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Have you ever used an electric pasta extruder? I'm having some issues with the Philips and am hoping to troubleshoot.


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I had this crazy craving for Mac & Cheese a few weeks ago and got it into my head that I need to make the pasta by hand. After a bit of online research I chose the Philips over a hand crank Atlas because it was easy to get where I am (Japan) and the idea of the machine doing the mixing was appealing. Now I'm wondering if I made the right choice. 


The pasta comes out ragged, like in the photo and I don't know why. I tried the recipe in the booklet with egg and then one with just semolina and water. I'm not sure what to try next. 


(Recipes one and two were a mix of bread and AP flours with 55 grams of egg and 40 grams of water. The other was 75 grams of water to 250 grams semolina.) 


If anyone has tried the Philips machine, how did it work for you? 

If you have another pasta extruder, do you recommend it? image.thumb.jpeg.8d213a53d9a86df0c584d9d9ccf429de.jpeg

Any suggestions on what pasta recipe to try? 

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23 minutes ago, weinoo said:

Which die (i.e. shaping disc) do you have in the machine?  Did it come with assorted dies?


It came with four spaghetti dies of different thicknesses and I purchased four more including zetti, macaroni, and shells, all made by Philips. There was no separate recipe book for the more complicated shapes. 

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