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  1. Not answering your question in any way, but I was at a wedding here on Saturday + though mass catering (80 people) isn't ever the best marker for a place's abilities, it was still very good. Beef Wellington was pink in the middle + had proper duxelles; slightly try-hard veg (I don't need my green beans wrapped in a strip of parma ham thanks). Agree about the mishmash of styles in the dining room.
  2. Three of us had dinner here a couple of weeks ago. Pumpkin risotto vanished before I could get near; crispy pig trotters + egg mayonnaise (together at last!) similar; my beet + leek + goats cheese mousse also good but a bit too fridge-cold. Two of us shared the lamb with tian + gnocchi Romana; I had to have my arm twisted since the only gnocchi I've ever encountered have been the gluey thumb-shaped variety which make your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth - no thank you. These were, by contrast, HEAVEN. Big flat discs of light, creamy, airy potato puree, delivered in a gratin dish with t
  3. I saw a recipe today for butternut squash with chorizo + prawns, thought that would work very nicely with kabocha also. butternut squash w chorizo + prawns
  4. There's a recipe for lamb + apricot stew that has featured in lots of UK cookbooks, the one I've got is Claire MacDonald's Suppers, I think (not being in front of my bookshelf I can't be certain) - this recipe is not dissimilar. I've made it, friends have served it to me - and it's just awful. Thin flavourless broth, grey meat, overpoweringly cinnamony. It does not improve overnight either (heinous sin of casseroles!) And yet I see it reproduced everywhere! Why??
  5. The Bisquick one was called Velvet Crumb Cake + from memory there were also nuts in the topping. it's delicious, esp for breakfast with a huge cup of coffee. Can provide recipe if needed, though I haven't made it in years (may rectify that tomorrow!)
  6. hmmm, I went to the Poland St one about ten days ago + was v underwhelmed. Pork spare ribs still delicious but L's pulled pork sandwich tasted frankly like tinned corn beef with liquid smoke; + T's 'Ham Fest' was literally two slices of supermarket ham in a cheap white roll with barbecue sauce.
  7. Friends went on Wednesday lunchtime. A: can I have a green vegetable as a side? Ken Place: we've only got kale A: what, no spinach, or green beans, or anything else? KP: no A: don't fancy kale so I'll pass thanks Mains arrive. Emily has white fish with... broccoli. A (to waiter): what's that? KP: broccoli A: could I please have some as a green vegetable side, you know, the green veg side that I specifically asked if you could provide? KP: I'll check [runs off to kitchen + returns] KP: sorry, no. Way to win customers!
  8. Embarrassingly simple I'm afraid. Fried a chopped onion in olive oil til soft + golden, added chopped garlic + chopped red chili, a drained tin of butterbeans, bit of chicken stock, cooked til onion was soft. Mulched up a few of the butterbeans to thicken the soup, then added very finely shredded cavolo nero + simmered til done (< 5 mins). Squeeze of lemon juice, lots of black pepper, serve. As is the way of these things, even better the next day (though the cavolo nero goes a bit grey). I like the sound of your garlicky toasts too :-)
  9. Meredith that's such a coincidence. My supper last night was just that pasta dish, but with roasted cauliflower instead of the kale (really really good); + lunch today was kale + butterbean soup (with a teeny hit of red chili + lemon juice).
  10. I was also there on Sunday + it really was a joy. Some things just didn't work for me (eg cockles with Campari) but having been a couple of times it is great that Stephen is confident we will take his more experimental dishes in the wider context. His home-churned butter still worth stabbing your dining companions for (the turbot sauce approx 80% butter, + as for the mussel + bacon chowder...) Warm chocolate mousse with salted caramel underneath, partridge pasties, rhubarb ice lolly with panettone 'milk'... I could go on but I am about to have a Sainsbury's-sourced sandwich for lunch + it's
  11. curlywurlyfi


    Judith - yesterday's Observer Food Magazine has a recipe from Heston Blumenthal for poached pears which involve liquorice root: http://observer.guardian.co.uk/foodmonthly...2226109,00.html it's about third/fourth recipe down.
  12. curlywurlyfi


    Verjuice + May, I think you can buy that liquorice online from, er, Lakeland. And Judith (hello!) - you can cook with it (grate, steep, strain) but easier just to gnaw on a stick as breath-freshener.
  13. Hi Franco! I went last Thursday + really liked it (NB my experience not harmed by being with two good friends + having just a really nice evening, nor by it being approx one yard from my flat). Agree the room's not all that: weirdly featureless despite huge + rather fantastic circular lightwell. Plus I think that going down steps into the dining room makes you feel like you're having dinner in a swimming pool. Fried Cornish anchovies were nearly menu winner, crisp + scrackly with a daub of very good aioli, but cockles with laver beat them by a narrow margin. Sweetbread salad nice enough but
  14. LiveItUp, my guess is that is a warm chocolate sauce in which the butter has split out. (I'm afraid to say I recognize it from my own exploits...)
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