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  1. I used to be one of those that almost always gilded the lily. My waistline paid for it, now I rarely gild the lily. And that rather depresses me so lets move on to fond memories.

    Bacon fat. In whatever. On whatever. Whipping cream, heavy and no carageenan, thanks. Straight from the carton, furtively when no one was looking. Same, in coffee. <swoon>. Did I mention bacon fat? Well, there's also pork fat, and then there's Smoked Brisket Fat. It deserves capital letters, trust me. That went in joong, beans, burritos, potatoes, whatever.

    Those were the days.

    Camembert, really ripe, stinking ripe, on buttered toast.

    Ok, must stop. Nowadays gilding the lily means splocking more Laogonma sauce on my lotus root. One day, I too shall gild the lily again. But I've learned my lesson, I'll gild a little less often.

  2. From this topic in > That gut feeling:the stomach is your second brain, quickly eaten meals = 4 days to recover?

    The Old Foodie queries:

    "Can we start a new thread of "common nutrition myths with no scientific evidence whatsoever", with a sub-thread of "nutrition quackery: or how a lot of money is made from gullible people"?"

    Yes, yes we can. I have one that has been chapping my hide for a week now.

    A friend of mine sent me an "article" on how good coconut oil and other saturated fats are for you, and how much better they are to cook with. Oddly enough, the "article" was from a company selling coconut oil.....

    She sent it to me because there was one line in there saying that coconut oil could help thyroid function. No explaination how.

    I was mentioning this article in passing to another friend, about to pooh pooh it, when she just started waxing poetical about how true that was!

    Her argument was seemingly logical... at least on the surface. I need to do a lot of research to see if shes as full of hot air as I think, but thats going to require brushig up on lipid chemistry so that may take a while. So far nothing valid on Pubmed.

    Her argument <that she learned in chiropractic school i think> is that saturated fats do not go rancid as fast as unsaturated fats, and by rancid, she meant that the hydrogens on the fatty acid backbone of unsaturated fats pop off like crazy when heated and create free radicals. :hmmm:

    She claims that hydrogenated fats are good for the heart etc etc etc. I think its a load of.... lard, but I would certainly want to research it further. Not that I'd ever convince her otherwise, bless her sweet heart. She really is a dear person but I'm not ready to believe this without extensive research and review.

    So... any Lipid chemists out there? Anyone actually remeber Organic Chemistry?

    Help me understand this myth, by either supporting, or dispelling it.

    Anyone? Bueller?.......

  3. My Daddy was born and raised in Brenham TX. We used to make a pilgrimage every year to see his family's old store, the old family house,and to go to the creamery. There is, and never will be any other brand in our household. Natural Vanilla Bean, or Peaches and cream.

  4. Why yes, as a matter of fact, I HAVE thought about adjustable work surfaces and cooktops. I'm 4'8.5". My boobs are about cook top height, counter height... My hair about flame height. I can't knead bread without having to grab the stepstool so I have a modicum of leverage.

    Nothing in my kitchen is suitable for me. I can only reach the first shelf comfortably, maybe the second but its a serious stretch. I want to redo my kitchen with nessa-height everything but then we would never be able to sell the place. Not that we are planning on moving any time soon, as we just moved in 2 months ago, but still, one has to think of the distant future.


  5. I have recently discovered Korean food and have been having a lot of fun exploring in the local Korean Grocery. I came across this large <at least 750ml> bottle of Red Pepper Extract. Ingredients: 100% red peppers.

    So..... What do I do with it? Is it just used to make things spicier? How spicy is it, and do I REALLY need a huge honkin' bottle of it? I did not see a small one to try.

    Do I need to handle it like it is HAZMAT worthy?

  6. My Ex was in the army. We were stationed in Darmstadt Germany for 3 years. We were ever so young, and felt very grown up to be in a foriegn land all by ourselves! We decided to venture out and away from the post, and have ourselves a real meal! We found a lovely little German/Italian place off of the Luiesenplatz. We were charmed! It was cozy, seemed upscale, and so very German. The tables were close, there was a couple with their dog under the table, white table clothes.... the whole shebang. My Ex and I grew up with very different backgrounds. I grew up around fine dining, he did not, but he was pretty eager to learn and try new things. He wanted to be more "sophistocated". Annnnyways... we ordered some wine to go with our meal. He asked for a sweet white wine. "Suss", he repeated, just to make sure the waitress understood. Now, mind you, he and I had quite the penchant for honey mead.... but I really did not see it coming. The waitress brings the wine, he takes a sip, then takes a packet of sugar from the table, opens it, and upends it into his wine. I have never in my entire life been so mortified, as he said indignantly to my whispered "WHAT the hell are you DOING?" Well, I ASKED for a SWEET white wine, and THIS, is not SWEET.

