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  1. Yeah, the fountain is quite a sight to see. I had to mix all of the melting chocolate one day . . . tubs and tubs and tubs of it . . . . Its neat because it looks like it should blend together, but the different chocolates do not . . . quite a feat if I may say so myself . . .
  2. As a matter of fact, at the Bellagio we do have a whole bunch of those kinds of molds . . . we have a bunch in storage . . . but Ive never seen us use them . . . :)
  3. Thanks for posting the pics! Am looking forward to hearing more and seeing more later . . . thanks again :)
  4. The Food Network challenge . . . "Vegas Pastry Battle" will be airing this saturday at 10pm ET/PT I dont think this has been aired in the past . . . this is the competition held at the beginning of the week during the World Pastry Competition . . .
  5. Absolutely FABULOUS food at Chef Mavro . . . One of my fav next to Alan Wong . . . Very easy but sooo good . . . his Lilikoi Malasadas . . . I had a friend who worked for him for a bit, he said it was great experience but a lot of pressure . . . Sorry to get off topic . . . reading this post makes me miss home (Hawaii) a lot . . . Who works at Neiman Marcus . . just curious . . . ??
  6. I just bought some of the precolored cocoa butter from Chef Rubber . . . good stuff, very durable and great viscosity . . . Remember if you are using cocoa butter nibs that they may need to be re-tempered when melting and if using precolored stuff, that overheating will make for a "untempered" product so heat just enough to work with (just as you do chocolate) :)
  7. All the information was posted on the best Iron Chef fansite on the net . . . Iron Fans I have been a fan of Iron Chef since it started in Japan, and if theres anything to know about it . . . I know it ;) Yeah if its a strictly PC battle, I dont know and I do agree Mario is going down. In the First three battles, specifically the one between Wolfgang Puck and Morimoto, Wolfgang had Sherry Yard as his assistant and the theme was eggs. She did an awesome job making a lemon dessert with Meyer Lemon Curd, Meringue and . . . something else I cant remember, of course all using eggs as the central in
  8. I wanted to let everyone know that Michael Laiskonis will be a challenger on the Food Network version on Iron Chef America. Ten new episodes will be taped this week and aired in January! Michael will be challenging Iron Chef Mario Batali!!! (October 13) Michael if you read this . . . GOOD LUCK against Mario Batali and I (and Im sure our other members) would love to hear about your experience on the show . . . now I cant wait for the episodes to air in January . . . Iron Chef is one of my favorite shows!!!!
  9. Thanks for posting the great pics! So interesting to see all of the intricate work . . .
  10. When I started this thread I didnt think it would get as far as it did! Its interesting to see the opinions and views that came out of this topic . . . lets Just wanted to share FYI that the Pastry Team Championships website has posted macromedia slideshows of the competition. Individual shows of each of the teams and a compilation show of all of the teams! Picture quality isnt that great, but they have lots to look at . . .
  11. Yep I know all too well how long it takes . . haha . . . I do know that they are hiring almost 1400 people for the new tower so there have been tons of applicants lately . . . early hiring has started with full hiring starting in October . . . I just looked at the listing again the still open are . . . Assist. Mgr - JPM Patiserrie (retail) Assistant Pastry Chef - Sensi Baker - Pastry Shop (4) Baker - Picasso Helper - Pastry Shop (2) Good luck everyone who is applying . . . and we hope to see you in the shop very soon :)
  12. Awww Neil, all the action is in the morning!?! Why would you say a thing like that . . . the afternoons can get pretty exciting tooooooo!!!!! Hehehe, its too bad I dont get to see you in the kitchen . . . For those reading this interested in possibly applying for any of the positions Neil mentioned, I would have to say that it is a great opportunity to be working in the Bellagio pastry kitchen. Having only been working there 6 weeks, I have already learned so much and am constantly doing so every day . . . (today just happens to be my day off . . woo hooo! ) If you have any questions on kitc
  13. Hey Neil! Thanks so much for doing all of that . . really appreciate it! You got nice pics . . BTW, off topic, work has started well, pretty boring right now, theres not much to do so Ive been helping you guys out a bunch and helping buffet a lot too . .its just too bad I dont see you in the kitchen! Anyway, take care . . .
  14. As far as the specifics for each "aspect" of the judging, there were specifics in terms of flavors for things such as the petit gateaux . . Petit Gateaux Each team must prepare 3 different types of petits gateaux following these guidelines: One fruit petit gateau One chocolate petit gateau One free choice petit gateau and while the Entremet Glace (Frozen) did have free range of flavors, it had to include . . . Ice cream Sorbet A non-machine spun frozen component (e.g.: frozen parfait) Cake component (meringue, biscuit, sponge, etc.) For Bonbons, they had to have . . 1 must be hand di
  15. Yeah, I would recommend Bo Friberg's "Professional Pastry Chef" if you want to "brush up" on basic technique before you get out into the "real world." The second edition is a lot more interesting (in my opinion) which builds on concepts taught in the first edition. But as I have learned, on the job training is the best book you could buy out there, as much as you learn in a book, (basic technique, recipes etc.) learning things on the job is the most valuable thing you can get. And every establishment, wherever you may work has their own way of doing things, and you may or may not be able to d
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