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We arrived at Husk Easter Afternoon without reservations. We were met by a really lovely staff who was more than happy to sit us outside on the beautiful old house's second floor balcony. As I was wearing jeans, a tshirt, ratty old sneakers and a sports coat recently purchase from the Salvation Army, I was needless to say, not the most well dressed person.

We started our meal off with a couple of really lovely cocktails.


What first arrived the presented us with homemade rolls..These things were outrageous. I believe we ate two sacks of these guys. Benne or an early form of sesame seeds are a popular thing down in Charleston. Particularly at Brock's two restaurants there were examples of Benne on several items. Served with a side of butter lightly flavored with a smokey pork. The bread came out hot, buttery, salty and delicious.

If he came out with a place that just sold different things on these rolls, there would be a line around the block.


Another plate of local clams. As I mentioned before, some version of roasted clams in a cast iron pan seems to be on every menu in Charleston. This was a very lovely version. Oven roasted tomatoes, some corn bread, a pork based stock. Done very well for such a simple dish. Far from earth shattering


But, what was earth shattering was, these guys.. I know a certain person who is going to end up having these lettuce wraps served at his wedding soon.. These were really cool. Pig ears cut into strips and then fried. Served with pickled cucumber and onion on butter lettuces. A little bit more of that benne seed. The ears were hot and cripsy and added a nice burst of pork flavor.. Damn.


Quail with cheese grits, some greens and a fried egg.. This fried egg thing. I get it, but, I don't get it. Not everything needs a fried egg. Or perhaps you think everything needs a fried egg, that is cool too. Fortunately, the egg was done so well, i was able to just lift it off the plate.. Cheese grits were really nice, the quail was cooked perfectly as was the kale.. It was nothing earth shattering, just a really nice plate of food. Quail was moist, partially deboned.


The catfish dish reminded me of what I don't like about catfish.. The after taste finishes really flat.. Like, no flavor at all. Which made me question whether or not it would hold a marinade. Which then makes me go buy catfish and try to marinate it with different things. The catfish was fried to perfection. It had a very nice crust.. It was sitting on some really delicious things.. On the plate itself there seemed to be a cooked down tomato sauce and butter. It was thick and buttery. Almost like a tomato butter paste. On top of that was a nice tangle of cabbage, beans, and perhaps apples.. I can't remember now.. But, it was light and refreshing despite the fried fish and the tomato butter. This showed the kitchens skill..


And what was arguably the best thing we had at Husk, arguably because, it was really the pig ear lettuce wraps, or the cabbage and tomato butter combination, or those freaking amazing rolls, was the dessert.


It was the Arnold Palmer dessert or something to that affect.. It was essentially pound cake treated kind of like a tres leches that was soaked in a lemon and sugar mixture and then topped with a benne crumble and ice tea ice cream.. We loved this dish. It reminded Miss A of her tres leches (though her cake is much better). Smart thinking, love the play on the common item and of course keeping it very Southern.

A really lovely place, in a gorgeous setting, with my amazing wife.

“I saw that my life was a vast glowing empty page and I could do anything I wanted" JK

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