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  1. I just finished packing a jar of six lemons for the 30 day cure. Looking forward to using it in some of Paula Wolfert's recipes for chicken or lamb with Lemon and olives. I had the same concern over the lemons floating up in the lemon juice (added the juice of five aditional lemons). So great that all this info was here.

    Now I just hope I didn't put my fingers in the jar at any point.

    How did you pack the jar? I made 3 jars last night and had one heck of a time trying to get the lemons into a pint jar. I'm worried that my lemons won't turn out well for that reason. Like you, I worry that I might've accidently dipped a finger. :unsure:

  2. Hi Angela,

    Thanks for reading!

    Yes, you make it up there and then take it home to freeze, then cook. (You could also cook one that night without freezing it.) And it's only an entree. You stick a little label on top of the carton that has cooking instructions, and this label also offers advice for sides: ie, salad, green beans, potatoes, etc.


    And so the act of putting the already-prepped food in a box yourself, rather than picking up a box someone else has already put the already-prepped food into, makes the customer "feel good"? As if they've actually done something? :blink:

    This is amazing. Where do I sign up to open my own franchise?


    A friend of mine is doing a "dreamdinners" franchise in Pasadena, CA which opens this month. You can contact the company about their franchises...check it out at www.dreamdinners.com.

  3. After reading this thread, I ventured out to my local farmer's market and got a head of cauliflower. As a lifelonger cauliflower hater, I was skeptical but to my surprise, I actually enjoyed the flavor of roasted cauliflower. My folks will be visiting this week and I plan to make this for them. Thanks for making me see cauliflower in a new light! :biggrin:

  4. Just popping in to say that I love your progress pictures!  I also used cabinetry direct for my all-internet kitchen, and I am just thrilled with them.  We "finished" about a month ago, but the punch list still lingers...

    Here are mine, sans the nontraditional crown moulding Ken was able to acquire for me:

    Rats...I seem to only be able to post a link.  But both kitchen and bath cabinetry is CabDirect

    Back to your regularly scheduled kitchen thread....I've been lurking a long time, and just wanted to chime in with another good CabDirect experience for anyone else who might be on the fence.

    I love that green color in your bathroom! You have great taste.

  5. Add twenty-four (24) to the total. I went on a shopping spree today.

    There's a book store in Pasadena that's having a "huge book sale" through the month of March, 35% off!! And I went to another used book store and bought some more.

    Which bookstores are these? I am currently in Chino Hills, so I could get to those bookstores. Like I need another cookbook..... :wink:

    Thank you for the heads up re book sale! I'm going there this weekend. :biggrin:

  6. Hi,

    I'm a newbie and am fascinated by this thread. I currently own about 50 cookbooks. Does anyone have a preference of what kind of cookbooks they like to have? I'm a big fan of cookbooks with pictures so I can see how the actual end product is supposed to look like. Though I do have the Silver Palate and a few others which have no pictures so the "pictures a MUST" isn't a strict rule with me. :smile:

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