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Very Popular Restaurant Dishes That Tick You Off

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How about the over use of a certain spice? I went to a Southern place recently where they literally put some kind of Cumin/Chili Powder mixture on every element of every dish we ordered.

Quesadillas, Fish Tacos, Side Of beans, Chicken Fajitas, Skirt steak-whose sides of fried potatoes were dusted with said mixture and it's side of green beens were sauteed in said mixture...

Maybe these are important to the cooking, I personally don't know, but on EVERYTHING??!!! Just as bad as when you go to eat Mexican Food and everything on every dish is covered in Cilantro or when you go for Italian, and it seems that garlic is main event....

The sad thing is, I love ALL these spices! But how 'bout a little creativity?

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Cobb Salad.

I like Cobb as I expect it to be made, but have had it made so many odd ways that I seldom order it unless the waiter can tick off what I can expect to find in it. I once had a Waldorf masquerading as a Cobb.

Or worse, Cobb salad with all of the correct components that has had a) the dressing already added and/or b) they've already tossed it for you--I like mine "composed" and I'll toss my own salad, thank you (oops, that didn't come out right) :laugh: and/or c) they've dressed it with RASPBERRY VINAIGRETTE! :shock: No disrespect for those who like raspberry vinaigrette, I just really don't care for it and cannot understand why anyone would think it belonged on a Cobb salad. :huh:

BTW, all of the above happened to the same poor Cobb salad.

Inside me there is a thin woman screaming to get out, but I can usually keep the Bitch quiet: with CHOCOLATE!!!

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