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  1. Heavens! Very old people, or diabetics, or people with Cystic Fibrosis, or with kidney problems, or pregnant women or anyone else who has issues with, um, needing the necessary more often than others, must have a FABULOUS time trying to eat out in France. What do they do? Just stay home? Good grief.
  2. I, a long-term veggie hater , am in love with Hanover Frozen Shoe Peg Corn. Tastes just-off-the-cob with a nice mouth-feel, not mushy. I just heat it up in the microwave, throw in knob of butter and some salt & pepper and voila, like summer. Other frozen foods in my freezer: 2 boxes Mrs. T's Pierogis - Potato & Onion 4 Pet Ritz Frozen Pie Crusts for my Pot Pies 2 bags Celantano Frozen Mini Raviolis 2 bags Cascadian Farms Frozen Blueberries and 3 bags of the aforementioned Shoe Peg Corn
  3. I myself like a Crisp Butty - Butter and potato chips . Got hooked on that one summer while on holiday near Belfast.
  4. shelly59

    Pepsi Jazz

    I am with Mizducky on this one. I love the Pepsi Jazz flavors. Was raised on diet soda, too. Wonder if there is a connection, lol!
  5. Add my name to the list of preserved lemon converts. I have a jar of mixed Myers & Eurekas in my fridge ( They are about 45 days old) and use them in my tuna salad, in my pesto and in a little quickie veggie dip of yogurt (Greek-style) curry powder, black olives minced and preserved lemon diced finely. MY question is this: How do I properly maintain my lemons? Do I add one for each one taken out? Do I add more lemon juice and salt? Just more lemon juice? I would like to keep a supply on hand at all times as they really are versatile..
  6. I loathe stewed tomatoes. LOATHE to the point of being physically unable to swallow them. Anything else I hate I can politely choke down if necesssary. But for whatever reason, from as far back as I can remember, stewed tomatoes are
  7. I like the Cafe Cookies and the Samoas. Got my office hooked on the Cafe cookies. The Samoas are MINE!
  8. Well, fwiw, I like it. Something different.
  9. Your comments are noted and greatly appreciated
  10. Thanks much, Fat Guy. Hmm, I should have specified that I was looking at the Ivory flatware. http://www.wineenthusiast.com/E/details.as...9A-1A81AFA6A88A Damn...now its ALL suspect. Thinking hard on it now, I suspect my Grandmother's few bits were bakelite as I cannot imagine where she would have come up with the Laguiole, but the Laguiole shown at Willams-Sonoma, Wine Enthusiast and Chefs.com are identical to what I remember using as a child. Well, I shall just have to keep looking..not about to spend nearly $200 on crap or bad imitations of what was once good stuff.
  11. Darn, I was just about to order the Laguiole cutlery from Wine Enthusiast when I thought I would see what Egulleteers had to say about it. Its rather pricey, well, to me anyway. But my grandmother had a set of it, which I loved and would very much like to replicate. Should I just save my money Hate to think I am plunking down good money for poor quality goods.
  12. I am not from Philly, a little help with the location? Please? Exit from I95 coming from Wilmington, etc. Much thanks
  13. Nope, that sounds about right to me. I have been there twice and thought it overpriced and unimpressive. I much prefer Harry’s Seafood Grill, which is in the same place.
  14. Hmm, when I think of or look to find "Irish Food" I am generally talking about what I perceive to be "Traditional Irish Food" like Boxty, Fry-ups, Colcannon or Champ, not food that might be served in any kitchen in Ireland today. This whole thing got started because my friend went off on a waitress who insisted that the "Wicklow Chicken Fingers " ( I am NOT kidding) are Irish. They may be served in Ireland all the time, but I wouldn't consider them "IRISH", just ubiquitous. Then Anna got to talking about how she would love something from back home and I ended up here.
