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  1. Only tried Paris Sandwich 1x and was very disappointed. I like Mott 138. Also a big fan of the Bahn Mi/Video/CD/Cigarette shop @ Lafayette & Walker -- regular Mets game day feast.
  2. available online here: http://www.cuginifinefoods.com/mangia/pc/v...8&IDCategory=16
  3. How about a meal @ the bar @ Taro Sushi, Dean @ Flatbush Avenue, to cap off your day of Japanese joys
  4. There is no dress code at these type Cocktailian bars/lounges unless you are working behind the bar. No sportcoat requirements or shiny shoes required. That said, it's downtown NYC, so displaying at least some modicum of personal style is always recommended.
  5. Ok this reservation system is fucking annoying.
  6. What did you do with your credit card and ID before? Place looks great btw.
  7. Car bombs are delicious and fun. You people are stick in the muds.
  8. We have no idea whether any reservations were made available at 10am, because it's no longer possible to see the grid. Yesterday, no reservations were made available at 10am. Instead, some time around 2am today, those reservations showed up and were either immediately booked or had been pre-booked. Soon after, the grid was made invisible. ← I did see a 6:45 reservation but I clicked the green checkmark, the screen refreshed to show all red X's and I assume someone else got it.
  9. reminds me of dialing for a tee time on Bethpage Black. ← I didn't want to have dinner on Weds anyway
  10. What's amusing to me is that the scenario you discuss is the exact opposite of your typical NYC nightclub business model wherein the velvet rope is initially made of fire-hardened steel, yet over time as the club loses its luster it is must accommodate the sort of customer who previously could not have made it to the coat check.
  11. Looks like DC dropped beer on the server.
  12. The impending openings of Weather Up in Prospect Heights and rumored opening of The Clover Club in Carroll Gardens may mean that Brooklyn denizens will be able to more easily find a well-constructed cocktail without venturing (or staying in) Manhattan... Weather Up: NYMag Brownstoner I walked by on the way to get my zip car on St. Marks... the shutters were down but a telltale piece of exposed subway tile told me the storefront. No further word on an opening date but must be any day now barring licensing issues. Rumored "The Clover Club": http://www.epicurious.com/articlesguides/b...-reiner-to.html I haven't seen the location or heard or found anything additional about this rumored establishment since this blog posting appeared. Clearly the "late december" opening was not realized. Also -- The Hideout is open on Adelphi Street in Fort Greene. But it sounds insufferable: Ny Times: "sexy but small" So: Any one got any further scoop? and in the meanwhile is there anywhere besides by kitchen to get a decently made cocktail in downtownish Brooklyn? cheers from brooklyn, MJR edit to fix clover club nabe
  13. So does D&C take table reservations PDT style? mjr
  14. On another note-- where do cocktail bars like Pegu and PDT source glassware from? None of these sorts of small elegant vessels are on offer where I shop.
  15. I had an enjoyable first time @ PDT on Friday. Started off solo and was joined by a friend at the bar later on. I sampled: - A Martinez - 2 Vieux Mots - 2 badminton club cocktails Was joined by a friend and partook in some tater tots from next door. Unfortunately the arrival my wife and her friends including one that wasn't imbibing due to the need to drive necessitated me to depart from Jim behind the bar and his Aussie partner. Definitely shall return MJR ps amusing to hear from Jim how many people have come in straight from egullet asking for items off the soon to be introduced menu
  16. Me, Gino, Vito and the boyz is definately hittin up PDt for NYE! It's going to be sick, yo! Dey got hypnotiq right?
  17. Can I get mini shakers (8 oz) in Chinatown rest supply? Any ideas? I'd really like to pick a couple up. thx MJR
  18. I'm not up on the latest and greatest cocktail destinations, trends and happenings. But I think Beacon has a good bar. Not like Pegu level, but way better than the average Midtown restaurant bar. The bartenders are well schooled. There are always interesting seasonal cocktails, most of which aren't too sweet. They have Brooklyn beer. The wine list is extensive. One of the cocktails we had last night -- called a gingerbread something -- was particularly tasty and the presentation was downright irreverent: ← Thanks for that nugget and the beautiful pic. Is the small plates menu posted anywhere? I could not locate it on the beacon website. Is it served just at the counter or anywhere in the place?
  19. How's the drinks situation at Beacon? I am thinking this might be a good place for a Boxing Day small-plates boozeup? Cheers, MJR
  20. Updates needed Biscuit (reopened, new location) 230 5th Ave (brooklyn - park slope) 718.399.2161 Owner: ? Opened: 2006 The Smoke Joint 87 South Elliot Place (brooklyn - fort greene) 718.797.1011 Owners: Ben Grossman and Craig Samuel Opened: 2007 Specialty: Wings, Beef Short Rib
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