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  1. I'm not sure how soon this expires (definitely over by the end of the weekend) but Barnes and Noble is offering 50% off any one print book if you "like" them on facebook. I did this at lunchtime and was able to purchase Modernist Cuisine for about $310.00. Still a hefty sum, but a great deal. Can't wait to start cooking from it.
  2. I'm jealous too. I'm still holding out on a long shot at a table at the end of May. As to what you might get Chef Adria to sign, how about a sardine? You'll never forget it but it will soon be just a beautiful memory. When Adria was in NYC last month I got him to sign the polaroid photo he took of pop artist Richard Hamilton (who's been a fixture at El Bulli since before Adria arrived - first invited to Cadaques by Marcel Duchamp) in Hamilton's book Polariod Portraits vol. 4. He loved it. I vote for Pinotxo Bar in Barcelona. Just keep ordering, you can control yourself when back in NYC.
  3. My black unit arrived today. Serial number does start with R, but this seems like a small price to pay for the 10 year warranty.
  4. Looks like no good deed goes unpunished. I posted the deal on eGullet and my black blender has still not arrived.
  5. Glad I posted the sale (right after I ordered one for myself) and that we all did our bit to stimulate the economy. I had been eyeing the Blendtec and Vitamix around Christmas, but talked myself out of the $400 expense. This sale made the decision easy.
  6. Till the 14th Blendtec has their excellent blender (refurbished, with a 10 year warranty) with 2 containers on sale for $250.00. https://www.blendtec.com/sxsw
  7. I got it Saturday and have 50 pages to go (there were a lot of other things going on this weekend). Absolutely riveting read, even if you know the broad outline.
  8. Take a look on the National Gallery's website and see if they have the pop-up Michel Richard restaurant still open (for the Chester Dale collection exhibit). We had a really nice lunch at a fraction of regular Richard prices. Nice paintings as well.
  9. Thanks so much for the description of the meal. I've been twice, both times early in the season, and it is great to read details of how the menu is radically altered by the day, the week, the month, not to mention the season. While I'm despondent about the new announcement that new requests are not being accepted for 2011 (after I respectfully waited for months for the current season to end) I feel nothing but gratitude for the opportunity to have that experience.
  10. Based on a meal last Spring the fried chicken is still the bomb. I was luck to have a (non-working stiff) friend who hit the reload button on her computer each morning for 2 weeks running to get the reservation. Had another great dinner art Ssam bar a week ago, and tried the excellent deal of the price fix lunch at Ma Peche in September. As far as I can tell all is well in the Empire of Chang.
  11. I can say, with no objectivity whatsoever, that the Sarabeth book is a killer. My wife edited it, and our friend Tracey Zabar was midwife. I can't tell you how many evenings over the last couple of years that Sarabeth has called up and asked "Why is that lunatic wife of yours still at Rizzoli?.....(i.e. not home yet to eat my cooking)". No element went untested on this project - it should be one of those books you can cook from every day.
  12. If you are willing to take the chance bringing nice japanese knives to school, this Tojiro DP set (chefs knife and paring knife for $120.00) from Chefs Knives to Go is a great option: http://www.chefknivestogo.com/topr2pcset.html
  13. I'll have to admit I was disappointed by Citronelle. Nothing was bad, but there was no magic for us, as there needs to be at this price point. I really did not like the height of the chairs, and this made the entire meal somewhat uncomfortable. It was a little 'fancy' and old fashioned for my taste. My son is studying at George Washington University, so I only have a tourist's experience of weekend dinners. Besides Minibar (where we last got a reservation in 2006 - we're dialing tomorrow morning for Oct 16) I've enjoyed Jaleo, Oyamel, Rasika, and Bombay Club. The food at the latter 2 is somewhat similar. Choose Bombay Club for a more formal and quiet atmosphere and Rasika for a more happening vibe.
  14. Very sad to hear about Sam's Wine. I had read a fascinating article last year (in INC magazine I think) about the long and destructive feud between the brothers but I had not realized that in the end Sam's would not endure as the stellar wine store it was.
  15. Schwa rocks. Take full advantage of the BYOB policy and stop at Sam's wines and bring something good. We're off on our biennial trip to Chicago this weekend and are hitting Alinea and Moto (first time for Moto). The wife is less into the rock and roll vibe of Schwa than I am, though she certainly liked the food.
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