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Santa Barbara Culinary Experience Mar 13-16 2020 - very Julia Child centric

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If anyone's going to be in or close to Santa Barbara on the weekend of March 13-15 (Friday - Sunday with a few extras on Monday),  check out the events being offered as part of the Santa Barbara Culinary Experience.  

While her name does not appear in the title, there are a lot of Julia Child-centric events. 

All kinds of stuff from dinners to classes to a downloadable guide to Julia's favorite places in Santa Barbara county.   List of events by date


I'd like to catch the special advance screening of Nothing Fancy: Diana Kennedy the upcoming film and contemplating what else I might fit in without blowing my budget!  


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I wish my health permitted me to attend.  I am also unable to drive for the length of time it requires.  It sound like it would be great fun.

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