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Welcome to eGullet, Cephalopunk, and thanks for posting the link. I don't know the place, but I, too, am intrigued after reading that article, which really sells the eatery effectively. I'd encourage anyone to look at that review as much for an example of good food writing as for the more obvious purpose of reading about one particular restaurant.

Michael aka "Pan"


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Thought this was a interesting article on Sara Jenkins the chef at 50 Carmine.

Anyone try it? As I could not find a post and also how does it compare to Hearth.

Also in relation to the opening a restaurant topic, Is it wise for a owner to put all his/her chips on one chef?

From reading this article I could not see myself gambling my cable bill on it. :unsure:



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Robert R

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[Two "50 Carmine" threads merged]

I read Amanda Hesser's article in the New York Times today (a little late) and found it very interesting. I'm more intrigued by this restaurant now. If anyone goes there, please post a report in this thread.

Michael aka "Pan"


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I've eaten there twice.

The first visit was just OK.

Apps special was Carcofi al Judea

Artichoke cooked on olive oil. This was really great.

Next to pasta.

My husband had the pasta with 4 cheeses which was very rich and creamy but at the same time a little cloying.

I tried the past special of black pasta with sea urchin. This dish was barely eatable. Pasta way too al dente with some pureed urchin no chunks visible and some slivered scallion.


Roasted bell rouge chicken with foot attached very fresh and well prepared.

I can't remember my main course....

Second visit -went with someone known by Sara Jenkins and it was a whole different ball game.

apps Artichokes again great.

Squid in a black skillet with toasted bread crumbs and chili- yum

Baby arugula salad my companions said this was not as good as the lat time they were there.

Pasta with red wine sauce. Made similar to risotto, pasta is infused with red wine. Interesting flavor .

Jamison farm pork chop- excellent juicy pink and tender with lots of flavor and served with borolotti breans and sauteed greens.

My companions both had short ribs which were very hearty.

Dessert was weak on both visits.

After the 2nd visit I think the restaurant has good nights and Sara's cooking can be slightly uneven.

The wine list is short with all Italian selctions from rather obsure producers.

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The thing that bothers me most about your reports is that the food was notably better when you went with a friend of the chef. That may be a worse problem than inconsistency.

Michael aka "Pan"


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