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  1. I really don't have anything to add at this point, I just wanted to see my avatar below orgamicrane's avatar.
  2. That's it? Come on, I've enjoyed reading these every Monday. It really was somethng to look forward to. There has to be more. Like, Employee X gets a new job and lives happily ever after. Or maybe Employee X goes back, kills the B's and is relased, as the jury recoginizes justifiable homicide when they see it.
  3. You should look for Accuchef, which I don't remember who does that one. I think that it would be suitable, for what you have stated. You can edit the categories however you please and palce different items into multiple categories. Additionally, PDA Cookbook by Wakefieldsoft will allow you to do the same thing.
  4. For the sake of argument, let’s assume the following is true: Olive Garden is Italian food and Taco Bell is Mexican food. If this true, then what is Outback food? I ask, because I just heard an Outback steakhouse commercial for the fourth time today. This got me to wondering, what is Outback food? Is it all shrimp on the Barbie, koala, and kangaroo? Am I supposed to believe that Aborigines enjoy blooming onions?
  5. Sure, eveybody looks, I mostly look to see what kind of junk other people are buying. Not that I'm health conscious about what I eat, mind you. I think I do it mostly to justify my own cooking habits. It amazes me how people say they can't cook, but it never appears that anyone is trying. You don't see the ingredients necessary to cook a meal from scratch.
  6. I have no interest in being a personal chef, but I do find this all of this interesting. A lot of resturant industry practices can be scaled down for home use. So I'm thinking, even more of the personal chef practices can be scaled down to home use. Please keep answering this man's question.
  7. Damn, I may have to leave then. But, maybe I can qualify with this information: my dad was born in Georgia, I was born and raised in Virginia. But wait there's more. Apparently, my ancestors came over on the boat from Spain. So how about now?
  8. Last week I bought our weeks worth of groceries for $30.00, this week there's pretty much nothing left in the pantry. The only way to answer this question is to know what's on hand. Without knowing that you can not realistically answer the question. Also, do you cook? Can you cook? This is just as important as knowing what you have on hand. [Edited to add the also.]
  9. Pasta. Basic flour and egg pasta. It's not hard to make, it's actually quite easy. But it takes time. It takes time to mix it, then talks longer to roll it out and cut it. I have a hand crank pasta machine, which helps with the time thing. But it still takes quite a bit of time. And it is well worth it. When it's ready to eat, all the sweat and work was worth it. There are no second thoughts, no thinking this wasn't worth it. Therefore, I submit pasta as hard working, but well worth it. Added Carlovski Posted: Jun 10 2004, 03:58 AM Although my housemates think I am mad - taking three hours to make something you eat in twenty minutes. So I'm not the only one... [Edited for quote addition and typos.]
  10. All of the independent reading I have done seems to indicate just this. Tapas aren't so much a "thing", as they are "something". [big Bunny Posted: Jun 3 2004, 07:50 AM I don't believe it is fair to call American "tapas" bastardized. The idea of finger-food, mezze, appetizers, etc. is universal. What makes tapas unique is that it is the Spanish way of doing finger-food.] Although I used the word bastardize, I didn't mean to cast the net that wide. It was more implied that the restaurant industry, American and non-American, had taken the term and were applying it indiscriminately. I apologize for the lack of clarity.
  11. GSBravo

