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Ombre Chevalier


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Sometimes written as the omble chevalier, it is actually a char which is a member of the trout/salmon family and is native to some of the larger alpine lakes.

It tastes rather like a more delicate version of fresh water trout and has a paler colour. The artic char which often features on a Canadian menu is similar but I'm not sure if it is the same fish as I was told that it comes from Atlantic waters off the North West Territories. Perhaps somebody else know s a little more about this.

If you have one to cook, any trout recipe will probably work.

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English: Arctic char. Synonyms: Arctic charr, Arctic salmon, mountain trout, charr, Quebec red trout (regional usage limited to Quebec).

French: omble chevalier. Synonyms: omble arctique, omble alpin, omble de l'Arctique, ilkalupik, iqaluk, truite rouge du Québec (regional usage limited to Quebec).

Latin: Salvelinus alpinus.

Arctic char - Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Arctic char - simplyseafood.com

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well i can't explain what it is, but it is a lake fish that i had in annecy last week!

Arctic char is a lake fish for at least part of its life. From the Simply Seafood site linked to above:

Like salmon, Arctic char is anadromous (unless landlocked), migrating from northern lakes to salt water in late spring and returning in late summer to spawn.

And Nettiling Lake trout are called omble arctique du Lac Nettiling.

Or it could be a misnomer. Related fish also carry the omble moniker. For example:

- omble amérique, omble gris (aka touladi, truite grise) = popular names for lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush)

- omble de fontaine (aka truite mouchetée, truite saumonée, etc.) = brook trout, speckled trout (S. fontinalis)

- omble à tête plate = bull trout (S. confluentus)

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