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  1. I respect your opinion and palate, Fred, and it’s fun to see a post from you here again. I wish I lived closer to your better half’s deli because it’s spectacular. I do miss all the different spins on Zlikrofi (one of my favorites too). The last time I remember seeing it was last September. Ditto the Canederli and Toc. I’ve loved some of the newer items they’ve come up with though, such as the La Tur and Soft Ricotta Tortelloni that was a menu staple in the last year. I devoured delicious Rabbit and Root Vegetable Cjalsons from Friuli a couple of weeks ago when Joe Bastianich was in the house
  2. Frasca is a small restaurant with one early staggered seating and a late one. They are very good about knowing their customer base and gauging how long it might take for a particular table to turn when booking reservations. However, sometimes the early diners “camp out” and take more time than anticipated. Management can’t run over to their table and say, “The jeremyn party has arrived, so we need you to drain the rest of that Conterno as quickly as you can and leave NOW.” We requested a special table for my birthday once and arrived to find the early diners were long finished with their food
  3. I'm on the fence about this since I'm not really a dessert person (unless it's foie and Sauternes or selections from an enormous cheese cart), so do you think it's a must-go? Their guest dinners have always been amazing (Michelle Bernstein, Suzanne Goin, David Lynch, etc). They've already had a couple this year with Marc Vetri and Nate Appleman and they were fantastic (and included autographed hard-cover books). I must admit I don't know much about Mr. Iuzzini, so persuade me.
  4. If you are having dinner in the Denver metro area tonight, please consider visiting one of these excellent restaurants, as 25% of the food proceeds will be donated to Project Angel Heart (which delivers wholesome, nutritionally-appropriate meals to people with serious diseases): Dining Out for Life
  5. I enjoyed your blog post and pictures, UE. As someone whose visits to Frasca now number somewhere in the triple digits since '04, I've never personally experienced a drop-off in quality as mentioned in some posts here. Yes, I've seen sous chefs and staffers come and go and all the twists and turns in the menu develop like any restaurant, but the bottom line is that Bobby and Lachlan run a tight ship and manage to deliver a superior experience in every aspect year in and year out. I turned into a regular because I was treated like one from the moment I stepped through the door (alone, mind you,
  6. H Mart is Korean. They even have a Wikipedia entry: H Mart
  7. Someone responded on another food board recently that it is illegal for cabs to "cruise" in Denver and pick people up on the streets, but that they are thinking of changing the regulation before the Democratic National Convention next year. Seems like a silly regulation. I did a Google search and found a Denver Post article about it Cabbies hail easier pickups. There are always cabs sitting outside of major hotels and at places like Union Station. We too always have the maitre d' at restaurants call when we need one.
  8. Wow. If Casa de Hades was the culinary highlight, I almost hate to ask where else you ate.
  9. Like BekkiM, I am not sure I truly have 10 clear-cut “can’t miss” places in mind for the Denver area like I have for SF. I immediately thought of 4 (with numbers 2 through 4 subject to change based on my own personal culinary schizophrenia). 100 other places are tied for slots 5 through 10. There are many different types of places here that I enjoy equally (from sushi to Mexican to sandwiches to steak), and I’m excited that the dining scene keeps getting better. There are particular dishes like the duck confit leg at Café Star or the $3 rajas con queso pupusas at Pupusas Sabor Hispano (thanks
  10. Thanks for the detailed review. Maybe the stars aligned just right for me, but I am an incredibly picky diner and have had three exceptional experiences at Fruition in a row spaced apart in three different months. I can’t think of any other high-end place in the metro area other than Frasca and Adega where I found myself subsequently craving the food to such a high degree. I only wish Fruition had more room for wine storage and could offer more selections, particularly by the glass. I’m actually a bit averse to over-salting and haven’t had anything yet at Fruition that I thought was too salt
  11. Bistro Vendome has consistently improved since the Rioja owners took it over. I didn't go back for a long time until I heard of the management change. I listed both for brunch recs, as that's the best time to go to, imo, although I've had some great dinners at Rioja too. A problem with Denver restaurants in general is consistency, as I've had varied experiences at Zengo too (even within the span of one meal). Of course, ordering is key at any establishment in the country since every place has a few knock-your-socks off dishes that will make an immediate impact (and sometimes a few clunkers as
  12. If you can't make it to Frasca, at least don't miss Fruition. Your taste buds will thank you. Please don't go out of your way for the Denver Diner, as its main selling point is that it's open 24 hours and relatively close to several concert venues. There's nothing adventurous about it, except for the prospect that you might be accosted by a crack head on Colfax.
  13. I'm no prude, but I don't understand how anyone could eat a steak while a stranger is simultaneously shaking their nether regions and good-n-plentys in your face. Is this a guy thing? El Chapultepec is still going. At Sushi Sasa, if you're really hungry, don't let them talk you into splitting the cheapest tasting menu with another person (be greedy and get your own). The Diablo Roll is quite good. I've had the omakase a couple of times and they started with oysters each time (once they were from Boston and more recently, hama hamas from Washington state) and later brought out a cooked "kitch
  14. I went to Davies Chuck Wagon Diner on a Saturday morning earlier this year and sat at the counter between the afore-mentioned club kids and truckers. I had their $4.95 special that included steak. Pro: I'm not sure you can get a steak anywhere else for around 5 bucks. Con: It definitely tasted like a 5-dollar steak. It didn't remind me of the diners I went to growing up. Their hash browns just weren't as good (not greasy enough...heh heh). I would be interested in trying their CFS though. I can recommend the omakase at Sushi Sasa that JWest mentioned. Sit at the sushi bar and start with th
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