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  1. Sept. 26th is bad for me. Saturdays are preferable to Sundays in general.
  2. Tried the Ajuaa in Broomfield. Same bland food I remember but in an even more generic location. Maybe I’m delusional, but if you offer both mild and spicy versions of sauces, perhaps the “spicy” version should pack slightly more heat than items on the menu at Hot Dog on a Stick in the mall’s food court. When asked how the minimal amount of “spicy” green chili dabbed on my enchilada and tamale was, I said, “Well, it’s not spicy.” Our server responded, “Most people don’t like it very spicy.” Uh? Come again? It wasn’t inedible like Dos Amigos in Elko, Nevada, but it certainly wasn’t satisfying. Boring rice, boring salsa, boring fillings. Re-vamped menu, my a$$, unless it was even worse before than I remember.
  3. Ten years ago when I moved in with the man who is now my husband, we made a deal that he would do all of the laundry and I would do all of the cooking. Seeing as how his finest culinary moments usually involve a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese in some capacity, this was not a difficult deal to broker. He appreciates fine dining, but has no clue about the process that results in the Coq au Vin landing on his table.
  4. Mmmmm...Proto's. They're the champs. Wonderful, light crust. I have not tried the clam pizza on Fridays, but after reading the raves here, it looks like a must. Has anyone been to any of the wine tastings/dinners the Lafayette Proto's has with the charming wine shop next door (Smashing Grapes)? Waayyy on the other side of the city in Lone Tree, I like Santoro's. I've had both good and bad experiences at Beau Jo's. The one in Idaho Springs, for example, seems better than the one on 470. Nick-N-Willy's is good for take-and-bake, but only for something basic like a pepperoni and only if you use a pizza stone. Went to Basil Doc's once around DTC area & wasn't that impressed, but I apparently missed it before it was sold to new owners.
  5. I never cared much for Schlotzsky's until I ate at the "mega-sized" one in Austin on Lamar with the bakery. The quality and service seemed better there. I haven't been to one since I moved away from Austin five years ago. I've seen them in Colorado, but they don't even cross my mind as an option.
  6. I was recently in Aspen and brought back The Official Menu Guide, Restaurants of the Roaring Fork Valley, Mountain Connoisseur, and a la Car for Aspen/Snowmass. None of these mention a restaurant with this name.
  7. Dim sum sounds good to me. I am up for trying some chicken feet! Cluck, cluck. "A must have for all chicken music collectors!" WTF?!
  8. Yes! I was very tempted by a few places on 133 by our hotel (a market called Garcia's, a tortilleria in a strip mall, etc.), but I saved my appetite the next day for Aspen down the road. I read that Mark Fischer calls his Thai food "gringo Thai." Whatever he calls it, I enjoyed his green curry more than an "authentic" one I had in the Bay Area in March. Are the taquerias in Glenwood on or near Hwy 82? Can't help you with Oshkosh, unfortunately. Have a safe trip.
  9. Finally made it to Mark Fischer’s Phat Thai. It is a few blocks down from Six89 on the same side of Main Street in Carbondale. It would be nice if he’d open a place in Boulder, but the fact that his cuisine is dished up three hours away gives me an excuse for a road trip. We arrived around 6:00, but people didn’t really start streaming in until we were leaving around 7:30. It was a steam oven in there (although not as bad as the FIREPLACE near Olives going full force at the St. Regis in Aspen the next day). They brought out rice paper sheets accompanied by crushed peanuts, lime wedges, and nam pla prik (chile peppers and fish sauce). We split an appetizer of lemongrass beef lettuce wraps. They were okay--much improved with the addition of some of the spicy nam pla prik. We shared two entrees—an amazing Green Curry with eggplant and the Khao Soi (Chiang Mai egg noodles, coconut, red curry, cilantro), to which we added shrimp and requested it be prepared spicier. Rather than chile peppers, they use elephants next to the names of the dishes on the menu to denote the spiciness of the dish. The Green Curry had 4 and the Khao Soi had 2. I’m not ordinarily a fan of eggplant, but I think almost anything immersed in that godlike green curry sauce would taste like a million bucks. The suggested Hugel Riesling was a great pairing with the curry. A bowl of white sticky rice was brought out with the entrees. We finished with the trio of sorbets (coconut, melon, mango) that seemed fairly ordinary to me. The entrees were well worth the drive though.
  10. I'm still in for two (Robin & Mr. Shy Husband of Robin).
  11. Article on ice cream in today's Denver Post by Ellen Sweets: Once upon a simpler time, there were only three kinds of ice cream - vanilla, strawberry and chocolate - plus peach, if you lived in the South.
  12. Aha! I will have to go back for cheap spaghetti night and order the marinara with the olive oil/garlic mixer. Thank you for the tips.
  13. Finally made it to Lyons Soda Fountain after a drive in the mountains. They do indeed have the "old-school" counter with stools, but I was a bit disappointed that they only serve your order in plastic cups and their whipped cream comes out of a can. I had a good chocolate soda (even though they used vanilla ice cream instead of the requested brownie fudge), and my SO had an excellent Mango Blast. Matt, have you ever ordered any of their lunch items or baked goods? Curious if they're known for anything besides ice cream. Edited to ask: Do they buy ALL of their ice cream from Dreyer's?
  14. The "beautiful people" crowd wasn’t there on our two trips, but we were there early both times and it wasn’t that busy. The bartender who served us was very nice and we didn’t feel ignored (or we probably would not have returned). Sounds like you had a much worse experience than even Sheehan.
  15. Will eagerly await your review, Lori. Does anyone else buy a golfing magazine just for the food reviews? The bartender at Adega recommended the chocolate beignets at Table 6 so that piqued my curiosity.
  16. ROTFL! Yes, just like my "medium" steak on my first visit. In two trips, I really enjoyed the drinks and desserts (and the cheese & foie), but now I'm apprehensive about going back to sample more items unless they re-tool the menu.
  17. I am happy to confirm that not only can you order the full tasting menu at the wine bar, but you still receive excellent service even if you're only drinking tap water. Here's the current menu: Essencia Glazed Bay Scallops Foie Gras Butter and Apricot Marmalade Sandwich 2003 Josef Leitz "Rudesheimer Drachenstein" Riesling, Rheingau, Germany Black Bass Caramelized Parsley Root, Leeks, Rock Shrimp, Tomato, Mascarpone Fondue 2001 Domaine Ostertag, Pinot Gris, Alsace, France Pancetta Wrapped Rabbit Loin House Made Egg Noodles, Asparagus, Truffles 2001 Walter Hansel "Cahill Lane" Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, CA Roast Rack of Lamb Morels, Peas, Potatoes, Sherry Jus 1998 Leeuwin Estate "Prelude Vineyards" Cabernet Sauvignon, Margaret River, Australia Fourme d'Ambert Balsamic Tossed Figs, Black Walnut Dust Smith Woodhouse "Lodge Reserve" Oporto, Portugal Peach Brulee Gingered Blueberry Relish, Ginger Snaps 2001 Telmo Rodriguez "MR" Malaga, Spain ***Side note - Anybody been to Mirepoix or Table 6 yet???***
  18. rlm


