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  1. Ferran is also a big fan of pasta, as you can see in this video interview with Spanish TV "La Sexta" (in Spanish, sorry), visiting our stall in the Boqueria market Forward to about minute 15 into the interview. http://www.misexta.tv/home/1_0/0/433943
  2. In Madrid, cocineros.info In Barcelona, Casa Gay
  3. Alex, I've heard good things about a new place called "Dois", have you been there yet?
  4. Gagit, how do you know there's no better steak than Cabaña Las Lilas, particularly when you haven't been to other places, and moreover when you say you don't really like the meat in Buenos Aires? Both locals and visitors have already stated that Cabaña Las Lilas is an overpriced tourist trap, and have offered alternatives. Wouldn't you think it'd be better to try a few of those before coming up with such broad generalization?
  5. I would drop Inopia and do Tapaç 24 and Dos Palillos instead. Bar Tomas is, unfortunately, not what it used to be. Gresca, as doc is pointing out, is indeed very worth visiting.
  6. You're kidding, right? What markets are you buying from? Have you been to La Boqueria at all? I think there's not one day I'm not surprised by the quality and variety of produce there. I run into previously unkown (to me) vegetable varieties all the time, and if you take the time to look around and develop a relationship with the grocers you'll be rewarded with excellent examples of the products Victor mentions, and much more.
  7. Ya, thats why I want to measure the amount of water it absorbs when cooked right, then only put that much in the bag. Instead of the normal bloating of the bag from escaped juices, I imagine the pasta would swell to fill it. Probably have to lay the pasta flat to try and keep the water absorption even. If it works, it would mean I could cook pasta in more expensive liquids than I would otherwise (not wanting to turn a couple gallons of duck-stock or Sauternes into pasta water.) ← 100% semoline dough absorbs about 80%-85% water to obtain an al-dente texture. When you take into account the regular ratio of dough/filling in a raviolo, the absorption is about 35%-40% (YMMV). However, you would have to check what the minimum temperature is for the semoline starch to gel, which I would guess is in the 60-70 C ballpark. Given that the temperature you're looking for the yolk is closer to the lower bound of this ballpark figure, I'm not sure this is the best approach for what you're trying to obtain. You should also take into account that the pasta will stick together, that the yolk can break when you seal the bag, etc. Freezing the yolk and then filling the raviolo might be a simpler low-tech solution with better results, IMHO.
  8. That's quite cool indeed. How did you arrive at the thermal diffusivity numbers? Is this out of a table of td numbers for different materials/substances/etc, or did you calculate it based on the empirical curve?
  9. My BCN friend tells me there is a deal in the works for Sánchez Romera to open restaurants in Dubai and Vegas as well. Just a rumor, but that is what the Internet is for. ← On the other side , I've heard, also as a rumor, that such deal is highly unlikely. The source also questioned the viability of the NY project.
  10. Kinoshita, in the Liberdade neighborhood, is excellent. The owner-chef, Tsuyoshi Murakami likes to talk a lot, but his food is solid. I think I wrote about it in an old thread, maybe 2 or 3 years ago... Kinoshita Rua da Glória, 168 Liberdade Tel: 3105.4903
  11. I finally managed to visit the place yesterday, and it is really, really good. Albert was there running the pass, and his wife was behind the bar serving drinks and excellent tea. I told Albert that IMHO he needs to double the prices, because at the current prices (light meal from the a la carte menu, with sake, 80 EUR for 3 people) it's a steal.
  12. Not that new, but I would add Astrid y Gaston and Kabuki Wellington. Haven't been to the latter yet, but if it really is better than the original Kabuki then it is definitely worth going.
  13. I've heard that the source of this whole fusion thing is that Raurich's wife is of Asian origin, thus his interest in bringing the two culinary cultures together.
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