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Over on the Cooking forum, we're having a Potato Pancake Cookoff. The basic premise of the cookoffs is that we

that you've always wanted to make at home (and may enjoy out) but rarely have made, or haven't made successfully;

for which special but locatable ingredients may be used, but for which expensive special equipment is not required;

that includes techniques, ingredient combinations, or other elements that intrigue you;

from a different cuisine than that of the previous Cook-Off dish;

that demands some time and effort, but that rewards that effort for even those first approaching it; and

that motivates you to try it out, ask questions, serve it to friends, and share photos and stories.

I've never had latkes that weren't part of a buffet (ala steam tray). And, I want to make them myself.

There is a whole 'nother topic on eGullet that discusses latke's, and there is some debate as to whether to use the box grater or the food processor. Most of the discussion mentioned using matzo meal as a binder, but the Gourmet recipe very specifically says not to do that.

Talk latkes! I have a mess of potatoes (russets), a lot of sour cream and some divine smoked salmon. And, a hungry family.

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