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  1. I think it's that just we grow up and want to remember things being better than they are/were. Case in point, earlier last year, we (the SO, adult daughter, and son in law) went to the National Zoo in DC. It wasn't as good as I remember it being. I mean the mystery and wonder, all that. It wasn't there. On the same trip,w e stopped by the National Catehrdal. It still has all the mystery and wonder as the first time I saw it. So whether it's food or places, I think we change over time- for better or worse- and recapturing those day is hard.
  2. GSBravo

    Buffalo Wings

    Love the post. Your passion for cooking Buffalo wings really shows. And, as mentioned uppost, that fryer of yours...damn. I too, now have a new dream.
  3. I wouldn't say you were disgruntled, more like passionate. However, there seems to be a lack of co-workers to talk with to keep that passion going. You like your job, hell I'd like your job, but it seems you don't have any co-workers to share that passion with. By talking about it here, you can vent some frustations, help keep things in check. And give us all some really cool stuff to read and discuss and think about and mull over. If not if yourself, then who? You have to pride in your work, but not too much. Or it becomes vulgar. You seem to have found the balance that many seek, but few find. I don't know, maybe I'm reading too much into this all this. But I got lots a time to think about stuff.
  4. To a lot of people, cooking is a pedestrian chore. I reckon either you get it or you don't. I'm not trying to bring you down or provoke a fight between you and your employer, but...how does their attitude affect your job? Does it make you want to "show them up" (so to speak), by being the best you can be? Or do you do enough to make them happy, but not as much as you'd do for someone who really appreciated what it is you do? Again, this whole thread has been (to overuse the word) fascinating.
  5. Thanks, you just said what would have taken me two days to think of.
  6. I go grocery shopping every Saturday, half a dozen stores and 4 hours later I'm finished. I rarely encounter mistakes. I can think of only once in the last 6 months that the cashier has made a mistake. The problem was corrected, no muss-no fuss, no drama. One thing that helps is that my grocery list on my PDA, so I have a running total and know what to expect. And before the PDA I kept track of the total on paper. I've had more problems at hardware stores than grocery stores.
  7. Jumping on the bandwagon of what has been mentioned many times above, this is fascinating. Three questions, though: 1) I saw it mentioned above a few times, but didn't see where it was answered: Does the family do any cooking, or is it all you? 2) Have you tried to, if they are interested, show them a few things? Or is it better not to, kinda like job security. 3) Having worked for them this long: compared to your initial impression, how has your opinion changed (if at all) about the family, and possibly individual members? You may now continue. Please. And thank you.
  8. Why this one? And my entry is Eat the Rich. "Ladies and gentleman, you have all been eating the Prime Minister."
  9. I believe you're thinking of "Egg Raid on Mojo". I have this one on CD, but it's at home. It's about this doorman at a club who would never let them in. I think the title says the rest...
  10. Never forget to check the green beans you're steaming, thinking that what you're smelling must be something else. The odor from the burned pan will infiltrate the green beans ruining them. And cleaning the pot is a royal pain.
  11. I'll second the call for Bittman's "How to Cook Everything". There are far better cookbooks out there, I hear, but this is an excellent starting point for just about everything. Particulary when the kids call you, cause you can "anything", about something you may not be too familar with.
  12. It's not a chick thing, the best Christmas present I got was some new stoneware.
  13. EVERY TIME!! I keep my cast iron skillet and one of my baking sheets in my oven and I always forget to take them out when I preheat the oven. ← Along these lines, I learned to stop storing the cast iron pan and other things in the oven, for this very reason. But...I can never remember to remove the middle rack from the oven when roasting a turkey. And end up carrying it across the house to set it outside. It goes outside because I may or may not have learned that a lineoleum floor burns. And I may or may not have learned to use an oven mitt when pulling said rack out. Oh, and go back quite a few pages and there is a post about handling peppers. And contact lenses. And if you're a woman how there are certain other things worse than contacts to have to deal with.
  14. I have one one of those, I should use it more often though. They are super easy to use, and clean up is not that bad. Run some bread through it when your done and it'll make cleaning easier.
  15. I generally give my knives a pass before I use them, which is almost daily. I have one those "ready made" knife sharpeners, the kind where you just pull the knife through. No muss, no fuss.
  16. Pasta. Flour, eggs, water, and a pinch of salt. It's a lot of work, the kneading and rolling and cutting, but it's easier with a group of people. And I'll second the part about getting your friend's daughter involved. You should, within reason, let her come up with the menu. You could steer it where you want by suggesting things.
  17. At least you did that at home in the privacy of your own home. I was on Food Fight on the Food Network and strained my tea infusion into the trash can, captured on film for all to see. ← Which episode? I've seen all of them at least twice, what you people (and I mean that in a nice way) come up with in that short a time amazes me.
  18. GSBravo

    Prime Rib

    Well, yesterday was Sunday and the prime rib was cooked. Thanks to all for the advice. It came out really well, had that nice cracked skin on the outside. I was tempted to skin it before slicing it and eating it by itself. There are no more leftovers, being that I just got finished eating lunch. Now can anyone point give me pointers on cooking a nice brisket?
  19. GSBravo

    Prime Rib

    "This was the finished product cooked very rare. It was melt in your mouth good." Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...damn that looks good, that's what I want. "Enjoy Mother's Day. Sounds like someone is getting spoiled ← " With any luck, there will be a new mother to spoil, my daughter's baby is due between now and then.
  20. GSBravo

    Prime Rib

    Mother's Day is Sunday, and I've decided to cook a prime rib and all that good stuff. I've cooked one before, but it's been awhile. What should I look for when selecting a Prime Rib? I need one that will feed 4 people. Also, does anyone have a really good recipe?
  21. I find this story very sad, and I've only read half the story.
  22. GSBravo

    Kosher Cooking

    Yes, that answers the question. Just another reason I frequent eGullet.
  23. GSBravo

    Kosher Cooking

    I have found this topic very interesting and read a lot on Kosher cooking over the last few days. I have a new found respect for those that practice (if that's the right word) and maintain a Kosher kitchen. I was talking to a co-worker about this and he asked about Kosher salt. Other than largwer grains and a better taste (IMO), what's the deal with Kosher salt?
  24. Krispy Kreme, right when the "Hot Doughnuts Now" sign is on.
  25. I know that Taco Bell is not Mexican food, I believe that most "Mexican" restaurants in the United States do not serve "real" Mexican food. I'd like to think that most of the general population knows this as well. What's your take on this? Taco Bell- good or bad? Does it even fit into the realm of Mexican food? What about other popular restaurants in America that serve "Mexican" food?
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