  15. Well, my friend, her 10 month-old baby, & I ended up at The Shanachie on Saturday. The food was EXCELLENT. "Brilliant!" per my Irish friend. We both had the Ulster Fry ( 2 fried eggs, 2 bangers, 1 black & 1 white pudding, roasted tomato, rashers, brown bread & butter, & tea). For dessert I had the Guiness Bread Pudding. Done in a terrine I think, not soggy or too sweet. Nice flavor. Came with vanilla ice cream. It was good. My friend had the Tiramisu. NOT a hit. She sent it back as she took a very strong aversion to the chocolate in it. Said it had a funny taste. Seemed fine to me, but to each her own. The staff were very gracious about it, which I really appreciated. I HATE it when waitstaff gets all snooty/hyper about a returned dish. So what? Sometimes things just DON'T click. We were there a good 2 hours, what with the heavy food, the baby & the Smithwicks . The waitstaff were very good & the music was nice. Really looking forward to trying the rest of their menu as there were many items that looked delicious and worth the making the trip again.
  16. Wonderful. Shanackie Pub and Restaurant is owned by Gerry Timlin, of Timlin & Kane, one of our favorite groups and my friend is from very near Coalisland. Hmmm, I see a roadtrip tomorrow.
  17. A very good friend of mine from Ireland is homesick for some Irish food. She is a bit tired of "Wicklow Chicken Fingers with Tipperarry Cole Slaw" Any suggestions? Philly, or any of its southern suburbs, is fine. Much thanks.
  18. Just ate at Buckley's on Saturday and it was great.
  19. I don't know why women would be upset by that - he's not saying that women are incompetent, he's saying that women just plain don't/don't know how to cook. As a child of the 60's and 70's, with a full time working mom who was a good cook when she had time, I was pretty much raised on Hamburger Helper, Rice A Roni and Shake and Bake, and every other convenience food that was touted as a working woman's best friend. When you don't show kids how to cook from scratch, the icky boxed stuff is all they know. When I grew up and learned how to read labels, I vowed never to touch the stuff again and started getting passionate about learning to cook real food. Some women just canna be arsed, I guess. I have to confess, harsh as it is, when I meet other women who say "I can't/don't cook", my immediate thought is "Pah, how USELESS..." ← I guess my take on this is "So what?" Why single out women? EVERYONE who puts food into their mouths should know how to cook it. Across the board. Period. Now, whether or not they ever USE that knowledge is another thing entirely. Bravo to the men who have stepped-up to the plate and are cooking the family meals. In MY childhood, the men sat and waited until the women came home and cooked the meal. It was women's work and they would have starved the whole family before they'd set one pinkie in the kitchen. Several of my friends were cooking the family meals from the age of 6 or 7 cus their Da's absolutely refused to do it. So, times change. Less women are cooking, perhaps because its not considered their "duty" anymore, so those who can avoid it, do, and more men are doing the daily cooking, not just the flourishy, fancy-dancy stuff, but making real contributions to the everyday family kitchen...sweet. IMHO, of course
  20. That letter was a pleasure to read. I would love to read Whole Foods' response.
  21. But that seems to hold true for most of American reality shows. With a few exceptions such as Top Chef or Project Runway, they are strictly about "THE DRAMA" and "PERSONALITIES" rather then talent, potential or otherwise. Not exactly sure what that says about us or the TV executives' perception of us but I am sure it is not very flattering. It IS a shame, as I have watched GR on Kitchen Nighmares and really enjoyed his sharing his hard-won experience. He comes across very "Tough Love" and more than capable of controlling his temper. On HK he just comes across a petty tyrant, and, frankly, a screaming, egotistical asshole. I won't be watching anymore.
  22. My family is very partial to the Bayside Skillet in OC. They do variations on crepes or omelets, my fav is the lemon-honey crepe. They also do a heart-attack-on-a-plate called Tara Potatoes - basically home fries smothered in bacon, oinons and chedder cheese. Nice if you like that kind of thing. I opt for the fresh strawberries w/ chantilly cream. http://www.baysideskillet.com/ Edited to agree that Phillips Seafood is not worthy of your time & $$$ and that Fager's is still pretty good, imho of course.
  23. Maybe it is just me and my bourgeois upbringing , but when I save up my hard-earned cash for a very special meal at a French Laundry or a Nobu, I just ASSUME "The Chef" will be there. In the kitchen. If not making my dish with his/her own hands, at least close by, overseeing the process. To me, food on that level is a work of art, created by the Chef for my enjoyment. I am paying him for his artistry, knowledge and sense of the moment. I am silly and naive I suppose, but there you are. This trend, although probably inevitable, and certainly understandable, makes me sad.
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