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Nan Xiang Dumpling House


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Given my way, i would eat dinner every night at 930 or 10 o clock. We left the house around 930 with plans to hit up, the Golden Mall.. There is this Sichuan Restaurant there I have been wanting to try.. Unfortunately, the place was just closing down when we arrived.. 


A quick look on my Yelp app, brought me to this place.. With 978 reviews and 4 stars, chances are the place is going to be good.  Once arriving at the restaurant, the multiple Michelin Stickers on the window, gave further hope.    


And good it was.   While I wouldn't go off and say it was life changing or necessarily worth the drive for, they were certainly well made.. As you walk in, the first thing I noticed was a large pile of ground pork behind the counter where two women working around.. They would take a scoop of pork, place in a dumpling, deftly fold up the dumpling and start the process over again.   It was tiring just watching their continuous work.  


We started with a plate of cold dishes.. Beef and tripe and pig ear combo..


A very nice combination of flavors with the tripe.. It tasted different than most versions I have had because, I believe they added a tomato flavor.  Good none the less.. 





The star of the show or why everyone comes here is because of the soup dumplings.. We ordered pork mixed with crab dumplings and plain old pork dumplings.. Our clear favorites were the pork and crab.  But, both were very enjoyable..  




They were super juicy.. The top a little harder than I have had on some of the better ones I have had.  My wife asked me how I thought they compared to Joe Shanghai or Shanghai something or other.. I don't really remember..  These were good.  I would eat them again but, i wouldn't be traveling specifically for these.  If I lived closer to Flushing, I would most likely put this place on my rotation though.  Speaking of which, I suggested we find a small apartment in Flushing for the weekends..  She passed on the idea. 


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