    The blackberry is my favorite too. I first tried them during the Denver Moonlight Classic bicycle ride (they were giving out free samples). I am now seeing Izze pop up in cocktails in the Boulder area (Jax, Rhumba), and the Boulder Farmer's Market has an ice cream vendor that sells an Izze Fizzy. Starbucks has a national distribution deal with them, so it was nice to be in California and Oklahoma recently and be able to pick some up.
  19. I ended up at the Gondolier by accident when other plans went awry. I definitely would have appreciated a place like that in college for the $3.99 spaghetti special (that is a great deal for heaping plates of fresh pasta), but I don't think I'll go out of my way to visit again. I would patronize it over the chains, but the service was amateur-ish and the food didn't seem to be seasoned very well. You probably have good memories tied with their food, Chezhoff, so I'm sure it has a different appeal for you than for a newbie like me. I must ask...Do they garnish ALL of their cocktails with maraschino cherries?
  20. Sheehan reviews The Kitchen in this week's Westword. The title is Boulder Blahs: The Kitchen Puts the Flat in the Flatirons: Boulder Blahs
  21. This week's Westword mentions the good-n-greasy tacos from Mexico City that I described earlier in the thread. It's in the Drink of the Week column. MC is actually on Larimer and is not open for dinner (except for happy hours on Fridays). Westword Link: Mexico City's steak tacos are the closest thing I've found in Denver to the Mexican street taco.
  22. rlm

    Deep-fried Nirvana

    So Katzenjammy, how did the Deep Fry Fest go? What were the most popular items? What worked and what didn't?
  23. Yes, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. The only way to break it is to either hope that society’s stereotypes will automatically change and a woman dining solo will be fawned over like two men in business suits or to just leave a good tip anyway. Maybe the fact that I’ve left a large tip will help change attitudes and when another woman comes into a restaurant after me alone, she’ll be offered a nicer table. I'm not talking about leaving large tips and returning to places where you are ABUSED or the food is awful. Speaking with a manager is definitely appropriate for that.
  24. Nopers. Where is it? What are your impressions, mtdew, if you've tried it? BTW, I like Tex-Mex, but the Costillas at Hacienda CO are all Tex and no Mex. They are served with a KC Masterpiece-esque BBQ sauce. I was pining for Efrain's!!! Lori, thanks for the other suggestions. I have been craving Mexican food lately. Thanks to Fred and afoodnut for the feedback on Las Delicias. I think there are plenty of other places I need to try first.
  25. Wow. Thank you, Colestove. Are any of these "old fashioned" soda counters with stools? I have a few good small-town memories that I occasionally like to revisit.
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