up a bit . We were leaning towards Oct. or Nov....or sometime next Spring.... Bookmarked that Marais site and noted the threads..still reading through them and taking copious notes! I forgot to mention that I will be taking conversational French from a university student, so I hope to at least be able to be courteous in French Thanks for all of your responses! I REALLY appreciate them.
  13. I am the VERY thrilled winner of a weekend in Paris, in an apartment in the Marais quarter to be specific. While I have been to Ireland & Great Britain numerous times, this is my very first trip to the Continent. I am taking my 3 sisters and my Mom. I would also love to take my 11 year old nephew, but as he has Cystic Fibrosis that is still a maybe . Naturally, I have many questions ( I am reading through all the threads as fast as I can): 1) When is the best time to go?? We are open to suggestions and fairly flexible... 2) I tried to find info on the area in which we will be staying...couldn't find much. Any info greatly appreciated. 3) Does anyone here have experience in traveling to Europe with a chronic illness such as CF?? My nephew, but for the CF, is a very healthy, well-adjusted boy and I think this experience would be wonderful for him... 4) Suggestions for simple, cheap places to eat...the wonderful gourmet places are probably out of our reach, plus, and I know I am assuming here, I really would not like to be constantly rubbing elbows with other tourists... I can find them here :-). Much rather eat where the locals eat... Many thanks for letting me ramble...I cannot convey how excited I am at this opportunity as I thought I would NEVER, EVER get to Paris...
  14. What a shame. City folk, the kind you are describing, have no concept of rudeness, except when they feel THEMSELVES the victims...then LOOKOUT! I lived on an old-order Amish farm on and off for about 3 years, and let me tell you, the attitudes of a certain type of "city people" , or "Tourons=Tourists +Morons" was appalling...
  15. A couple whom I am close to very recently became foster parents to a 1 1/2 year old boy. So, naturally, we took him out to his very first restauarant experience (never too young to start !) the very next day. It was a smallish diner, nice "comfort-food" place. Our waitress walked up to us, handed us our menus, and handed my friend a handful of crackers and a few slices of cheese for the little fella..to tide him over she said. It was such a nice, thoughtful gesture. And we were NOT charged for it, either.
  16. No problem. Just one more reason NOT to eat at McDonalds: "Meh" food Chronically understaffed Never get the orders right Major 'tude by the servers Napkin rations. blech....
  17. Whre is this wonderful place?
  18. How utterly ridiculous. What a d*mn shame.
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    Per Se

    Thank you so much for that wonderful review, adrober. You told me everything I needed to know about Per Se. Much appreciated.
  20. I have just purchased a bottle of Jallab Syrup from my local grocery store. The name and the ingredients just caught my eye, so I bought it. I drizzled it over cold poached pears...that was good and my friends were impressed. But beyond that, I am at a loss. I would appreciate anyone letting me know what it is, where it comes from and how it is traditionally used, etc. It is quite lovely, imho...a very suave taste of grape molasses and roses...wonderful. Much thanks
  21. I could be wrong, but this sounds to me very much like "paapri-chaat". Paapri chaat is a form of "chaat", which is the generic Hindi term for snacks, or street food. In this case, this is a chaat made with "paapri" which is what you are referring to as "pastry shell". It is possible the dish you had was some other kind of chaat. Perhaps it was a "panipuri" (in which case the "pastry shell" would be more round in shape and the sauce would have been more watery). You should be able to find recipes for paapri chaat on the web. Try searching also with spelling variations like "papri chat" etc. Do you remember if the tamarind based sauce also had yogurt in it? Much thanks for responding The tamarind sauce is NOT yogurt based. It is more juicy than saucy, too. I watched another customer pick up the little pastry ball (about the size of a golf ball), tap the top off of it, fill it with the garbanzo/potato filling and then spoon the tamarind stuff over that. Wicked good. Edit: Googled pani puri and found my dish The recipe calls for mashed potatoes, whereas mine were boiled and diced, but I can work with this... Many, many thanks...
  22. Thanks, Robyn. We have a Costco up here in Delaware. Will check it out.
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