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  1. Hi does anyone have this recipe they could let me have, looking for the one with the caramel centre, but any would do. Many thanks JOHNNY
  2. Only just seens these for the first time, fantastic, is all i can say, i may seem a little dim asking this but where is this place exactly? i know Las Vegas, is there a website, seriously considering getting married in vegas next year, and after seeing this it might just swing my finacee when she see's these pictures. Neil if your ever over in England you'll have to pop into my kitchen and give me a lesson in these desserts. Fantastic. Regards JOHNNY
  3. another nice place to stay is Dunsley Hall, just a couple of miles outside of whitby, in a tiny hamlet, stayed there last summer for a couple of nights, food was very good for a 1 rosette property, even came home with a couple of idea's for our hotel. Only downside, peacock's wanting to mate at 3am, not funny! Regards JOHNNY
  4. Cheers for the replies guys, using Calibaut Chocolate for the ganche, will be using it to fill my moulds, did have an excellent recipe for this but it was stolen along with my last 10 years of recipes by a Ex-Chef that left my kitchen Anyone have any other unusual chocolate recipes for truffles etc, please post i'd love to read them and maybe try in the restaurant. Thanks again for the replies Johnny
  5. Hi Looking for a very good high quality White Chocolate Ganache Recipe, also needing to know about infusing Earl Grey into a Dark Chocolate Ganache, what's the best way???? Cheers in advance for any help. JOHNNY
  6. i started at Overton as sous under Adrian Jones ex Shaun Hill and Gary Roades. I then got promoted to head chef and was soon joined by Claude, with whom i worked with for 3 months. I then left to come to the riverside and claude took over at overton. Hope that helps Kind Regards JOHNNY
  7. thanks for the kind comments, yes 7 (opps i can't count courses on my own menu ) courses are all the other bits too, but we do count them as courses as we take a lot of care and attention into making them and serving them, not just chucking out any old stuff on a plate and calling it a course. coffee is included at the moment we have 8 different coffee's on offer, most single estate ones, petit fours are also included, all homemade choc's, fruit pastiles, tarts, fudge etc. As to the other question, no i didn't win a star i left about 6 months before claude got it, claude and i did work together for 3 months before i left and he took over, and i have to say he is the most impressive chef i have had the pleasure to work with. Kind Regards JOHNNY
  8. I'm the head chef, my last job was head chef at Overton Grange, my first head chef's position, before that i have work abroad, in germany,etc, also did a stint at St Pierre Park in Guernsey. We have 5 in the brigade and will hopefully be expanding to 6 very soon! The hotel itself was bought nearly 8 years ago by Penny Thornton (yes the chocoalte people). we are still investing and changing the property and we think we are nearly there, finally. Kind Regards JOHNNY
  9. yes i'll give you that, rent of course will be higher. my point is it's not cheap anywhere these days, people seem to want to eat in beautiful places (riverside was over 1 million to buy) eat on antique tables using fine crockery, silver and crystal and only pay a fiver! after all were all in this business to make money! and of course i would love all from egullet to come and sample our menu, not sure if i would like reading all the bad things that you may say Kind Regards JOHNNY
  10. the stilton and apple crumble is the savoury at the moment but we do serve others Regards JOHNNY
  11. well here is the current menu, our website is here, and we got a mention in last weeks observer on sunday. Pay us a visit and at least we won't interupt you at a vital point! To Start Pan Seared Cornish Scallops Aubergine Caviar, Caviar Cream  Summer Vegetable Broth with Garlic, Herbs and Cheddar Cheese  Mushroom Carpaccio with Oven Dried Tomatoes and a Parmesan Cheese Tuille  Thai Spiced Marinated Salmon Fillet Vegetable Cous Cous and Gazpacho Dressing  Terrine of Pressed Pork Belly, Sage and Shallots Cider Vinegar Dressing  Tea Smoked Chicken Roast Pepper and Linguini Salad Main Courses Oven Roasted Corn Fed Chicken Tomato and Smoked Bacon Risotto  Roast Cornish Cod Fillet Parsley Pesto Mash, Mussel Sauce  Assiette of Cornish Seafood ‘en pappilotte’ Baked New Potatoes and Fennel  Fillet of Derbyshire Reared Beef Shallots and Mushrooms, Horseradish and Truffle Butter  Breast of Gressingham Duck Braised Chicory and Slow Cooked ‘Chips’  Baked Courgette Stuffed with Spiced Vegetables Potato Dumplings and Halloumi Cheese Puddings Plum Tart Tatin Vanilla Ice Cream  Riverside House “Chocolate Brownie” Malted Milk Ice Cream  Trio of English Strawberry Desserts ‘Shortbread, Jelly and Mousse’  Roast Peach with Hazelnut Semi Freddo Savoury Warm Apple and Stilton Crumble Walnut Ice Cream Cheese Colsten Bassett Stilton Mrs Kirkhams Lancashire Godminster Cheddar Epoisses de Bourgogne Cashel Blue Gaperon
  12. Slightly Steep!?!?!?! Those prices seem excessive to me for a Single starred resturant, even by London Standards, especially cosidering the lower overheads outside of London. Being reprimanded/interrupted by the waiting staff wouldn't go down too well with me. Nothing worse than the wait staff thinking acting like they are doing you a favour or know more than you, even if they do. Slightly Steep!?!?!?! Those prices seem excessive to me for a Single starred resturant, even by London Standards, especially cosidering the lower overheads outside of London. If only overheads were lower at this end of the country, we pay just as much if not more for ingredients, gas or electricity doesn't get cheaper the further north you go! Council tax of course will be less but the majority of overheads remain the same, I know i'm at the sharp end. We charge a shocking £45 per head for 8 courses and we don't even have a star! Kind Regards JOHNNY
  13. johnny70

    World's best cookbooks

    my favourite books are 1. patisserie-the roux brothers 2.white heat-marco pierre white 3. wild food from land and sea-marco pierre white 4. rhubarb and black pudding-paul heatcote 5.cooking at the merchant house-shaun hill 6. my gastronomy- nico ladenis 7. nico-nico ladenis 8. four seasons cookery book-margaret costa well thats my choice for now regards JOHNNY
  14. johnny70


    we make a very light honey and lavender panna cotta, for a 2pt mix use 1tbs of dried lavender flowers, infuse and then strain out, gets a real nicely flavour panna cotta this way, serve with some burnt honey ice cream and a blueberry compote. Regards JOHNNY
  15. next time you make take them out while they are still quivering, they will carry on cooking while they cool down. Use a thin layer of white sugar and carmelise then add a second thin layer and caramelise, that way you get a really great caramel on top. Hope that helps Regards JOHNNY