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Pimientos de Padron

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Hello Mr. Andres,

I'm an avid gardener and eater, and I absolutely love Pimientos de Padron. I live in Southeast Asia and I have been able to grow them in my garden. I bought seeds in Madrid when I visited in 2002. They were excelent, just like at "El Abuelo." :)

Well, I was back last 2005 and again bought seeds from the same source (a big home store), same packaging, same brand. This time though, they were all incredibly spicy! Unbelievably spicy. Inedible. About as spicy as a Habanero pepper. I know that one gets a spicy one every now and then, but all 70 plants produced spicy fruit.

Why is that?

How can I tell, from the packaging of the seeds, if they are the spicy variety or the normal variety? Or is it the same as ordering from a restaurant; Russian Roullette?

Thank you and more power!


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That does not sounds right. I can tell you that one of the great things about eating padron peppers is that is normally like russian roulette. You are eating the peppers. They are fried in olive oil and have a little salt. Most are nice and mild and full of flavor. You relax and then one hits you! Suprise! Spicy! Maybe they sell you the wrong seeds?......

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