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Kiem Hwa

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On 8/30/2023 at 10:32 AM, blue_dolphin said:

Set up a batch of pickled shiso leaves today.  It's a fairly common Korean preparation, though I believe it's more commonly made with green leaves.  I chose this recipe in part because it uses red shiso and also because it makes a reasonable amount.  The ingredients are pretty standard, although some use salt sprinkled between the leaves, others use fish sauce. This one and many others use soy sauce.  Should be ready to try tomorrow.  


Shiso leaves in the salad spinner.  These are from my plant. 



And with the brine spread in between the leaves.


These went into the fridge and I'll see how they are tomorrow. 


Used some of the pickled shiso leaves in this Quinoa Bowl With Jammy Eggs & Pickled Shiso



They're a great salty, tangy little condiment. The recipe said to use one piece and I suppose it may depend on the size of the leaves, but I used several in my bowl. I'll make more. 

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