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Highlawn Pavilion


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Highlawn Pavillion's new web page presents pix & bio of

their new executive chef, Mitchell Altholz. As you may recall,

he was the previous owner & chef at the star studded

Restaurant Jocelyne in Maplewood. Highlawn's 'menu selections'

brought fond memories of meals at that restaurant and we look

forward to once again enjoying Mitchell Altholz's cuisine there.

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Highlawn is fortunate to have Mitchell Altholz in the kitchen. We love dining either for lunch or dinner and sitting in the dining room or just sitting at the bar. Some of our favorite dinner selections are:

Diver Sea Scallops and Prawns with Risotto and Saffron Sauce

Chicken stuffed with Vegetable Mousse, Baby Spinach and Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Black Truffle Sauce

Roasted Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Apricots in a Armagnac Sauce

Rack of Lamb with Porcini Crust and Thyme Sauce

Highlawn is also open for lunch, the food is delicious and with very reasonable prices.

And of course they have excellent desserts, especially chocolate ones!

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Nestled in Eagle Rock Reservation, Highlawn Pavilion derives its

name from both its design & location. Wending your way through the

woodsy reservation, you first see it at a distance, its shimmering lights,

appearing slightly mysterious but inviting entry. We dined there this

past Friday evening.

We didn't visit the bar [w. tables] but walked past the glass

enclosed kitchen [always fun to see!] , directly into the main

diningroom. The podium/restaurant is under the management

of Jan Zimmerman, a charming man who exudes calmness and

experience. The dingingroom is a long--or wide---room which

allows as many window tables as possible. Be sure to request

one. Last Friday was a clear, crisp night and the combination

of the lighted NYC skyline and our starry Monclair sky made a

very romantic setting. The tables are widely spaced and nicely

appointed, lacking only floral arrangements which would have

added both color and warmth to the room [and to the entry also].

I hadn't visited Highlawn a few times in the past, had never

enjoyed the cuisine and couldn't be convinced to return. This has

changed with the advent of Mitchell Altholz, former owner and

starred chef of Jocelyne's...and now chief toque at Highlawn. My

what wonderful changes he has wrought! For those familiar w.

Jocelyne's, many menu items will remind ...[the shimp ravioli w. 2

caviars, some of the salad, the duck breast & confit,the scallops &

shrimp w. risotto among them] although there are also other choices

[succulent grilled veal chop]. We were a party of four and all very

much enjoyed their selections...an enormous salad, gratineed

bowl of onion soup, icy,briney oysters w. migonnette & the piece

de resistence, an enormous jumbo lump crab cake.Dinner included

some of the items noted above. We were so sated that we couldn't

do justic to the dessert menu.

Service throughout the evening was very good. I was particularly

impressed by the memorized, slowly & clearly articulated specials

of the evening, recited w. prices and by the sincere attempt to please.

Our waiters name was Tony and I would request to be seated in his section.

Edited by PaulaJK (log)
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What a delight it was to experience Chef Mitchell Altholz’s cuisine again. He has put his mark on the food at Highlawn Pavilion. So between the delicious food, attentive professional service and clear night with a gorgeous view of the NY skyline we had a memorable evening.

Appetizers were oysters on the half shell with tarragon mignonette; a humongous jumbo lump crab cake sitting atop a red onion and tomato salad with honey chipotle cream; baby arugula with frsh figs and shaved parmesan salad and a classic onion soup.

Entrees were salmon with herb spaetzle and lobster sauce; red snapper with a white wine sauce; diver sea scallops and prawns with risotto and saffron sauce; and a special or duck breast.

We shared a New York style cheesecake with berries and raspberry sauce and ice cream from Applegate farm for dessert. Another intriguing option would have been an artisanal cheese selection with organic quince paste. Coffee was very good.

No need to cry about the closing of Jocelyne’s as Chef Altholz’s evolving menu has many of the same dishes that he so expertly presented at Jocelyne’s.

Rosalie Saferstein, aka "Rosie"


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Rosie, We must having been composing our posts

simultaneously. I couldn't remember your entrees....

but my crabcake was unforgettable! With a little

lobster bisque sauce and some rice, it could be an

entree. I couldn't even recall other dessert offerings

although I do recall a 'hot fudge sundae'.

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That's because I stole the menu and you didn't. Other dessert choices were warm apple Tartatin; fricassee of fresh fruit; chocolate carmael gateau; flourless chocolate cake; and chocolate truffle. And you didn't mention that we were dining there for four hours. How could we have not ordered anything that was chocolate?

Rosalie Saferstein, aka "Rosie"


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