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  1. Instead of popeyes, I've been looking at the cook's country Puritan Backroom–Style Sweet-and-Sour Sauce. I found the ingredients list here https://www.americastestkitchen.com/articles/2404-9-famous-restaurant-dishes-you-can-make-at-home . I'm just wondering if I found the complete list? And I don't have access to the duck sauce.
  2. I've never gotten any food related products from amazon. I don't trust the freshness.
  3. I actually came across that same one, but there aren't McCormick's Italian Herb Spaghetti Sauce Seasoning Mix and onion soup base here where I am right now.
  4. My favorite chain restaurant tenders are the popeyes tenders. Their sauces are good too and have variety. I want to make homemade tenders because there's no popeyes where I am right now.
  5. By best, I mean your personal best (what ever your personal opinion is).
  6. Where can i find the best recipe for fried chicken tenders/ strips?
  7. What cookbook has the best recipe for pineapple upside down cake?
  8. Is making homemade ice cream equal or better (in taste and texture) than store bought? Do you make your own ice cream because you want like unusual flavorings like lychee or does homemade ice cream just taste better overall?
  9. I just found the thread on DL's book. I'm going to read through the thread now.
  10. Do you feel like making your own ice cream from his book is worth the time and effort?
  11. Anyone who has tried David Lebovitz's ice cream recipes please chime in. Are any of his recipes too sweet or not sweet enough compared to haagen daz?
  12. I missed the "insipred by haagen daz" when watching the video the first time.
  13. Can anyone confirm? Is this the real haagen daz recipe?
  14. BooBear

    Breakfast 2022

    Your bread looks divine every time you post a picture of your bread.
  15. Anyone try out melissa clark's recipe for custard ice cream?
  16. The texture of your ice cream looks TDF.
  17. BooBear

    Breakfast 2022

    Is that some kind of herby savory waffle?
  18. Is homemade better than store bought? I know that a lot of homemade baked goods are better than store bought, but how about ice cream? What makes home made ice cream better than store bought? I've never had homemade ice cream. And what books would you recommend that are about homemade ice cream?
  19. The recipes that you posted require pancake mix. I want a recipe for pancakes that uses ingredients from scratch and that taste like box mix.
  20. Anyone have a homemade-from-scratch dupe for aunt jemima original pancake mix? I'm overseas rn and can't get the pancake mix. The mix makes not-too-thin & not-too-thick pancakes. It's my favorite pancake mix in the world.
  21. Yeah, I'm gonna use a water bath. I guess I can bake my cake like a junior's cheesecake (temperature of 350), and as for the time I should just babysit the cake while it's baking. That's what my conclusion is.
  22. The two cakes are the same size and made up of similar ingredients (they just have different baking times and temps). The first recipe is the cook's illustrated recipe and it has a baking time of 10 mins at a temperature of 500degrees and bake time of 1 and 1/2 hrs at 200 degrees for the remaining bake. I want to use the juniors' time of 1 hr and 15 mins and temp of 350degrees. The reason I want to use the juniors time and temp is because I don't want to risk burning the cheesecake with the more complicated CI's recipe's time and temp (and I also want to cut down the cheesecake recipe by about half). I'm going to cut down the size from (the recipe) 9in springform to a 4in springform.
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