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  1. great Q&A vickie!!! in the scheme of things how important do you think tasty food is to the success of a spaceflight? and do you think the resources devoted to food development are in line with its importance? are there things you wish you could research and study if your division had more $?
  2. Wonderful series! Most enjoyable thing I have read all year!
  3. a bonus is burning a hole in my pocket / a small hole but enough to buy a shelf of books / and I want to buy my food books for the next year RIGHT NOW !!! what would you buy ??? not into cook books / looking for reading not cooking . . . .
  4. GREAT Q&A Mr. Parsons !!! Will you share what was the funniest thing ever to happen to you while writing food things? Most horrifying? uncomfortable? awkward? cool?
  5. Times report eally pales by comparison to what I'm reading here. Underseasoned, dry, flavorless, flaccid. Should have printed this one !!!
  6. !!! OMG just this morning I was saying wouldn't it be great if J posted and there she is !!! ( You're not such a bad storyteller yourself J )
  7. NSF set up Mongolai internet in the mid 90's/ 128k satellite connection via PanAmSat-2 to Sprint in California, US ...
  8. !!! OMG I can't believe Eaglehunter didn't catch a fish/ he should have used his eagle !!! Thank you for all these stories they are wonderful.
  9. Also bad for the next group traveling trhough and also bad for the society. Basic economics if you have wealth among the poor/ you have power to make them into beggars and disrupt their ways of life. Handle with care/ smaller gifts, way to go. Thanks for explaining.
  10. I just paid twelve dollars for a large French Press at City Hall restarant NYC
  11. WOW ??? What gifts were you giving/ Where did you get them/ Did you have them with you ???
  12. ??? Knives have national characters? German knives are one way and Japaese knives are another way? Please explain. ???
  13. At Morrell's in RockCenter in New York City near the office I am in right now they are saying they have << Banfi Sangiovese Grosso 2001 Centine Tuscany 750 ML >> for $9.95/ is this the one???
  14. Mr. Camp, is there a website or place to call to find out all the stores who have this wine?
  15. Ms. Shapiro do you have a tour company/ is that what you meant in the second paragraph of the money and food article???
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