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Mas Pau


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A web search reveals Ferran Adria is a part owner/investor and on other threads here recommendations were posted.

Does anyone have a personal experience of dining at Mas Pau they could share as the menu section of the site doesnt appear to be working.

I'm spending 16 days based in Empuriabrava from 23 May and Mas Pau is on my potential dining list.


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Mas Pau is a charming hotel/restaurant, and the cooking ain't half bad. In addition, they're running a program of special events for their 30th anniversary (hey, already 30 - we're all really getting old!), called 'Cuiners' (Cooks). One meal a month, cooked by a leading cook or cooking team from all over Spain. On May 25th you have one particularly interesting event - the two assistant chefs at El Bulli between 1994 and 1999, Marc Cuspinera and Eduard Bosch, who are now two of the leaders of El Bulli's culinary 'laboratory' in Barcelona. This is sure to be as much of a cutting-edge dinner as you'll find anywhere in Europe right now, so I think it could be a fine occasion to visit Mas Pau.

Other cooks in this anniversary program are Pepa Romans and Sole Ballester (Casa Pepa in Ondara, Alicante), Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz in Renteria, Guipúzcoa), Rafa Morales (El Bulli-La Alqueria at the Hacienda Benazuza near Seville), Manuel de la Osa (Las Rejas in Las Pedroñeras, Cuenca), Mar Barba and Kristian Lutaud (Alghero in Valencia) and Fermí Puig (Drolma in Barcelona).

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Victor de la Serna


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I stay there every year on my annual Bulli trip and can't praise it enough. Don't go hoping for Bulli style food but the ingredients are top quality, the tasting menu is well balanced, the wine list is good and the cheeses are amongst the best I have experienced. The bonus is that the prices are relatively low.Book in for a couple of nights and enjoy lunch as well, there is also a nice place in the village about a mile away and I haven't tried les Cols a few miles up the road but the menu looks interesting

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the cheeses are amongst the best I have experienced.

Indeed, Artur Sages takes pride in having a cheese board almost exclusively composed by the best Spanish cheeses, and it's excellent.

We''ve opened Pazzta 920, a fresh pasta stall in the Boqueria Market. follow the thread here.

My blog, the Adventures of A Silly Disciple.

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we just went up last week- 5 of us, just for one night.

it was fantastic, and i will agree that the cheese board is more than impressive.

the tasting menu was well planned and very well prepared.

and the wine list was decent and well priced.

it was too early to take advantage of the swimming pool,

but we were there to eat anyway...

as for the rooms, we all stayed in the tower-- they were very spacious and recently re-furbished...

and very well priced. in fact i have paid more to stay in run-down chain hotels in paris...

(not that that was my intention!)

i will definitely return...

nimzo, i had thought about staying there for our last visit to el bulli, but it seemed a long drive...

do you usually take a taxi? and if so, what does that run?

...we usually stay at cala montjoi --which is basically glorified camping...but you get the added bonus of a short walk home...

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I stayed there in my last visit to elBulli. The drive wasn't that bad, particularly if you compare it to the trip to Can Roca the previous night.

PedroEspinosa (aka pedro)

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Thank you all for your comments, most appreciated.

Les Cols has a website and also looks interesting so thanks to Nimzo for the heads up on that.

If anyone else has any recommendations in the Girona- Roses area please do post here.


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