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  1. First appeared at FD around 1998 as one of the first petits fours, a derivative of Albert Adria's candied bacon slices and a precursor of the egg and bacon ice=cream I would guess.
  2. Speaking to a few school canteen managers they mentioned that they are currently being flooded with cheap innocent smoothies to prepare for a full0on assault on school kids in september. they said that they loved it because the costing was so much cheaper than the retail versions.
  3. I called in today, they said that they had been open for 10 days.I bought a box of mini macarons, an Ispahan and a violet religieuse.The latter 2 were excellent, the macarons will wait until tomorrow, or at least until after my Ginger Pig supper.
  4. ETA rarely bomb their own, individual shootings are used far more for this.Bombings are often against Spanish or French owned targets or non-human targets to dissuade tourists.My advice would be not to worry and go regardless, avoid any areas with strong pro-ETA graffiti. For the many americans about to send abusive pms to me for advocating a visit to a country which "supports terrorism" I suggest you check out a bit more about the Government's fight against ETA over the last 40 years.
  5. A couple of weeks at the Manoir which is where Heston met Marco but that is about it.I have a feeling Marco is godfather to one of Heston's children though.
  6. I'm not quite sure I follow. In addition to the PX I wrote about, Toro Albala also makes finos and amontillados. Their website makes that much clear, although my Spanish is minimal. In addition, they make vinegars and some other things. For those also unable to read Spanish, the Classical Wines site is some help (not only with Toro Albala but others). ← I always pictured them in Montilla-Moriles rather than Jerez unless they have now started vinifying across the 2 D.O.s
  7. I didn't think the Toro Albala were sherries, although they do make a nice PX.
  8. I seem to remember Cliveden being mentioned recently as doing as massively expensive sandwich/burger. How about a great wine tasting, a bread workshop or a chocolate tasting at somewhere like Demarquette.
  9. Hands up those who have tried all the dishes on the menu so far?
  10. he is certainly the expert in fried fish but isn't the sole idea a copy of Huy Savoy's turbot-any French experts help me on this one?
  11. I certainly don't work there but do eat there regularly.Whilst the names of many of the dishes haven't changed it would be wrong to think that the dishes themselves don't change.On the other hand, the staff never seem to object to changing the tasting menu to suit with dishes from the ALC so why not try something different.
  12. I've enjoyed meals at El Faro in Puerto and it has improved a great deal from around 15 years ago when they refused to serve my wife some red mullet with its liver as it was considered "a man's dish". great service the last couple of times and some good wines.
  13. I never see Oriol Balaguer mentioned for chocolates.personally prefer him every time over Cacao Sampaka
  14. I've only eaten at the Hand once, last summer.chatting to the 19 year old waitress she had far more experience of 3* restaurants than me, could comfortably argue for Keller over Adria and knew whether she preferred her prawns tide in or tide out.This is the Home Counties and the local lads and lasses eat out,travel and spend.Most don't live in caves and exist on shoots and leaves.
  15. i would still class the Hind's as a village boozer mainly populated by locals in the week with the chelsea hordes arriving on Saturdays and Sundays.I think hestons biggest change affecting hte drinkers was making it non-smoking which perhaps sent a few down to the Crown.
  16. Sorry Pedro, a big vote for Cinc Sentits here.I've found the food excellent and preferred it in many ways to Hisop, Alkimia and Comerc.Whether Spanish or English speaking the level of service is superb and there are no niggling little things like refusing to give out a menu in castellano some I could mention.
  17. If it is the place I am thinking of then it is in Paley Street, not Holyport.Just hope the oxtail pudding doesn't change.
  18. At least you got to eat there.When I reserved and confirmed the table 24 hours in advance a couple of years ago they were closed when I arrived. having driven down from Figueres I wasn't too impressed.Several phone calls later i finally realised that I was speaking to Carlos Abellan who came out with a variety of excuses before finally putting the phone down on me when i asked why he hadn't used any of the contact numbers to let me know they were closing.Unsurpisingly, I have never bothered to re-book.
  19. best I ever came across was from Michel Bras, names were in french and latin but easy to translate with a seed catalogue from Chiltern seeds and plenty of them growing in England or could be grown
  20. If you want to be really traditional omit the fruit, English trifles were developed from fools around 1755 and consisted of sponge, custard and cream often with a syllabub topping which would have contained alcohol.The fruit came later. You could always go with the seventies classic- a layer of butterscotch Angel Delight
  21. nothing yet and getting worried.it was 21st Nov last year when I got a yes but finding I am getting twitchy about opening the mail in the morning.Fingers crossed, trusting in Lluis.
  22. Dan, When did you stop supplying the FD with bread?
  23. Lets not ignore the fact that a fair number of locals must be regulars at the FD and that the menu still offers enough combinations to keep a frequent visitor interested. For those of you fed up with the tasting menu why not ask them to change it to some of the dishes you would prefer, you are the customer after all. Whilst the menu titles rarely change i would imagine that the dishes have evolved a fair bit over the years albeit in only minor ways.Surely this is the point, take a good dish and then refine, refine, refine until you are happy with it. Monkey island??Surely nobody goes to Bray with 2 pubs and 3 other restaurants to eat at a South African corporate kitchen.Surely has a nice view but then so do several Berni Inns.
  24. that's interesting. the conversation I mentioned was before July I think, but I don't remember noticing any dramatic change in the chocolates since then... will his new business by any chance involve selling chocolates, which I might get to eat? ← I think he has set up Damian Allsop Xocolates Ltd. but I have yet to see any on sale anywhere.
  25. Solstice were stocking them in the summer, sounds like an excuse to order some other stuff from them too.www.solstice.co.uk
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