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  1. Only tried Paris Sandwich 1x and was very disappointed. I like Mott 138. Also a big fan of the Bahn Mi/Video/CD/Cigarette shop @ Lafayette & Walker -- regular Mets game day feast.
  2. available online here: http://www.cuginifinefoods.com/mangia/pc/v...8&IDCategory=16
  3. How about a meal @ the bar @ Taro Sushi, Dean @ Flatbush Avenue, to cap off your day of Japanese joys
  4. There is no dress code at these type Cocktailian bars/lounges unless you are working behind the bar. No sportcoat requirements or shiny shoes required. That said, it's downtown NYC, so displaying at least some modicum of personal style is always recommended.
  5. Ok this reservation system is fucking annoying.
  6. What did you do with your credit card and ID before? Place looks great btw.
  7. Car bombs are delicious and fun. You people are stick in the muds.
  8. We have no idea whether any reservations were made available at 10am, because it's no longer possible to see the grid. Yesterday, no reservations were made available at 10am. Instead, some time around 2am today, those reservations showed up and were either immediately booked or had been pre-booked. Soon after, the grid was made invisible. ← I did see a 6:45 reservation but I clicked the green checkmark, the screen refreshed to show all red X's and I assume someone else got it.
  9. reminds me of dialing for a tee time on Bethpage Black. ← I didn't want to have dinner on Weds anyway
  10. What's amusing to me is that the scenario you discuss is the exact opposite of your typical NYC nightclub business model wherein the velvet rope is initially made of fire-hardened steel, yet over time as the club loses its luster it is must accommodate the sort of customer who previously could not have made it to the coat check.
  11. Looks like DC dropped beer on the server.
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