    Wedding day cooking

    It's been decided...the wedding will be catered. Thanks to all fo you who pointed out the things I was missing, and would miss. Now since I won't/don't have to cook I can try and enjoy the event. I say "try" because, afterall, I will be giving my little girl away.
  12. So Tapas are what I thought they were, aside from another, shall we say cuisine, bastardized by the restaurant industry. It's doubtful that I'll ever go to Spain, my only overseas travel desire is to go to Easter Island to see the Maoi statues. But I think, as Bux says, to get real Tapas, I'd have to go to Spain. So short of real Tapas in Spain, are they any places in Southeastern Virginia (i.e. Virginia Beach/Norfolk area) that serve "authentic Tapas"? Also, which direction should I look for authentic Tapas recipes? I don't know when they stuck in my head, it was a few days ago, but I think I want to make them. Fresco, thanks for the link. It wasn't more than I wanted to know, I have an insatiable appetite for food knowledge/lore/recipes, etc. And sorry for what seems like a bad pun. Bux, thank you for that very informative post. I like the manner in which you come across, I’ve read several other posts of yours, and they are always informative. OK, enough of the kissing up. Thanks to everyone that has helped, and I’m sure will continue to help with filling in the blanks.
  13. I have a vague idea of what Tapas are, but I’m pretty sure I’m missing something. It seems that they are “small dishes”, almost appetizers, but not really. So if they really aren’t appetizers, then what are they? If they are appetizers, then why can’t someone put out some pizza rolls and call them Tapas?
  14. In response to an earlier question, you said: “I think that there are a lot of shows that come very close to being good but they fall short. I should add that Good Eats often falls short too.” Is this self criticism, i.e. a person is their own worst critic, or is there a more specific reason? I’ve watched all of the GE episodes, and I would say that it is a good show. It’s one of the few I watch on a regular basis. And as often mentioned elsewhere, getting to “talk” with you is just the coolest thing.
  15. Let's see if this counts. I had done some work in our office, replaced the tiles in the drop ceiling, and our landlord gave me a gift certificate to a local rib house. I took my girlfriend and daughter and since it was a holiday (although now I don't remember which one), my girlfriend called up and made a reservation. You know, you don't want to get there and can't get in. So we went over, and when we got there the parking lot was pretty much empty. There were maybe three cars, including ours. We debate whether or not to go in; I mean the place looks deserted. We're hungry, the place really doesn't look bad, so in we go. And there are people inside. Five, that we can see, including us. The other two are employees. Other than that the place is completely empty. So my GF tells the first one that comes up that we have a reservation, and he actually checked the book. We get seated, we order. The drinks arrive shortly after ordering, then the appetizers, followed by the main course. All of the food was good, some of the best ribs I've had. But it was so quiet, other than my daughter trying not to laugh. And the service was excellent. We were there probably about 45 minutes, an hour, and no one else ever showed up.
  16. If you knew nothing about someone, what is the best advice you could offer if they wanted to improve their cooking skills? In addition to handicapping you with a lack of information, I'd like you to limit it to just one thing. If you can.
  17. "The question is whether the ability to source great foodstuffs qualifies one as America's greatest chef or merely its most skillful shopper." Can anyone answer this?
  18. GSBravo

    Wedding day cooking

    The overwhelming feeling I'm getting is- DON'T DO IT!!!! It will more than likely be catered, but the idea was put out there. I figure as long as it's out there I need to line up the ducks before I shoot. Then when I decline the invitation to cook, I have good reasons for not doing so, not just selfish ones. Malawry, you bring up some excellent points, in brief: the most I've cooked for at once is 12 people, and I think it was either hamburgers and French fries or grilled chicken quesadillas and salsa. The cake, I ain't touching that. The only baking I do is Nestle Tollhouse. There is nothing that takes longer than when I prepare dinner, if I start at 6, you're lucky to be eating by 9. Hence, the joly roger- it's a warning. I hadn't thought of "weeks in advance" for preparation. Hell, I can start using that in my day to day cooking. I already lay out menus for the next 2 or 3 weeks when I go grocery shopping. That's a great idea, and I will be stealing it from you. I'm even more in the "cater it" camp now than before. One common thing that the "don't do it" crowd is pointing out is what I'll miss. As it is, I can't believe it's time to give her away already, so I'd better enjoy it while I can.
  19. GSBravo

    Wedding day cooking

    [Toliver Posted on May 17 2004, 04:05 PM Uhm...you mean besides a wedding cake?] I know it sounds stupid, but I haven't beento a wedding in about three years. I serioulsy don't remeber what was served. Except for that one wedding, where they ran out of food. --- [snowangel Posted on May 17 2004, 04:21 PM Quantity: more ribs, less chicken. And, for the chicken, I'd be tempted to go with legs/thighs and less breasts.] I was thinking boneless chicken breast, as I figure they'd cook quicker and more evenly. --- [Carolyn Tillie Posted on May 17 2004, 04:21 PM I know that it is only 20 or 30 people, but seriously consider hiring someone to cater this for you... Even if it is just BBQ. As the parent of the bride, the last thing you will want to do is be worried that the food is getting prepared and served well. The day will be stressful enough without adding to the concern about food.] That is an excellent point, I figure though, if I do get mugged to do the cooking, there's no reception. We turn it into a picnic.
  20. My daughter is getting married next month, and I may get tapped to make the food for the reception. She’s thinking, at least for now, that she wants BBQ ribs and chicken. If this is the final menu, this is the way I’ve got it figured: BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken, baked potatoes, coleslaw, corn on the cob, corn bread, and a basket with various breads. There are still a lot of unknown variables, like say location, time, and other important things; dismissing all that for now, I’m left with a few questions. 1) Do you serve desert? 2) What tips would you offer for cooking for about 25 to 30 people? 3) What amounts are probably sufficient to feed 25 to 30 people? That’s it for now. And yes, I do know that BBQ sauce looks lovely on a wedding dress.
  21. I have the same problem, unless you want sticky, clumpy rice. I am the master of sticky, clumpy rice. And that's with a rice cooker.
  22. I also do not understand why anyone would not want to cook.
  23. GSBravo

    Cooking for a crowd

    At the risk of being crucified, how about a Mexican buffet? You could have stuff set up for tacos, burritos, nachos, etc, etc.
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