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My wife and I finally made it to this place in the East Village. It's a chinese seafood place that also does skewers. We thought it was a good sign that most people around us waiting for tables were speaking Mandarin. The space is a bit cramped (especially if you order a lot of food) but we really enjoyed it and will certainly return.



They provide aprons to wear and packets of plastic gloves...



Boiled crawfish and shrimp in a hot and spicy sauce. Comes with potatoes, lotus root and we added a fried bread which was awesome. The boil was slightly tingly from some szechuan peppercorns and a little sweet and sour too. We also got the same thing with a garlic boil that was crazy garlicky. It was my favorite.



They had skewers similar to chuan'r we had in Beijing. One lamb is pictured but we got two of those and 2 chicken. Both very tasty.


Prices were very good and they give a 10% cash discount!

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I was there within 2 weeks or so after this place opened in the former location of the late, lamented Surma. I thought it was pretty good but wasn't blown away. However, based on your report and some other things I've been reading, I think especially since it's so close to where I live, I should give it another shot or two.

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Michael aka "Pan"


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