    I wanted to crawl under the next table with the dog. That and the Ketchup On the Filet Mignon Incident should have been writing on the wall that the relationship was indeed doomed, but It took me another three years to realize there were ireconcilable differences.

  7. I wonder if its not partially how you grew up eating? My family shares *everything* at all restaurants. Now, perhaps not as much sharing goes on when the portions are smaller, etc, but everyone is always offered at least a bite of whatever... often more. Imagine my SO's surprise <he's an only child with.... food issues> when we all went out to eat at the East Side Cafe in Austin. Ma putting her food on Sister's plate, Da's on mine, me asking him for a taste of his... He was in complete shock. It never occured to me that was not the way everyone ate! We discussed it later and were both enlightened. He admitted that he wanted to guard his perimiter with his fork. He's has relaxed a lot over the years. He just knows now, that when he eats with my folk... you share. I'm so proud of him that he doesn't go into apoplectic shock anymore!

    Bless his heart. :wub:

  8. nessa, welcome back to the Texas section of eG.  It has been a while since I have read your pieces.  The next time I am down, probably in a couple of  3 weeks or so, I will  have to check this place out.  BTW, how is the new market downtown doing.  I never hear anything about it.  I don't remember the name.

    Welcome also to Lee. 

    edited to correct spelling

    It has been a while! Life is like that sometimes, don'tchaknow! I'm not sure what downtown market you are talking about? Sounds like I need to do some investigatin'! I've moved to a whole new <for me> section of town and there are lots of new places that need exploring! So far, no Taquerias, much to our chagrin.

  9. Arc-en-ciel- Vietnamese/Chinese in Garland. Fab Viet food and wonderful Dim Sum

    First Chinese Barbecue- several locations, lovely barbecued pork and duck

    Thai-rific- Forest and Web Chappel in Dallas. Just yummy all around. You will not have a bad dish here. Stuffed chicken wings, green curry, Tom Kha... its all good!

    Thai Nipa- Lemmon near Oak Lawn Outstanding eggplant green curry, good Tom Kha

    Bamboo Leaf-Preston near Campbell- Big rice noodles with pork and thai basil. I could eat this every day. I've not been in a couple years however, I hope they have kept up the quality!

    Ginger Thai- Forest at Marsh. Perhaps the best Tom Kha.... I could bathe in this daily. They also have a teriffic home made hot sauce.

    Dallul- Maple at Inwod- Ethiopian "dive" that really rocks and that will barely leave a dent in your wallet.

    Alibaba café- Greenville Ave. Stellar Hummus and a fava bean dish that will make you want to lick the plate clean.

    Café Istanbul- Lovers at Intwood-ish- Turkish food, not to be missed.

    Madras Pavillion- Coit at Beltline. The best Dosas I've had. South Indian. All vegetarian selections but... WOW

    The Saffron House- Beltline and the Tollway- Fine Indian Dining!

  10. There is a new store called Sprouts in the Marsh/Forest area in Dallas. It opened this last week.


    Its part of a chain, but from what I've seen so far, I'm fairly impressed. They seem to have good produce, a rather nice selection of cheeses, from local area makers, bulk goods, vitamins and sups, bakery, lovely meat dept. etc.

    The prices really were surprisingly good, though that might have been just for the opening week. I managed to ge boneless skinless thighs and breasts for $1.79 a pound. They had a lovely selection of sausages, a turkey meatloaf that was quite the hit, lamb at more than reasonable prices, and just all kinds of interesting things. I will certainly be shopping here instead of Tom Thumb and Central Market, for the most part. I do love CM but Sprouts is just around the corner! Some things I will still travel to CM for, but what a joy to have a healthy, quality choice so much closer!

    Has anyone else been to Sprouts? What did you think?

  11. I used frozen banana leaves the first time and boiled them for about 3 hours. They held up just fine. MAN I'm craving joong now. Must go shopping for leaves.

    I've had joong in both banana leaves and bamboo leaves. Both are tasty, but I'm not talented enough to wrap with bamboo. I'm lucky enough to get by with the banana!

  12. I have one jarred sauce that I like, several that I use. I love the Barilla Black and Green Olive, formerly known as Puttanesca. I love it so much I will eat it out of the jar cold. Its really quite good on fish. That being said, I buy a store brand to feed the SO. He likes his sauce smooth, no tomato chunks, and other than that isn't picky. I have, however been tossing around the idea of learning how to can, and making my own jars of sauce. I think it would be more satisfying, if I could manage to keep botulism out of the picture.... I guess I could freeze the sauce but thats just not as convenient.

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